Sadded much that the folks at Dramabeans have decided to drop recapping Three. Though I can fully understand why they’d drop it — the format of the show doesn’t really leave much for the analytical insights that Dramabeans does for say, the Flowers Over series. However, imo, the on-going Running Man recaps are also pretty much verbatim “i-tell-you-what-is-happening-on-screen”.

3 Meals E03.141031[23-38-49]


Anyway, I’ve decided I’ll pick up the huge baton and do a weekly highlight(s) of the show — I said I hate recapping, right…so stop wishing for recaps from me. 😛

Minki…and FRIENDS!

I’m not talking about his human master friend, Taec. Minki made new a friend this ep — a CAT, of all creatures. The production team has nicely given yet another weird name to the kitty — “Murlander” — like they did with the goat (Jackson) and the 5 hens (Olivia, Sophia, Grace, Matilda and Elizabeth).

3 Meals E03.141031[23-35-17]

The meeting between our assumed “natural enemies” happened in the morning when Seo-jinnie and Taec are having breakfast. Murlander, like most cats, casually strolls in to check out the scene…and Minki, like all eager-for-action dogs, goes on high alert at sight of the intruder. Seo-jinnie and Taec cheer Minki on to scare off the cat, since felines are well-known for their thievery activities. Minki obliges and makes a dash towards Murlander…only to bow his head down, bottoms up, tail wagging — a la play mode towards Murlander. And of cos, cats being cats, Murlander has grace enough to accept his new subject.

And so, the two cuddle. Much to Seo-jinnie’s disgust and Taec’s amusement.

The plot thickens…

3 Meals E03.141031[23-37-34]

In the evening, while Taec is busy grilling seaweed for dinner, Murlander brings his kitty friend for a quick snack. Kitty friend manages to open the plastic bag where the mackerels are kept and snitches one away. Murlander, however, is slower. Too bad, he will have to share then. As for Minki’s whereabouts…no idea. I was telling kooriyuki, the best guard dog (aka Minki) is probably asleep in the warm room while the thievery is going on outside.

Both guys are asked about their thoughts on the stolen food episode during their separate interviews. Seo-jinnie’s comments: “if this [show] isn’t aired on national TV, I’d have xxx the darn cat”. Versus Taec’s: “I didn’t know cats like mackerels, ooh-wow”. Totally nails their personae in Three: Seo-jin as the unwilling, but brusque and capable participant, Taec as the man-child who is all wonder and eagerness, but impractical.

Other funny animal videos

3 Meals E03.141031[23-33-44]

Should be awarded to Houdini Jackson and his great escapades. Seo-jinnie had to lead the goat back into his netted den n times cos Jackson the Escape Artist keeps slipping out of his fenced-in den and wandering all over the grounds. And Seo-jinnie (wrongly) assumes that goats will not burrow their way out from under a fence, so he nets the fence higher…and Jackson burrows his way out under. (lol)

Taec vs Seo-jinnie at the marketplace

Poor Taec…it’s either he is is not made-up enough, or the ahjummas and ahjusshis in Gangwon-do have no idea who 2pm are, but Taec goes totally un-noticed during his and Seo-jinnie’s short trip to town for supplies. Seo-jinnie, on the other hand, is mobbed by a crowd of fans. (see? Mum’s correct — you muz still dress up when you go marketing…you never know who you will meet)

3 Meals E03.141031[23-42-12]

Taec later stops by a municipal sports hall, to beg for drinking water. He pops his head in shyly and self-introduces by saying: “Hi, I’m Taecyon from 2PM…can I have a drink of water?” The bugged-eyes look of the office workers is priceless. Either they muz be wondering, “omg? 2pm??” or, “is this a candid camera joke?!”

Guest of the week Free labourer

The production crew muz have really felt the pain from Seo-jinnie and Taec wrt the sorghum harvest duty. So they nicely arranged for Seo-jinnie’s hyung and close friend, Lee Kwang-gyu, as the next guest to stay over at their little hanok-farmhouse. And true to the editing team’s prowess, they have many slo-mo shots of Lee Kwang-gyu looking all-ready for sorghum duty, even going so far to say he is previously from the infantry unit during his military service days and therefore, muz be extremely familiar with field clearing.

3 Meals E03.141031[23-40-33]

Erm…ok… He does help clear a pretty large swathe of sorghum. But nearly dies from the process. (heh) Getting Lee Kwang-gyu as the guest for this week is also refreshing cos previous guests are all sunbae-level, and Seo-jinnie and Taec can’t really boss them around. But there’s no such privilege treatment for Lee Kwang-gyu. He is conned/ ordered to hard labour, from sorghum cutting, to sawing planks, to chopping firewood by his long-time friend, Seo-jinnie.

Let’s hope the production team brings in the other 2pm guys — the sorghum field still looks pretty huge, and winter is approaching. We need more “man” power. 😛