We have Kim Kwang-gyu (who came earlier) and later, Kim Ji-ho, as the guests for Week3-4.

1) Taec can cook! And Seo-jin is a neat freak!

meal8Albeit with loads of advice from Mommy Taec. (and isn’t it cute that her ringtone is 2pm’s song?) But, we have to give Taec due credit for being able to translate verbal instructions to actual cooking. Besides the home made chevre (goat cheese) in ep2, Taec has come up with new recipes like sauteed eggplants, pickled chillis/ daikons, various jiggaes (stews), etc.


Seo-jinnie doesn’t really need to cook much nowadays, since he has such a competent sous chef.

In return, Seo-jinnie transforms himself into the human dishwasher. He admits in an interview that he can stand using the same pot to cook different dishes…but when it comes to washing, he is extremely particular about the process. He really breaks it down by item and makes sure each utensil is SQUEAKY clean before laying them out to dry. (husband, anyone?)

2) Jackson’s lover

No, it’s not another billy goat. Jackson loves Seo-genius. (rofl) The editing crew is totally at fault here for starting the goat-man romance rumour. With nefty editing and a (overly) saccharine soundtrack, the team shows how Jackson is always gazing at Seo-jinnie with “love in her eyes”. If not, she is gently butting her head against him while he tends to the furnace.

But really, that nanny goat does track Seo-jin’s movements like a hawk. I suppose it’s cos Seo-jin is the one feeding/ watering her.

meal93) Kim Ji-ho the Vege Terminator

This lady sure loves her veg. Anything that is faintly green, or grows from the ground…she will pluck, uproot, tear and stuff them into her mouth or plonk them on to the grill. And she claims to want to retire on a farm — seriously, she’d probably finish off her crops before they are even ripe for harvest.

In order of mutilation/ destruction: eggplants, tomatoes, persimmons, perillas (sesame leaves), cabbages, lettuces, potatoes…it’s basically every plant on the farm. And Three claims she doesn’t leave anything behind. All that can be eaten are plucked.

To be fair, grilling the plucked veges on the upturned pot cover and letting them soak up the pork/beef fats look super delicious. I find myself salivating juz hearing the veges sizzle and pop over my earphones.

4) The never-ending supper

Thanks to Kim Ji-ho’s voracious appetite, the dinner for that night stretched to a full six hours. Yes…you read it correctly. 6 HOURS. They started eating at 6pm, and only finished at midnight or thereabouts. And Kim Ji-ho still complains of hunger after that?!

She is the first to wake up the next morning too, and decides to raid Taec’s river fridge the moment she opens her eyes. After eating a HUGE apple, she troops back to the hanok, and bugs the guys to wake up and get the fire going — for BREAKFAST. And breakfast isn’t a small affair…we have home made cold pressed persimmon tomato juice (courtesy of Seo-genius and his muslin cloth), soup with river clams (?), sesame sauteed vege (new batch of vege murdered), rice, pickled chillis, pickled daikons…and ending off with homemade latte.  

Whoever said Korean girls only eat an apple a day to keep their slim, svelte figures should look at Kim Ji-ho. She doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her and eats like a bottom-less hole. (jealous, anyone? plus she is a mother)

5) The run-away guests

This is really rofl. Kim Kwang-gyu and Kim Ji-ho make a dash for it the following morning right after brekkie. Thanks to Mdm Kim’s appetite, Seo-jinnie and Taec had to ask for 4/5 platters of meat for grilling the previous night, thus chalking up their sorghum debt. Kim Kwang-gyu had breezily promised to help “pay up” for his meat share…but begin to have doubts about sorghum harvesting the next morning.

meal10After pretending to suffer from a bad backache, Kim Kwang-gyu hides himself in the room to laze — while Seo-jin is busy with dishwashing (as usual). After hearing that Kim Ji-ho has packed her luggage (already), and confirming with the crew that guests can leave anytime, he decides to abscond too. And he does run pretty fast for someone with a “bad back”.

Upcoming guest for ep5: Funny man Ryu Seung-soo. I loved him — and his blatant cheating ways — in Running Man. Based on the preview, Three calls him the new “Furnace Man”, so I guess he will be our soot boy next week?