Unfortunately, the noose is around our “good guys'” (if u incl Chief Moon) neck…

Synopsis (ep14/15)

The case over Han-byul/ Kang-soo is more or less out in the open, so the focus shifts to who is/are the one(s) who ordered the kidnapping and subsequent murder of Han-byul. All evidence points to Chief Moon — he meets with the kidnapper one night, the car which was seen around the crime scene 15 years ago belonged to him, he was the one who arranged the funding to the kidnapper’s bank account then…in fact, the evidence seems to pile up suddenly against Chief Moon.

And Dong-chi being Dong-chi, he is persistent, but also rather like a bull in china shop. He decides to rashly continue with prosecuting the criminals for the vice ring and Han-byul’s cases. Dong-chi refuses to heed orders from Chief Moon to back off the vice ring case, choosing to call Park Man-geun (the Director of Hwa Young Foundation, who funded the high profile prosecution of corrupted chaebols 15 years ago) and Director Lee (Chief Moon’s boss) for questioning. He nearly died for his rashness, cos Director Lee gets someone to sabotage his car and cause an accident.

Dong-chi’s next approach to apprehend Director Lee and Director Park for Han-byul’s kidnapping and death also hits a wall. Jung Chang-gi re-assumes his attorney position, and ends up helping Director Park. Evidence which is retained by a retired prosecutor is destroyed. Dong-chi and Yeol-moo are called in for questioning for causing a witness’ death (Ah-reum) under their watch. And the Public Welfare Team under Chief Moon is officially disbanded.

Chief Moon finds out from Director Lee that he is the one who ordered the kidnapping. And bad news, Director Lee is pushing all the blame to Chief Moon — as a form of punishment for not keeping Dong-chi in line.


Pride will be extending its episode by another 1ep, to balance its off-kilter scheduling due to an earlier soccer match. I am quite dismayed with the choice of an extension, plotwise. However, there are elements which Pride chooses not to develop in order to prioritise its convoluted corruption plot. The cuteness between Prosecutor Lee Jang-won (played by Choi Woo-shik) and his detective, Yoo Gwang-mi (Jung Hye-sung) is one of them. At the moment, we get jarring snippets of this bickering couple slotted between the crime(s)-solving. There’s potential for some rom-com coming from these 2, if Pride chooses to develop it with the extension. And of course, some romancing between Yeol-moo and Dong-chi are in order too.


At the moment, things are getting darker, with the baddies pulling all stops to force Dong-chi to back off the cases. Yet, at the same time, we are more assured of Chief Moon’s standing — he is definitely on his team’s side — as his earlier cryptic actions are explained in these 2eps. Investigator Yoo summarises it for us — Chief Moon may not be incorruptible, but he does care about the welfare of his team. The crucial piece for us to place Chief Moon squarely on the same side of the fence as Dong-chi is the revelation that he isn’t the one who ordered Kang-soo’s disappearance 15 years ago.

However, the critical information is not made known yet to Dong-chi and even Chang-gi, who are both taking revenge in their own ways against Chief Moon, since they have come to the conclusion that he is the one who ruthlessly ordered Kang-soo’s death. I am rather frustrated with Dong-chi especially in this ep. I understand that he is playing the representative of the upright and just prosecutor. But why doesn’t he question the piling evidence that are literally sent to him on a silver platter? It’s rather too easy isn’t it?


Firstly, the kidnapper meets with Dong-chi, and passes him his bank book detailing the funds that Chief Moon has transferred to him in 1999 via Hwa Dong Foundation. I suppose Chief Moon doesn’t know the funds are for silencing Kang-soo. Later, the kidnapper even goes to the extent of giving himself up and naming Chief Moon as the instigator for the kidnapping. And someone sent by Director Lee snaps a photo of Chief Moon and kidnapper meeting a few days ago. Doesn’t help that Chief Moon is stingy with explanations and tend to bully his staff when agitated.


Let’s hope Dong-chi comes to his senses and starts questioning the “mountains” of evidence against Chief Moon. He has somehow begin to take Investigator Yoo’s advice to heart — that he should trust his superiors and act upon their orders in good faith.