Amazingly, the bunch of incompetent fools actually managed to capture the Baddie.


Eun-bi saves the day again by smashing open the side window of the car and allowing the poison fumes to escape. Woo-jin is admitted to hospital, and thankfully, isn’t none the worse after his ordeal(s). Officer Ko, Mdm Han and Dong-soo rush to the hospital after Eun-bi calls them to tell them what happened. At the hospital, Woo-jin decides to set a trap for Mob Boss Kim.

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Woo-jin instructs Officer Ko to leak out information that he is alive but comatosed. So who should come running but Hired Hitman — sent by Mob Boss Kim to finish Woo-jin off, properly, this time. Prison Doctor also visits Woo-jin, for revenge, as he feels Woo-jin is partly at fault for Bong-ha’s death. Officer Ko manages to accost Prison Doctor before he goes into Woo-jin’s room. Woo-jin and Prison Doctor meet secretly, and Woo-jin convinces Prison Doctor that he is also on their (aka Mr X gang) side, cos Mob Boss Kim is Seung-hee’s murderer. Prison Doctor believes Woo-jin and Officer Ko relocates him and Eun-bi to a safe house.

Meanwhile, the trap is set to capture Hired Hitman — and it goes well without a hitch. Hired Hitman tries to murder a comatosed “Woo-jin” and a bunch of plain clothes policemen cuffs him. However, Mob Boss Kim’s lawyer manages to release Hired Hitman on bail, even with evidence of him killing two innocent policemen while kidnapping Woo-jin earlier. In addition, Mob Boss Kim threatens Dong-soo to leave Woo-jin’s team, if he doesn’t want his family killed.

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At the safe house, Prison Doctor tries to restore the video clip of what happened in the execution room (the laptop’s hard disk was damaged in his haste while escaping). Eun-bi approaches him and gets him to tell her about her dad.

The video clip of what transpired in the execution room becomes highly important in order to nail Mob Boss Kim. Officer Ko goes to check on Prison Doctor’s progress in restoring the clip…unknown to him, Hired Hitman has been trailing him. When Woo-jin shows up in front of Mob Boss Kim with a notification to appear as critical witness, Mob Boss Kim gives order to Hired Hitman to capture Eun-bi and Prison Doctor. Prison Doctor sees Hired Hitman (and lackeys) approaching their apartment on CCTV and manages to slip out of the house with the laptop with Eun-bi before they arrive. However, Prison Doctor knows they are outnumbered, and tells Eun-bi to run while he lures the baddies away.

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Naturally Prison Doctor is captured, and given Mob Boss Kim’s signature golf club treatment. The laptop containing the video clip is also destroyed before his eyes. Woo-jin and Officer Ko wait on tenterhooks for Mob Boss Kim to appear as a critical witness to the investigation, only to have Mdm Han inform them that she has lost contact with Eun-bi. Officer Ko volunteers to check on Prison Doctor, leaving Woo-jin to deal with a (triumphant) Mob Boss Kim.

When Woo-jin receives the bad news from Officer Ko (that the safe house is compromised, and Eun-bi + Prison Doctor are missing), he totally loses his cool and starts to beat up Mob Boss Kim in the interview room. Of course, this rash act does nothing but earn him a lashing from his superiors, who tell him to get off the case. Woo-jin receives a call from the scared lawyer of Mob Boss Kim, who tells him that Kim will be escaping overseas in the evening. And likely, he will murder those “helpers” he leaves behind in Korea. Woo-jin rushes off (with his gun) to stop Mob Boss Kim.

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And in front of everyone in the hotel lobby, Woo-jin threatens Mob Boss Kim with a gun. He almost shoots. Thankfully, Eun-bi stops him again. At the same time, the lobby’s TVs start to air the video clip of what transpired in the prison. Before they part, Prison Doctor gave Eun-bi the USB drive containing the restored video clip. Mob Boss Kim is captured on the spot.

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A year later, Eun-bi is still with her adopted family. Officer Ko and Mdm Han shower her with gifts of the latest mobile phone and winter boots..and she looks expectantly at Woo-jin. Only to be told by Officer Ko and Mdm Han that he is a stingy Scrooge. 😛


 Frankly, I won’t recommend Reset or Cheo Yong as OCN’s best. Fine, Reset is not that bad until un-watchable, but there will be many points where you will either be scratching your head or tearing your hair out. For one, the characters in Reset undergo a strange personality change midway through. From the confident and suave prosecutor with his hypnotic clicky pen ability, Woo-jin regress into a man who can’t really hold it together. Well, we had some inkling earlier that the not-so-cool Woo-jin may be the REAL Woo-jin, and the confident Woo-jin is actually a by-product of his self-hypnosis. However, that doesn’t excuse his behavior when interrogating Mob Boss Kim. Even if his self-hypnosis cracks, he should still have his training as a back up when dealing with smirky, hardcore criminals.

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I’d let Eun-bi’s princessy tantrums pass though, after all, she is only a High School girl in Reset. So I can accept why she’d suddenly regress into a pouty, spoilt brat who refuses to listen to Officer Ko/ Mdm Han, even though her heart (or subconscious) tells her otherwise. Luckily, when she does finally come around, she goes back to the quick-thinking, proactive Eun-bi I admire earlier.

[OCN] 리셋.E10.END.141026.HDTV.H264.720p-iPOP[18-29-29]

In terms of storyline, Reset doesn’t have surprises either — we already can guess that everything and anything is linked to Mob Boss Kim. Who strangely made a MIA in the earlier part of Reset. Certain elements in Reset should have been dealt with better though, cos the overall effect feels like a bag of loose sand. We have too many things going-on that the script writer tries to link together: the rape/assault of Seung-hee 15 years ago, the “murder” of Bong-ha 7 years ago (and Woo-jin’s subsequent memory loss), the burning of the rehab centre, the individual cases of On-Fire Ahjusshi, Blind Lady and Assassin, Eun-bi’s mystery father figure, the incriminating ledger etc. And somehow, at the centre of this messy web is the big fat spider, Mob Boss Kim — who is pulling the strings, believe it or not.

Well, whatever the case, I am quite glad that Reset is over.