Ep6 of Bad deals heavily on organised crime again, without the gore of Mdm Hwang’s human parts’ factory in ep4. Woong-cheol rescues his mob boss hyung, a Mr Lee, from a failed coup by one of his lackeys. However, what is pertinent in ep6’s plot is the beginning of a rift between  Jung-moon and everybody else — as we find out that not juz Mob Boss Lee (or Woong-cheol) has orders to kill Jung-moon, but we also confirm that Tae-soo has received 2 orders to do away with Jung-moon.

Exactly WHY is everyone so interested in (a dead) Jung-moon is still a mystery now. But that doesn’t stop me from (over)-imagining stuff, so here’s my twopence worth of speculations: (and feel free to add yours in the Comments box!)


a) Jung-moon murdered some highly powerful mafia Godfather’s kin

I assume the “kin” to be probably female, cos based on literature, serial killers tend to look for weaker victims. (and not to mention the sexual fantasies they get from subduing and murdering women) Of cos, I have to assume Jung-moon is a psychotic serial killer like what everyone says in Bad, though so far, there’s no evidence of any psychosis displayed.

If Psycho Jung-moon really has murdered a mighty-powerful mob boss’ daughter/female relative, then really… it’s too bad for him. The whole of the underworld will be after him. I bet that shadowy Godfather would have hung a pretty attractive reward for his head. And it makes sense to give Tae-soo and later, Woong-cheol, orders to kill Jung-moon. For the former, cos he’s the best assassin ever. And the latter, cos Godfather assumes he is bound by loyalty and will carry out orders from his hyung with no questions asked.


For the record, I don’t think Tae-soo gave himself up in order to kill Jung-moon in jail. I believe that he received the hit order while in jail…cos it make no sense for Tae-soo to withhold killing him while they were imprisoned together. Had the hit order being placed before Tae-soo’s imprisonment, it implies that there should also be a “reward” from the shadowy Godfather of an early release.

b) Jung-moon is not a serial killer

This assumption opens a big can of worms. If he is not a murderer…then whoever put him in jail (Goo-tak??) has made a serious error. (understatement of the year) Or, is he in jail for his protection? Although in the latter case, Cha Woo-jin (from Reset) has shown us that jail is not as safe as we think. It’s a pooling of thugs, murderers, ruffians in one house…still safe?


Even then, the idea of Jung-moon being placed in jail for his own safety does hold a little water. Firstly, we have not seen him in Hyde mode…as I’ve repeatedly say over the last few weeks…so till now, I can’t see him as a cold blooded murderer. The only “evidence” (if we call it that), is his aloof-ness, his supposed girlfriend’s eyewitness account of his reaction over a dead pet, her attempted murder…and that’s about it. Unlike Woong-cheol or Tae-soo, who obviously are familiar with the underworld and have enough brawn/ skills to cause damage, Jung-moon seems to be the one who is always stabbed or injured (badly) in the fights.

Jung-moon’s “memory lapses” thus become a little questionable. Does he really have split personalities as claimed? Cos usually, these psychological disorders come with a barrage of other physical problems — insomnia, possible drug/ substance abuses, mood swings, etc. Maybe it’s dramatisation to make his character relatable as a hero, but Jung-moon appears really, really normal to me thus far. Smart and cool yes…but abnormal? hmmm…


And that begs the questions of why then would anyone be after his throat and whether he is in jail for his own safety? Assuming his memory lapses/ disassociative personalities are real, then maybe during one of those “incidents”, he witnessed something damning or possessed a piece of evidence to pull down someone high and mighty — which his current self can’t recall/ don’t know at the moment. His release (albeit temporary) into society may make the shadowy Godfather uneasy and also alert him to take preventive measures. Jung-moon roaming around town may stumble upon something that will trigger that lost memory. Thus, he has to be removed, on an urgent basis.

We can further stretch the above speculation to Goo-tak’s purpose in choosing Jung-moon for his team: it may be to shake up the situation so that the Godfather will show his hand. In line with this idea, Woong-cheol’s selection can be due to his link to the mafia (and hence, the Godfather). Same for Tae-soo. Of course, their fighting prowess is a bonus.

Ok, so these are my half-baked speculations on Jung-moon. Leave a comment if you have other ideas/ wacky speculations. 🙂