I wonder if Na PD majored in Social Psychology…cos by inviting Go Ara to Three Meals, he has engineered a 180 deg change in our two temporary farmers. Maybe cos it’s the first time they meet, but our 2 hunks are on the best behaviours.


1. Go Ara — the Tamer…

Of Beast…and I’m not referring to Min-ki and his farm friends. But Taec (aka 2pm’s Beast). The things Taec does for a pretty girl, include (but are not limited to):

  • Running all sorts of (useless) errands for her — such as removing (HEAVY) cast iron cauldrons and pots in an otherwise spacious wooden deck, so that Ara can sit comfortably. (i don’t suppose her bums are that big…but well, if he wanna show his bulging biceps…why not)
  • Providing a midnight snack for her on a cold, frosty night — wearing nothing but a singlet. (more bulging biceps…again, i’m not complaining)
  • Becoming the “Yes Man” for any big or small requests. Finding a leash for Min-ki? Got it.
  • Accomodating her mistakes — even if Ara drops a bunch of precious grilled seaweed on the floor, it’s Okay.
  • No complaints — at all — when handling housechores, on condition that Ara is around. When Ara is in the house, Taec complains about his chapped and cold hands. Ara steps out of the house and within his radar, he continues to wash the dishes, cut the vege…with same cold and chapped hands. Juz sans the complaints.
  • Showing that he is not juz ALL muscles by proving he can cook! Of cos, a little bit of skinship helping Ara cut the vege is required. (ahem)


And while Taec is busy buzzing here and there for his princess, Seo-jinnie juz stands apart looking very amused. Seo-jinnie later reveals to Ara that Taec had ever told him that he finds Go Ara the prettiest amongst the actresses, cos according to Taec, Go Ara looks like a doll. (totally agree) Ara nearly spits out her rice when she hears that. (on a sidenote: Taec really goes into White Knight mode whenever there are pretty girls around…re: Emma Wu (aka Gui Gui))


However, Seo-jinnie is not immune to Ara’s doll-like beauty either: when Ara volunteers to help out with chores after breakfast, his response is, “Nah, juz go back into the house and rest. It’s cold”. Compared with the last few eps, where the guests end up having to scrub pots (Ryu Seung-soo) or harvest sorghum (Kim Gwang-kyu) — cold, or not cold.

Eventually, Ara helps — to walk Min-ki. (best chore ever) Ok, as a parting shot, she does help in drying the sorghum.

2. Ara and Min-ki

It’s hilarious when Ara (in the interview) admits she only agrees to come…cos she wanna see Min-ki. (and not our resident hunks?!!) Well, she proves the fact by bee-lining to Min-ki when she sees him in the house. Min-ki likes her…scarf more than Ara, cos it’s the first thing he grabs when he sees it. And maybe Min-ki really has gotten stronger with all the good food from Taec, cos Ara seems to have difficulties retrieving her scarf from Min-ki in a tug-of-war. 0_o

3. Fry-Day

Since when is Friday associated with fried stuff? Someone should send Na PD back to grammar school, cos according to him, Friday = Fry-Day. So Taec had to scramble to fry up chicken and assorted vege for dinner. (eh…oiliest dinner ever) Kudos to Taec for accomplishing the fry task using only the ancient cauldron and an unmanageable fire. The first few attempts at frying the chicken lead to totally burnt chicken (on the outside) and totally raw chicken (on the inside).


For those familiar with the kitchen, this happens when the oil gets too hot. The outer surface burns, but the meat within is still very raw. Taec realises this too. To Na PD’s disbelief, Taec dumps the entire bottle of cooking oil into the cauldron to lower the temperature — and it works. (not to try at home…unless you wanna clean up an oily kitchen. juz turn down the heat on the stove will do)


And Na PD is left seething…as Seo Jinnie and Taec gloat that there is nothing that they can’t accomplish. (kinda true really) The next day, Seo Jinnie auto-prepares coffee latte for Ara, and Na PD whines that he didn’t ASK them to do it. Seo Jinnie’s reply: “It’s routine already”. Never underestimate Seo Jinnie (and Taec) for their adaptability.

We will get to see Son Ho-joon and Choi Ji-woo at the hanok-farmhouse in next ep. According to reports, Choi Ji-woo is very much the capable housewife. Even Seo Jinnie is impressed with her. As for our heodang Ho-joon…well…


On a side note, Go Ara in this episode is also very much her character(s) in Reply Me 1994/ You’re All Surrounded. She is a earnestly incompetent, is not exactly as Princessy as she looks (even though she lugs the most luggage there), and obviously is also not the one-apple-a-meal type of girl. She eats. A LOT.