High School Love On: Guidebook on what to do if your girlfriend is an Angel

It’s nearing the end of 2014…and High School is still plodding along with 2 more weeks to the finale. (finally!!!) Seriously, this show doesn’t work with the once-a-week format. And the clear reason is cos there isn’t any closure at the end of each episode. Compared to Let’s Eat or the more recent Three Musketeers, both of which close a mini chapter per ep, High School‘s troubles are like snowballing to no end.


And ironically, nothing much unexpected happened — from my last post, Sung-yeol and Woo-hyun realise they share the same mum. Sung-yeol turns from nice, chivalrous second lead to bratty, angsty teenager — cos he’s p*ssed that Woo-hyun has taken away his “girlfriend”, and now his (step)momma. (oi, stop objectifying women!) But Sung-yeol isn’t the only bratty fella around. When Seul-bi gives up her angel post to  become fully human, her (no-name) sunbae is also p*ssed that she likes Woo-hyun more than him. So he begins his Lucifer descent and turns reaaallly nasty. (and i mean, really nasty…to the extent of wanting to murder the boy) Not all hope is lost though, cos Seul-bi has the weird Angel-turned-ahjusshi as her backup. He helps whenever he can by popping up in the oddest roles possible — from hobo, to civil servant, to rich, mysterious Chairperson of Seul-bi’s school. (??)

As punishment for not being able to make up her mind to become angel or human, Seul-bi now has to carry around a visible pentagonal mark on her wrist…which inconveniently shines like a car’s headlights (ok, i’m exaggerating) when any other humans suspect her true nature. Woo-hyun, however, is already aware that his girlfriend is summat special. And I’ve nicely compiled his to-do and not-to-do list to deal with his rather complicated relationship.

1. Most important: Never, ever disclose her nature

Not even to yourself, or to her.

Woo-hyun pretty much has a hard time trying to prevent nosyparkers — and there are lots — from discovering Seul-bi’s true nature. But it’s kinda hard to plaster so many mouths shut. Sung-yeol knows about it, Jae-suk the bully strongly guesses, his 2 other gang members also has suspicions. And all of them are blabbermouths.

Seul-bi is no help herself. Whenever she is in danger or some human feels she is abnormal, that pentagonal mark will shine and draw even more attention. Plus, I’ve no idea why…but Seul-bi likes to expose her marked wrist. I’d be wrapping myself up like a mummy if I have a tell-tale mark on me.


However, the worst is Woo-hyun knowing her nature, but not being able to tell her that he knows (and doesn’t mind). Cos the moment he reveals it, Seul-bi will disappear.

2. You have to be strong or stronger

Cos there’s gonna be loadsa competition. From the jealous girls, to your best frenemy, the school bullies and even the adults.

Everyone seems to be intent on ripping Woo-hyun and Seul-bi apart. Woo-hyun’s peers don’t give them much support, prefering to either watch the show at the sidelines, or throw rocks at the poor OTP. Bi*chy Ye-na hasn’t  learn her lesson and continues to think that she can replace Seul-bi, as long as Seul-bi is separated from Woo-hyun. Even losing her sidekick + only friend, Young-eun, and making herself look like a sore loser don’t distract her from pursuing her unattainable goal.


But batting away persistent admirers are not as bad as guarding Seul-bi. Sung-yeol seems to think that it is very okay to disregard Seul-bi telling him (repeatedly) that 1) she doesn’t and will never LIKE him romantically, 2) to STOP bothering her. And thus, Sung-yeol is making it his disgusting habit to forcefully wrist-grab, back hug, front hug Seul-bi…there’s a term for this behaviour: it’s called sexual harassment. Sung-yeol even gets the adults’ help to force Seul-bi to move in with him — on the pretext that the OTP is living without a chaperone.

Yup, suddenly the adults are so concerned that Seul-bi will get pregnant. As Angel Ahjusshi puts it succintly during an emergency meeting with the school’s Board of Committee (to discuss Seul-bi/Woo-hyun’s cohabitation), since when have the adults become so “caring”? Nobody volunteered to shelter Woo-hyun after his granny’s demise and when he has to deal with the loan sharks after his (absent) dad. Suddenly, they are all tsk-tsking about the two struggling teens being housed under one roof.


Thanks to the adults’ concern, Sung-yeol manages to obtain approval for his suggestion to let Seul-bi move in (and thereby, increasing his opportunities for harassments). Poor Seul-bi falls sick due to the stress (she has to deal with Sung-yeol) and lovesickness (from not being able to see Woo-hyun). Woo-hyun solves the problem by introducing himself as another boarder to Sung-yeol’s family.

3) You need to preserve her innocence

…even when you share your first kiss.

Lemme intro you to the most innocent (or digusting) on-screen kiss in kdramaland. It happened when Woo-hyun, Seul-bi (and Sung-yeol…but he’s unimportant) visit a jimjilbang (sauna house). Seul-bi is about to tell Woo-hyun the secret that she is an angel. Woo-hyun, who already guesses/ knows, decides to shut her up with a kiss.


But…Woo-hyun is chewing gum and in the process of blowing a rather huge gum bubble juz seconds before the kiss. So, you can imagine what is in between the OTP when they lock “lips”. Yep, that huge piece of gum bubble that bursts (or explodes) when Woo-hyun smashes his face in towards Seul-bi.

I wonder how long it took them to clean up the mess on their faces.


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