I don’t know what’s with the fantasy genre and Wed-Thu slots, but we have a new fantasy genre drama from MBC, Mr Back, taking over the slot from My Spring Days. Episode 1 definitely looks more normal than Blade Man, but it requires as much (okay, maybe lesser) suspension of disbelief.

There’s nothing new being offered in Episode 1, because chaebol lead (albeit a 70 year old man), checked. Kind-hearted female lead, checked. Enigmatic supporting characters, checked. That is not to say that Mr Back is not worth watching, because I usually give dramas lots of chances before calling quits. However, because I have no access to the fourth dimension and no clones nor time-turners, I’ve decided to just watch one episode and give an overview here.


I think Shin Ha Kyun is good in non-comedic roles, and I find that he tends to overact in comedic roles. That said, I find that he also failed to act more like a 70-year-old, walking rather briskly (he’s supposed to have ailing health), or perhaps it’s deliberately so. I was disappointed that it’s obvious he’s pretending to be a 70-year-old rather than being really immersed in the role, hence my complaint.

Jang Nara‘s no surprise here either, playing the Nth time a hardworking and kind-hearted female lead. She’s however, more spunky here than her Mi Yong in Fated to Love You, and I hope her spunk will stay around in Show. I like that the actress who played her second sister is back here again playing her good friend.


There’s nothing much to say about both Park Ye Jin‘s and Jung Seok Won‘s roles yet, except they’re both working in Choi Go Bong’s (Shin Ha Kyun) company, and while she’s Choi’s secretary, he’s on the board of directors. Lee Joon, however, kind of stole the show for me, as Choi’s son, Choi Dae Han. He appears to be a good-for-nothing, but there’re hints that he’s more than that, and he seems earnest enough. He’s completely shed off his Ryu Tae Oh character from Gap Dong, which I find makes him a promising actor to watch out for.

I hope there’s going to be an explanation why Choi reverts to a younger self (he seemed to have swallowed by mistake, a small fragment of an asteroid, I think), because it seems totally random that a dream sequence appears as he slips out of consciousness after a car crash (his car fell into a hole caused by a falling meteor, and he seems to be brought to some other dimensions, where he presumes he’s already dead. And what is the significance of Jang Nara’s character Eun Ha Soo touching him (her car fell into the hole too), which “activated” the “magical purpose” of whatever Choi swallowed?


I feel Mr Back has the potential to be a snarkfest, so if anyone is watching and rather enjoys it, please do leave a message here and tell us why we should watch this!