Kang Shim and Tae Joo

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Tae Joo continues to disturb Kang Shim with his “reports”, driving Kang Shim nuts with all the mundane things he informs her. To be honest, this couple is my crack in Show. Tae Joo is absolutely hilarious with his exaggerated facial expressions, yet he makes me root for him with his thoughtfulness and pained personal history.

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He decides to come up with an idea to invite Kang Shim to his place, using the excuse that she being the owner, she should help him deal with his noisy neighbors. It’s all a lie, of course.

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Kang Shim falls for it, and unexpected to her, he actually even prepares steak as dinner for her. He was rather enjoying himself (while not the same case for her), until his new stepmother aka Eun Ho’s Mom comes aknocking. It’s rather a coincidence for her to see Kang Shim heading for Tae Joo’s place, and immediately jumps into the conclusion that they’re dating. She’s rather upset about it (unaltruistic intensions of course), and decides to pay a visit to Tae Joo.

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He makes Kang Shim hide in his walk-in wardrobe, while he tries to conceal the fact that he’s not alone, when Stepmom appears at his doorstep. She’s sharp however (and of course also she’s waiting right outside the apartment block and Kang Shim never leave the building) and notices a wine glass with lipstick mark. Stepmom is rude and barges into each of his room to see where Kang Shim is hiding at. She almost left “emptyhanded”, but she notices from the mirror reflection in the wardrobe that Kang Shim’s hiding behind the door clutching her heels. Stepmom left pretending she saw nothing, but goes home to complain to Chairman Dad.

Stepmom must have been around for too long, because Kang Shim fell asleep hiding. Tae Joo tries to wake her up to no avail, but instead she falls against him, and it’s too close for comfort. Tae Joo leans in to almost kiss her, but snaps out of it just in time. He’s shocked by himself, and pushes Kang Shim away that she knocked herself n woke up. Argh Tae Joo!

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Kang Shim accompanies Tae Joo to meet Stepmom, not knowing that she actually arranged for a matchmaking session for Tae Joo. Stepmom is unhappy to see Kang Shim around, while Kang Shim’s quick thinking helped Tae Joo to lie that he has a meeting scheduled for later. Stepmom speaks to Kang Shim aside, hinting that she knows Kang Shim was at Tae Joo’s the previous day. Tae Joo sends a flurry of messages to Kang Shim, asking her to help me escape from the matchmaking, while Kang Shim is upset about what Stepmom said. Tae Joo’s action of endlessly looking at his phone earned the comment from his blind date that he seems like he’s in a relationship.

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Kang Shim left before helping Tae Joo get out of his blind date, and she complains to Young Seo about Tae Joo’s incessant “reports” to her. Young Seo, bless her, said simply, “It sounds like he likes you.” While over at Tae Joo’s apartment, he scoffs at the comment from his blind date that he seems to be in a relationship. Just get together, you two!

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Omo omo, Kang Shim’s douchebag of an ex-boyfriend has appeared!

Dal Bong, Seo Wool and Eun Ho

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Seo Wool feels bad about being dragged along for a drive with Eun Ho, and gives Dal Bong a hug after she returns to the restaurant. Dal Bong is taken aback by the sudden hug, but I welcome any skinship between this two. He hears about Eun Ho bringing Seo Wool out, and confronts Eun Ho. Eun Ho tells him he regretted using Dal Bong’s name instead 11 years ago, and he wants to make things return to their original state, ie he believes Seo Wool is his from the beginning. Argh, that’s 11 years ago you eejit!

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Seo Wool decides to learn the ropes of the Cha household from Aunt, and Dal Bong feels exceptionally bad that it was because of a misunderstanding that Dad permitted them to get married.

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Dal Bong decides to bring Seo Wool on a date, before breaking the truth to her about 11 years ago. Seo Wool is understandbly mad at the reveal, and she feels like a fool for being lied to. She runs away into the rain, leaving Dal Bong devastated.

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Dad finds Dal Bong sitting by himself on a bench near their house, and Dal Bong tearfully admits to Dad that he lied to Seo Wool, and thinks perhaps she wouldn’t want to see him any more. He’s having a lot of self-doubt, wondering why he is born and why he’s such an under-achiever and troublemaker. Aww you poor thing. Seo Wool on the other hand, wails to herself in her room, devastated that she’s been living in a lie for the past 11 years. Well, that’s because you’re way too naive and dreamy, girl.

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Seo Wool goes to Eun Ho for confirmation about Dal Bong’s confession of the truth, and asks Eun Ho why he pulled such a prank. He admits he doesn’t remember why he did it, and he’s regretting immensely about it. She tells him that since he didn’t mean it when he promised to marry her 11 years ago, she’s going to forget about the promise. Eun Ho however, isn’t going to let her go just like that, and tells her that he’s hoping for a chance to atone for his mistake.

Kang Jae and Hyo Jin

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Dad tells Kang Jae he’ll support him no matter what he does or makes what decision, as long as Kang Jae is happy. Poor Dad. He just loves his kids too much I feel it’s bad for them.

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Hyo Jin goes to visit the Chas, to apologize for her misadventure and to show them the wedding invitation card. Dad shows her Kang Jae’s childhood photos, and tells her that he’s giving her his most precious possession, ie Kang Jae, and hopes that they’ll lead a happy life together. Hyo Jin is touched by Dad’s words, and goes to the hospital to see Kang Jae. She just hugs him and tells him that she loves him loads, and her Dad sees them, embarassed by his daughter’s bold move.

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After Kang Jae’s wedding, Dad returns home feeling down, and sits forlornly in Kang Jae’s room, reminiscing the times when Kang Jae was still young. Looking at the flashbacks, I wonder what happened that made Kang Jae become such a cold and unappreciative person.

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A mysterious woman with a boy appears at the hospital where Kang Jae works at, and asks for him, while he’s away at honeymoon. Kang Jae’s ex-girlfriend seems to recognize who she is.

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And so Kang Jae and Hyo Jin comes back from their honeymoon, not knowing a storm is quietly brewing at home.

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The boy with the mysterious woman made his way to the Chas, and tells Dad and Aunt he’s looking for his Dad, Cha Kang Jae. Omona. Kang Jae has a kid?


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I just want to wipe the smirk off Stepmom’s face when she saw the reflection of Kang Shim holding her heels and hiding behind the door of Tae Joo’s walk-in wardrobe.

가족끼리 왜 이래.E17.141012.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-52-34] 가족끼리 왜 이래.E17.141012.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-52-56]

Young Seo gets into a fight with Kang Shim, when Aunt and Dad presses Kang Shim about her current love life. Kang Shim insists she’s not in any relationship now, and Young Seo brings up how Kang Shim was exactly the same now as 14 years ago, denying that she’s seeing someone when everyone can see that she was in love. It riled Kang Shim, and it became a full-blown catfight when Kang Shim jeered at Young Seo for having a shotgun marriage.

Dad and Aunt pretended to quarrel, in order to have Young Seo and Kang Shim make up. Kang Shim sees through Dad and Aunt’s ploy, and extends the olive branch to Young Seo, and all’s well again between the cousins.