sab: We are referring to kdramas’ dads btw. No offense to all daddies out there. (we still love u <3) Back to the topic: this year, we are seeing loads of not-nice daddies. They are all Dreadfully Atrocious Dads (DAD).


kooriyuki: Okay, maybe not all daddies in KDramaland are bad, but we agree that there’s an exceptionally big number of DAD this year.

sab: And since we are at the end of 2014, we decided to give out the Worst DAD of the Year award to one of them.

kooriyuki: I totally second that. It’s a good thing sab and I watch different dramas, so we have a truckload of nominees.

sab‘s nominees:


  • Three Musketeers‘s Crown Prince Sohyeon neurotic and almost psychotic dad — King Injo (played by Kim Myung-joo). He is jealous of his own son, cos his son is better-looking and has more friends than he does.
  • Bad Guys’ Oh Goo-tak (Kim Sang-joong) — doting dad turns fiendish when his poor daughter died.
  • Marriage, not Dating‘s Kong Ki-tae’s daddy (Kong Soo-hwan, played by Kim Kap-soo) for being such a lying, two-timing and cowardly cheat.
  • Cantabile Tomorrow‘s Cha Dong-woo (Jung Bo-seok) for mentally abusing his super talented and alarmingly good-looking son.
  • You’re All Surrounded‘s Congressman Yoo Moon Bae (Jung Dong-hwa), possibly the most selfish Dad who doesn’t really love his daughter

kooriyuki‘s nominees:


  • Secret Door‘s King Yeongjo (Han Seok-gyu) – he who orders his son to be locked in a rice chest for 8 days
  • King Seonjo in The King’s Face (Lee Sung-jae) – he who believes altering his son’s face will change fate
  • The fictitious King Hae Jong (Choi Won Young) in The Night Watchman – he who gets posessed and keeps trying to kill his son
  • Choi Won-shin (Yoo Oh-sung) of Joseon Gunman – the most formidable villain who did all the bad things for his daughter
  • Seo Dong-ha (Jung Bo-seok) in Golden Cross – ZOMGWTFBBQ grossest Dad ever this year! I mean, how’d you react if you found out that your Dad beds aspiring actresses who’re younger than you?!
  • Hotel King‘s Lee Joong-gu (Lee Deok-hwa) – he who beats the cr*p out of his son and then lies about the parentage just because
  • Baek Man-jong (Jung Bo-seok again) from Rosy Lovers – the most authoritarian Dad I’ve seen in KDramaland in the past few years


sab: Omo…do I see repeated names there? Jung Bo-seok ahjusshi seems to be quite the popular man to go to for bad daddy roles isn’t he? I heard that he is particularly repugnant in Golden Cross, having a voracious appetite for girls younger than his daughter’s age. Then again, the other nominees aren’t exactly saints either. Kim Kap-soo‘s role in Marriage, Not Dating is ewww. He plays a feckless husband, who openly keeps a mistress — and thinks there’s nothing wrong with it. He even encourages his son to do the same. Thankfully, not all bad parents breed bad children — unless you are Congressman You. His daughter, aka Birkin Bi*ch in Surrounded, is juz as annoying as he is.


kooriyuki: One has to see for themself how disgusting Jung Bo-seok can be in a villain role, despite being totally lovable acting on the other side of the spectrum (ie, Can You Hear My Heart). KDramaland also seems to be particularly obsessed with awful King Daddies this year, with all the Kings out to kill their sons.

sab: But…but…these King Daddies are HISTORICAL figures!!! Which means their REAL version(s) are juz as perverted?! I dunno which is worse. Having a kdrama perverted sageuk King Daddy, or a really perverted King Daddy. =__=” Maybe sitting on a cold, gold gilded throne not only gives u piles but also does something wacky to your brain? But back to the topic on hand, so who do you think we should award the dubious title of DAD to?

kooriyuki: I hate to say it, but ain’t that a no-brainer? Of all the DAD, I think Seo Dong-ha has got to be the worst of them all. He not just rapes girls, he even kills one of them, and then set up a trap to pin the crime on the poor girl’s Dad. Gah. At least those King Daddies tried to protect/teach their sons how to survive in the cruel world, and our other DAD nominees showed some kind of love to their offspring, though I really can’t say the same for Congressman Yoo.


sab: In defence of Congressman Yoo — he THINKS he is saving his daughter (in addition to his own skin), afterall, he is cleaning up her shi*. But yeah, I do agree Seo Dong-ha is eeky. His daughter in Golden Cross is a prosecutor too isn’t it? So do we agree on a clear winner?

kooriyuki: Seo Dong-ha uses his power to prevent his daughter from knowing the truth, and while I suppose we can’t deny he does love his daughter, he’s just way too disgusting in his deeds. Covering up crimes from your child doesn’t make you a loving dad, yo. And so, we’ve decided that the DAD of 2014 is…Seo Dong-ha!
sab: Round of applause pls! (lol) Now, shall we mail him this article? 😛 We’d like to hear your comments too — whether Seo Dong-ha’s win is valid, or you have other eeky father figures to give DAD to. Post!