Ok, I admit my brain went into overdrive over the weekend, as I finished watching ep7 of Bad. And I’ve come up with Theory 2 of who-wants-Jung-moon-dead. The new suspect is (drumrolls pls…) Goo-tak ahjushhi. Yeah, him…and here’s why I think so:


1) Commissioner Nam

Remember what Commissioner Nam said when he went to persuade Goo-tak to re-join the police force in order to catch Blood Fetisher serial murderer? He dangled the carrot that Goo-tak could “renew his investigation over his daughter’s death”, which was part of the Hwayeondong serial killings.

Although Jung-moon is the convicted murderer for the Hwayeondong killings, I suppose Goo-tak remains uncomfortable about the verdict, since Jung-moon has zero recollection of commiting any murders. By putting him in his Mad Dogs Team, Goo-tak can have a renewed chance of observing him.


2) Mob Boss Lee

I find it quite odd that Mob Boss Lee (Woong-cheol’s gangster hyung) speed dials Goo-tak instead of calling the police hotline when he is kidnapped. Although the Mob and Police may have links to each other (if not bribery, then snitches within each team), it is very strange that a hardcore mob boss has Goo-tak’s personal mobile on his speed dial. My explanation for the close relationship is Goo-tak could be the one who ordered Mob Boss Lee to get Woong-cheol to assassinate Jung-moon.

If Goo-tak is the mysterious ahjusshi who ordered the hit on Jung-moon, it may also explain why Mob Boss Lee is so reluctant to reveal the source — cos he knows Woong-cheol will be shocked/ upset.


3) Woong-cheol/ Tae-soo

And that makes Goo-tak’s other 2 choices for his team’s makeup pretty sinister, since if Goo-tak is the mastermind, his hit orders on Jung-moon have been given to Woong-cheol and Tae-soo. I am supposing Goo-tak’s decision to attack Jung-moon is not to kill him, but to trigger his Hyde response — in order to confirm that he IS a killer. And Goo-tak may also be well aware of Woong-cheol/ Tae-soo’s reluctance to kill their newfound buddy. Afterall, he’d have issued the hit order at least twice to Tae-soo — who hasn’t taken actions till today.

However, Goo-tak may be caught by surprise that his hit order is passed to Jong-seok by the new go-between guy, Do-shik. Thus, that can explain why he looks a little surprised to find Jung-moon’s pic under the chest of drawers at Hyun-woo’s house.


4) The repeated motifs

Ever since Mob Boss Lee’s failed kidnap, the phrase “the knife stabs behind your back” is repeated at least twice. Once by Mob Boss Lee, once by Jung-moon. It’s like Bad is blatantly reminding us that the “real baddie” is someone IN the team.

And the shots of the mysterious man running his fingers over the whiskey glass…don’t we already also know that Goo-tak loves his hard liquor?