I forgot to mention in my previous post that one of the highlights of Three is the beautifully tranquil scenery of Gangwon-do. (which is marred by Seo-jinnie’s consistent whinings and Taec’s back-breaking housechores) In ep4, the guests and hosts share a quiet moment admiring the starry night sky, after the crew switches off the reflectors and lamps on the set. It is very hard to describe what the camera (using low light setting) shoots — other than saying that the stars look very near and are countless. If you’ve ever been stuck in the middle of the sea/ocean in a dark, floating bumboat (me, me!!) or maybe juz lying on your back on a deserted, dark beach…you will know what I mean. And the keyword here is “dark”.  The light pollution of the cities has killed a simple pleasure which our ancestors enjoyed nightly.

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E04.141114.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(004043)00-19-05]

In ep5, the editing crew weaves together several montages of rain falling onto the thatched roof, on the ground, on the chicken coop…the effect is rather melodious and soothing. Instead of background music, the raindrops pitter-pattering on the different materials form a lullaby that is peaceful, yet beautiful. If we aren’t sure what direction Three as a variety show is taking, we are getting strong hints now. It is a show which is morphing into a travelogue…but not the round-the-world type of travelogues like Flowers Over series. Instead, it is promoting staycations — about discovering the beauty in your backyard, which you have been blind to it all the while. Of cos, to the seasoned Korea travellers (like me, and kooriyuki), Gangwon-do is an off-the-beaten-track kinda place. And Three is doing a good job of letting us vicariously enjoy the sights and sounds without actually needing to go there and be farmers like Seo-jin and Taecyon. (phew)

1) Min-ki gets a bath

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E05.141114.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(006178)00-00-59]

If dry furball Min-ki is cute, wet, plastered looking Min-ki is cuter. Plus, the puppy hates the cold river water (who won’t?!), so he is always escaping (or trying to) and running off. Unfortunately, cos he’s so small and Taec is so huge, Min-ki always get re-captured for his bath. But the sight of the poor, bedraggled puppy trying (in vain) to scramble up the river embankment will definitely make you go “aww”.

Of course, you probably also want to see him recaptured so that he can repeat his ineffectual scramblings again. 😛

2) Setting up the home heater

No pain, no gain. And the 2 farmers turned engineers get to work, setting up their portable home heater. I kinda wonder why the owner of the hanok-farmhouse doesn’t heat his place up properly. The hanok only has the MOST basic underground stove heater — which only heats up the bedroom, and nowhere else…and the heat isn’t equally distributed, as complained by Mdm Yoon Yeo-jung in ep1. Well, I certainly hope the owner isn’t going to complain with the additions of ventilator boards and a hole in the roof (for the heater’s chimney) after Three completes airing.

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E05.141114.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(024422)00-02-53]

The process of setting up the heater takes about 4hours, and entails 2 going-and-froings between town and hanok. Twice cos the hardware shop owner’s son forgets to deliver to Seo-jinnie and Taec an important piece of metal piping for the heater. (pls. do not ask me what it is) Leading to Seo-jinne and Taec returning to the shop acting like local gangsters (ok, the editing crew made it appear that way) asking for protection money.

3) The town

And the town is soo… tiny that Seo-jinnie and Taec have memorised all the important locales. (not that there is much to remember) The town’s inhabitants too, have started to treat the 2 stars as part of their close knit family. It’s kinda cute when Taec goes back to the provision store to demand for the lost tofu (in ep2) from the granny owner, only to be remembered by granny that he is the one who left the tofu. And Taec gets a carrot in compensation. 🙂

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E05.141114.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(017800)00-08-32]

When the paper fan the guys used for starting the fire gets torn up, Taec is sent to the municipal sports hall (where he asked for water previously in ep2) to ask for…a fan. It cracks me up when the staff not only gives him SEVEN fans, but also a bottle of WATER.

4) The Rain

The non-romantic part of raining on a farm is having to repair and dry every single thing which has been drenched. Including the stove and (flooded) furnace. Unfortunately, the hanok doesn’t have a sheltered kitchen…so all the 3 open stoves (including the critical one that warms up the bedroom) are soaked in rainwater and have to be thoroughly dried out before use. And drying a medieval-looking furnace requires much digging and emptying out of the soaked through soot and debris. (yuk) A backbreakingly, important job which our guest of the week, Ryu Seung-soo, has been assigned with. 😛

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E05.141114.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(075777)00-09-01]

Ok, Seo-jinnie also does his part by repairing most of the items that have taken a beating by the constant drizzle. The washed out henhouse gets a new box (for the hens to deposit their eggs). And our illustrious hen-group has produced 6 big eggs during Seo-jin/ Taec’s absence. Much to Seo-jin’s delight. (he was complaining that the hens can’t lay eggs earlier, and threatened to cook them instead)

5) Ryu Seung-soo…and his antics

I dunno whether he is innocent, helpful, a huge procrastinator, or another whiner/complainer. Yes, he does baulk at ALL the stuff Seo-jin assigns him to do — like digging out the furnace for example. But he goes ahead and gives it his very best shot. (and actually manages to repair the flooded furnace…bravo!)

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E05.141114.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(075204)00-04-40]

He whines at having to work before a meal… but quietly pulls on washing gloves and booties to squat by the wash area to scrub the cauldrons, plates, bowls, etc. Much to Seo-jinnie’s amazement — and more so, when Seung-soo meets Seo-jinnie’s (the human dishwasher) standard of pot scrubbing. Turns out that Seung-soo used to own a (failing) restaurant. He jokingly says that cos it’s a flop, he ends up having to wash pots and pans himself. (lol)

And Ryu Seung-soo is probably the quietest and most unassuming guest so far. Other than whining and trying to get away with NOT working (which don’t work, with Slave Master Seo-jinnie around), Seung-soo doesn’t ask for meat (or maybe he isn’t aware he CAN ask for meat), and packs up and goes off without much fanfare. (see Kim Kwang-gyu/ Kim Ji-ho’s exit in contrast)

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E05.141114.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(065407)00-03-48]

However, he does leave a lasting image that will stick in my mind forever: Seung-soo jokingly compares Seo-jinnie to the fierce and demanding halmoni (Grandma)/ mother-in-law figure with Taec as the ever-suffering poor daughter-in-law…which…sounds kinda true.

Next week’s guest is Go Ara, and we see Taec bending backwards trying to impress his pretty female guest. 😛