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I’m totally compelled to continue after watching Episode 1. The beginning of the episode gives us a glimpse to Gook In Yeob’s (Jung Yoo Mi) resistance to be delivered as a slave, and jumps into the river in a bid to escape. We then travel back to possibly a month or so back in time (it’s unspecified), when In Yeob’s father is already in some political trouble, and In Yeob is holding out as best as she can as the owner of the house.

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In Yeob may seem picky and arrogant in the beginning, but as the episode come to an end, as a viewer, I understand she’s having alot of pride as not only a yangban lady, but also she is holding to the hope that her father is still alive. We are shown in the middle of the episode, however, it’s highly likely her father was executed by King Taejo, despite their family being one of the important officials who were part of the revolution that overthrew the Goryeo dynasty. Also, In Yeob is not unreasonable or crafty, as compared to her “friend”, Heo Yoon Ok (Lee Shi Ah), who is a scary two-faced scheming lady. In contrast, In Yeob has wits and is rather well read and well-mannered.

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Not only is In Yeob’s family plagued with political issues, it seems that her love life is also going to be problematic. Because her family is in the verge of descending from grace, her supposed fiance, Kim Eun Gi (Kim Dong Wook) is set up to marry Yoon Ok instead, though our two lovebirds have no idea as of yet. Eun Gi is a sweetie, sending In Yeob a small bouquet of flower everyday. He’s also famed as the best scholar in Joseon, and is a serious and upright person to boot.

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We’re also introduced to the lives of the slaves/servants, starting with the head male servant of the Heo family, Moo Myung (Oh Ji Ho). He’s stoic, and the character description given is that he has a secret identity. I think the character suits Oh Ji Ho well, because as most of us have to agree that he isn’t very good at showing nuanced expression. Anyway, there’s friction between him and In Yeob, and he ends up being the one who’s tasked with delivering In Yeob as a slave.

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Show mostly depicted female slaves in episode 1, busying in the kitchen mainly, amongst whom some have secret affairs with men. One of them, Dan Ji (Jeon So Min) apparently fools around with Yoon Ok’s brother, Yoon Seon (Lee Yi Kyung), who’s married to Lady Kang (Lee El). He even stole his wife ring to give Dan Ji, and I fully expect the affair to be expose through the ring, though I do not really wish to know what kind of punishment will befall Dan Ji.

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Any sagueks will be incomplete without ahjusshi actors whom we love, and I’m happy to see Kim Gab Soo onboard as Minister Kim, Eun Ki’s father, and Park Chul Min as Minister Heo. However, I believe these two ahjusshis are playing despicable characters, so booya. Jeon Noh Min is having special appearances as In Yeob’s father, and King Taejo is played by Lee Do Kyung. Apparently the timeline for the plot will stretch over several years, which will put us to during the reign of King Taejong, who will be played by Ahn Nae Sang (rejoice!)

PS: dramabeans just reported on an unfortunate accident which happened on the set of Maids, and Episode 2 was preempted. I certainly hope what javabeans guessed will not happen, and I really want to see how the story unfolds, because Maids is essentially a survival story, which is what makes it compelling.