Maybe cos there’s going to be 2 more seasons(?), so the last episode actually feels more like an impasse. The penultimate episode delivered more punch than ep12. But ok, the finale sets us up for future developments in plot and characters, while at the same time reinforcing what we already know now.

1. The neurotic King Injo

If we think he is indecisive and a little neurotic in earlier eps, Three rams it home in ep12 that he IS indecisive and neurotic and a poor ruler. Although I have no idea why Sohyeon doesn’t explain himself (or his friends) for that matter on why he was in Anju and who injured him and his wife, it still doesn’t excuse Injo’s ridiculous “test” for his son. And c’mon, to claim you are scared of your son because you know he is stronger and better than you…and so you want to punish him for it??…this daddy really needs to see a psychiatrist.


Right, so we get 200% confirmation that Injo is supremely jealous of his abled, young Crown Prince and that means he is not going to trust Sohyeon (at all) in the next Season. So that puts him in the Bad People boat. (aww, shucks) It’s kinda unlikely that we won’t see King Injo in Season 2 of Three, even though the Musketeers are in Manchuria, cos there’s still Mi-ryung and Kim Ja-jung hanging in the background. And if Mi-ryung is aiming to be Injo’s newest and favourite(st) concubine, it will make Sohyeon/Injo dynamics super tensed. (and ew, that makes Mi-ryung like a step-mum to Sohyeon?)

2. The ever efficient Mi-ryung

She really has superhuman abilities. First, she manages to survive under tough conditions after crossing the borders in her teens to seek her fortune in Manchuria, then later she shows her Houdini skills in evading capture from the Musketeers, Yong Guldae, Kim Ja-jung…and basically, everybody. And wow, juz within 24h after her prison break, she manages to poison Dal-hyang’s dad, injure Yoon-seo, shoot Sohyeon, jump down a cliff, and fake her own death.


And she is back in Season 2, stronger than ever. If (and likely she will) she makes it as Injo’s concubine, that gives her enough power to really cause some serious damage. I can juz see her whispering in Injo’s ears and planting ideas in his already neurotic mind about Sohyeon and his friends. (shudders)

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

3. Lovelines?

If I want to grumble, it’s Season 1’s OTP — Sohyeon and Yoon-seo — have too little on-screen lovey dovey times together. And three kissing scenes in ep11 are juz too measly if you look at how estranged Sohyeon and Yoon-seo are in the preceding 10eps. Ep12 only shows a very brief scene of the happy couple shyly holding hands and smiling into each other’s eyes, relieved that the other is alive and well. I assume Season 2 is going to give us MORE of Sohyeon/ Yoon-seo? Now that they are hostages in Manchuria (hopefully under the friendly, watchful eye of Yong Guldae? since Sohyeon seems to be able to run around freely), they are also away from the oppressive Joseun Court (and mad King Injo)…their romance should flourish, no?


Another possible romantic pairing in Season 2 may be the grown up Manchurian girl, Tani, and Dal-hyang. Though at the beginning of Three and Dal-hyang’s narrative, there is no indication that he is married, we can still hope. I wonder who they will cast as the older Tani.