As I was telling kooriyuki, the OTP’s added age is at least close to 70…but they really act like 17 or 18 when in love. Their cheesy romance can give the high schoolers in High School Love On a run for their money. But before I go into that, a snippet on what transpired in eps11/12:

Now that Geum-ran/Sara has slowed down her revenge plan against Kang-joon/ Chae-yon, the tides start to turn against her. The baddies have upped their acts and Sara’s identity is many steps closer to exposure. In fact, I’d consider it 99% exposed.


Chae-yon tries to recoup her losses by fully possessing Geum-ran’s land (Kang-joon had placed it under her name temporarily). She also tries to seduce Tae-hee, falling back on the “I’m once your dearest” move. However, both plans backfire. Kang-joon slaps her for trying a sneaky trick to steal Geum-ran’s land from him. Tae-hee shrugs her off and proclaims he loves Sara. However, not all is lost for Chae-yon, as Kang-joon later re-join forces with her.


As for why Kang-joon teams up with his second ex-wife, it’s cos he has discovered Sara’s involvement in implicating him in Geum-ran’s murder. After his release from the detention centre, he visits Sara and finds out her relationship with Tae-hee and documents of their revenge plan. Chae-yon plots to push the blame on Tae-hee, resolving to use Kang-joon as a means of “protecting” and hence “winning over” her oppa. (weird plan, i know… but we’ll see how it develops)

Tae-hee’s granny is released from prison, but incarcerated in Min-hyuk’s house — his plans actually, to stop Tae-hee from meeting granny. Poor granny is basically an ineffectual old woman now, and Tae-hee is trying his best to get her out. Chae-yon uses this opportunity to be the go-between for Granny and Tae-hee. However, Tae-hee doesn’t appreciate it.


Meanwhile, Sara is busy living her own life. She joins HBS’ cooking challenge, and wins it cos of her culinary skills (and despite using nuts — an ingredients she has allergies to). Min-hyuk, who still doesn’t know her relationship with Tae-hee , is still sweet on her — and Min-hyuk’s mum also has a good impression of Sara.

Ok, besides winning culinary competitions, Sara is also busy with her lovelife — and Tae-hee. The two are so lovey-dovey, that I’d really advise against having meals while watching Beauty — lest you choke. (i’m dead serious)

1. The coo-ing lovebirds


 The cooing started as early as ep9 or so. There is a scene where the OTP sits at the dining table and inflates each other’s ego. (i’m serious) The conversation goes more or less in this vein:

Sara: “I like that you are kind and caring”
Tae-hee: “And I like that you can cook well and are thrifty”
Sara: “But you are also handsome and strong”

And so on and so forth…for a good 10mins.

2. Sharing the housework


Ok, I know hand-kneading bread is kinda tiring…but do we NEED 4 hands in one glass mixing bowl? (and it’s not a humongous mixing bowl at that) Say that we need 2 pairs of strong arms…but the hands aren’t really doing what they should be doing…

Maybe cos they are too busy peeking at each other to actually pay attention to the bread dough.

3. Physical Education


I wonder why Tae-hee needs to teach a Judo expert (national level Judo competitor) basic self defense, if not for skinship? Serves him right for getting a twisted wrist.

Although Tae-hee does get his requisite skinship in a “chokehold” example, where Sara oh-so-coquettishly asks what is she supposed to do since she is so “scared”…(pffft)

4. Couple PJs


This is the icing on the cake. Couple tees are mainly popular amongst teenagers…and even then, they do not wear furry bright orange/blue (with fluffy clouds) co-ordinates. And the modern, sophisticated teen couple (who insist on couple tees) will not be caught sucking lollies and hand feeding chocolates to their other half.

And don’t get me started on the sexual innuendoes of that sucked lolly.