Taecyon is unavailable for this week’s Three, as he had to participate in a world tour with 2PM. And he is definitely gleeful to miss the filming…as can be seen from the video clips he produced to wave “bye-bye” to his sunbae. But fret not, Na PD has arranged for another “village idiot” — aka Son Ho-joon — as Taec’s able replacement. 😛

1. Slave Ho-joon

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E07.141128.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(007049)00-56-50]

Omg…I dunno whether to pity Ho-joon or laugh at him…maybe both? From his entry into the hanok farmhouse, Ho-joon is clearly nervous about what he is expected to do. So nervous that even the production crew gets jittery from looking at him. He has this morose, woebegone face even when he is juz SITTING there. (lol)

When Seo-jin finally makes his appearance, Ho-joon is like a slave who is introduced to his master for the first time. He doesn’t dare to sit, pee, eat, or even breathe…unless Seo-jinnie gives permission. Ho-joon even stands at attention outside the door, waiting for Seo-jinnie to give him his first task of the day. Seo-jinnie jokingly asks the production crew where they “bought the new slave from”. He is clearly satisfied with Ho-joon’s performance, even though Ho-joon does his duties like he is about to cry. (kooriyuki!! quick, send Yoo Yoon-seok to save him!! that poor puppy!!)

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E07.141128.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(033062)00-57-33]

Imo, Ho-joon is someone who is very cautious and humble (I’d even say, with a low self-esteem), thus he takes a longer time to warm up to new situations. As can be seen from his recent Youth Over Flowers Laos trip. He exhibits those characteristics again with his sitting posture at the hanok-farmhouse. Initially, Ho-joon literally squeezes himself into a 2D plane…by clasping all his limbs and holding them in a tight position, like a clam. As he begins to warm up to Seo-jinnie, the limbs start to pull apart slightly…until the appearance of the second guest, Choi Ji-woo, which brought the 2D Ho-joon back. (help him, somebody!!)

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E07.141128.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(126998)01-02-32]

Although he may not be as resourceful as Taec at obtaining recipes (he dials the info-line only to get a non-existant phone number??!), he turns out to be a pretty good doenjang soup master. Even earning praise from Master Seo-jinnie, that makes him break out into the first bashful smile for the whole day. (awww) Not only can he cook soup, he makes a pretty impressive sorghum harvester too. Even the production crew is surprised at his ability with the scythe, as he effortlessly mows through rows of sorghum without making much chop-chopping noises. His gracefully efficient movements are compared to the grunting clumsiness of Seo-jinnie, Taec and Kim Gwang-kyu.

But the funniest may be his reaction to Choi Ji-woo. He is clearly awed and smitten with her at the same time. I’ve lost count of the number of times Ho-joon shyly compliments Ji-woo for her beauty, her grace, blahblah…Or the number of times he juz blankly stares at Ji-woo with a dreamy smile plastered on his face.

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E07.141128.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(076109)01-03-38]

Ji-woo is definitely his ideal type. 😛

2. Super Housewife Choi Ji-woo

I’d really have to crown Choi Ji-woo as the most hardworking and abled female guest to grace Three. I suppose she muz be an A-blood type Super Performer like Seo-jinnie (a tidbit which our Ho-joon dug up before coming to Three). Seo Jinnie has really met his match for the title of Neat Freak. (lol)

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E07.141128.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(065023)01-01-39]


Her impatience with mess is seen with her obsession to arrange and group everything with the same heights or purposes. She even cleans the house in the night before bed. (wha) And, she spot checks the dishes, etc before using — something which NO guest ever bothered to do. Thanks to her careful audit, she manages to spot unwashed soap suds from a chopping board — which our human dishwasher passed her. Instead of getting mad at her though, Seo-jinnie is impressed. In an interview, he admits to being a little sad when other people question his need to (over)wash the dishes. The frequent complaints he hears are “are you done already?”, “they are clean enough…why bother”. Today however, someone actually nitpicks on his washed dishes and sends him to wash them a second time…which means she BOTHERS.

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E07.141128.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(088518)01-02-15]

Seo-jinnie is so happy to find a like-minded soul that throughout dinner, he interviews Ji-woo about her personal life and habits, like what she does during weekends or on her spare time…and they match his! The production crew teases him for trying to matchmake himself. 😛 Meanwhile, Ho-joon feels left out, as his master-sunbae-hyung is clearly claiming Ho-joon’s ideal type for himself. (lol)

But what both guys are in agreement with is to make Ji-woo a permanent co-star in Three. Or at the very least, delay her departure for as long as possible. (which they managed to, eventually)

3. Funniest Animal Home Videos (again)

An article on Three can never exclude Min-ki, Jackson and their band of animal friends. Min-ki takes the prize again this time for his cuteness. Btw, that puppy has grown so huge in 2 weeks until Seo-jinnie questions (countless times) whether it’s the same dog. (it is)

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E07.141128.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(084921)01-06-08]

Someone bought Min-ki a new dog bed (methinks is Ji-woo…she also bought a new dog tag for him), and that little dog cannot decide which bed he prefers to lie on. The camera housed in the hanok shows Min-ki vacillating between his dimpled, old, dirty bed and his new, clean, white doggy basket. (in the korean captions above, the average time taken between each bed is 1min 30s) That silly pup will lie in the new bed and wriggle around for a bit, then hop over to the old, comfy one and snuggle there. But after less than 2 minutes, he is up again to try to accomodate himself on to the new bed…and then, finding it uncomfortable, he’s back to snuggling on his old bed…and the cycle repeats. In the end, Min-ki chooses to sleep…on the floor. (dogs….=__=)

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E07.141128.HDTV.XviD-WITH[(062443)01-05-49]

Jackson is proving herself to be one horny goat — she likes men to pet her. In fact, she enjoys and only allows heavy petting from the guys…and will proceed to bite the fingers off any women who dares to touch her. (tsktsk)

And omo…in ep8, halbaes Lee Soon-jae and Kim Yeong-cheol will be joining Seo-jinnie, Ho-joon and Ji-woo as guests. And Lee Soon-jae halbae is clearly juz as impressed with Ji-woo’s housewifery abilities. (it’s always nice to receive an elder’s approval) 🙂

Based on reports, ep10 will invite clueless puppy no. 1, Lee Seung-gi, as guest (slave). The series for Three, season 1, will end on Dec 26, 2014. (bawls)