In less than 12h apart, Dramabeans released 2 articles which frustrated and excited me. The first is the axing of Three Musketeers, which everybadi has been going on about it having up to 3 seasons…and now, we have to be content with the ending-that-promises-a-new-beginning of “Season 1”. I was so so looking forward to more Lee Jin-wook and Jung Yong-hwa. Especially the latter, since he does show much promise in this sageuk — as compared to his previous works. It’s also a kinda breakthrough role for him, since he is always stuck in the moody, contemplative second male lead role. I had plenty of fun watching Yong-hwa as Dal-hyang the swash buckling country bumpkin.


And the romance between Crown Prince Sohyeon and his wife is juz getting a leetle bit warmer. Shucks. I was really hoping to see them sizzle my screen in Season 2. Oh well. Seems like I have to be contented (again) with this paltry kiss(es).


But the other piece of news on Let’s Eat kinda mollifies my annoyance over tvN for axing Three Musketeers. (i had no idea Musketeers had such meh ratings in Korea…aww) Frankly speaking, Let’s Eat is one show which doesn’t need a part 2. It’s those usual kdramas that tie things up neatly at the end.


But, I am ALWAYS game for more food porn. If they bring back Lee Soo-kyung and Yoon Doo-joon, it’d be a bonus. The two have such good on-screen chemistry — one is the slob but nitpicking food critic, the other is a neat freak, but an anything-goes eater. Technically though, the second installation need not be about them — as long as the main focus is still on food and its connections to inter-personal relationships. If tvN can’t get Soo-kyung unni and Doo-joon oppa, I hope they get another OTP who LOVES food. (pls do not get those girl groups’ members who only eats one apple a day)


I suppose Let’s Eat garnered a higher viewership ratings in Korea? Cos it’s also moved to a Mon-Tues, 2-eps-a-week regular format. I had no issues with the once-a-week for Let’s Eat (as opposed to say, High School Love On), cos the story is very simple and easy to follow. But if tvN wanna move it to a regular twice weekly showing, I’m on. As I said earlier, I’m all game for more food porn. 😛