We are nearing the end of Three‘s countryside installation. T__T According to Dramabeans, the next series will be a seaside aka fishing village theme, starring Cha Seung-wonYoo Hae-jin and …and… Jang Geun-seok (??!! o_0) Erm, well…we shall see how the seaside Three turns out. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy what we can of the snowy landscape of Gangwon-do, and of course, Min-ki.

1. Min-ki gets cuter — is that even possible?

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E09.141212.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-14-24]

Apparently, YES. Thanks in no part to Taec. (and i love his high pitched, nasal voice when he calls Min-ki…awwr) Taec buys Min-ki new clothes! Ok, correction: Taec buys Min-ki her FIRST AND ONLY clothes. It’s a nice, red, Christmassy doggie suit. Complete with a fake hat and a furry bob at the end.

I can’t describe how addoorrrraaaabbblllee Min-ki is with her new dress? shirt? You juz have to see for yourself:

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E09.141212.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-14-52]

Unfortunately, the new up-do gives Min-ki nothing but grief. That poor pup has problem scratching herself with the additional layer on. And it’s hilarious to watch her try out a gazillion positions to reach that itchy spot. And someone better wash Min-ki’s new clothes soon, cos I got a feeling it will be dirtied pretty pronto…with all her snuffling and digging around dirt in the hanok-farmhouse’s surroundings.

2. Not to be outdone, Jackson gets…

A new house, from her fanboy, Seo-jinnie. With (co-erced) help from the hardware store’s boss. However, I don’t think Jackson really appreciates a door to her goat pen. The guys try to secure the door with a flimsy lock, only to be outdone by Jackson butting, kicking and biting the door wide open.

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E09.141212.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-20-58]

So much for trying to get her out of the blustery winter wind. I think Seo-jinnie will have better luck tying Jackson in a cave.

And not to be outdone by Min-ki’s cuteness, we have a special MV of Jackson having a free-for-all buffet of the frozen and dried crops around the hanok-farmhouse. The close up shots of that nanny goat are indeed cute.

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E09.141212.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-17-26]

3. Oh, Seung-gi ya…

As usual, he is a ball of (directionless, mindless) energy. Credits have to be given to Lee Seung-gi for trying his hardest best though. He comes fully prepared with a menu in mind on what to cook for dinner (it’s a feast!), and Seo-jin reveals that when Seung-gi failed miserably to cook in his 1N2D series, he actually took cooking classes from experts after that experience.

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E09.141212.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-23-06]

And I must say…he does know what he is doing. Although he doesn’t come across as being confident while doing it. For one, he prepares a trough of rice (enough to feed an army) which even alarms the production crew. Na PD has to remind him, he only has to cook for 3 (not 30!) people. Seung-gi laughs it off…but later leaves the clean, washed rice out in the open…attracting dirt. =_=” Or, he will be planning for 1 soup, 1 cooked dish and 1 bbq dish — without realising they only have two stoves for use. But that is easily solved by his hyung, Seo-jin, who promptly constructs a “MK3 prototype” of a stove. The editing crew makes such a big deal out of the new brick stove as though Seo-jin has juz constructed an Airbus or Boeing…

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E09.141212.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-25-59]

But Seung-gi isn’t there juz as a head chef — Taec already shows he is more than proficient. Seung-gi’s very important role is to harvest the sorghum, and Seo-jin/ Taec stress how important it is within 5mins of his arrival. Poor Seung-gi hasn’t even sat down or explored the area before he is sent packing to change into workclothes and a scythe is stuffed into his hands. Afterwhich, he is pushed into the fields. I don’t blame him for looking extremely bewildered.

4. A returning slave guest

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E09.141212.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-27-34]

I really dunno why Kim Gwang-kyu chooses to return to sorghum duty, but in an interview, he actually admits that he enjoys (?!) the time spent in the sorghum field, as hard labourer. (er…) He arrives in the evening, and without further fanfare, is chucked into the frosty, wind-chilled field for night harvest…while the other 3 huddle around warm stoves cooking dinner. And they didn’t even call him back to try the fried oysters Seung-gi made. So mean…T__T

5. Na PD’s A(venger) team versus the Evil Sorghum

Introducing Seo-jin as Captain Seo-jin, the one who commands Na PD’s “A Team” (command as in he talks nags more than works). Taec as IronTaec, cos he is like the proverbial empty iron vessel — all strength, no brains. Gwang-kyu as Hulk-kyu, cos he has super endurance — gritting his teeth through a bad back while harvesting. And lastly, Seung-gi as Hawkeye, for his speed (but not necessarily accuracy) in harvesting the sorghum.

[tvN] 삼시세끼.E09.141212.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-29-17]

Unfortunately, the A Team still doesn’t manage to complete the sorghum harvesting. So Na PD plus his whole crew (ok, only the guys) have to help out. With that extra boost of malepower, the dreaded sorghum field is finally vanquished. (yay?)

Next week, Three re-invites halmoni Yoon Yeo-jung and Choi Hwa-jung for their supposed “closing party”…though the two ladies complained (again) that Na PD has conned them. Haven’t they heard of the proverb “once bitten, twice shy”??