Victory comes to those who plot…and wait. In eps16/17, Moon and his prosecution team manage to defeat Goliath with cunning and courage (heaps of it).

When things are looking seriously bad for Chief Moon

Boy, heaps of evidence drop from the sky to paint him as the fall-guy and scape goat. Thankfully, despite the overwhelming documents against Chief Moon, Dong-chi and team rely on their gut-feel and decide that Moon is innocent. Only question is — how to prove it.


The evidence against Moon, the alleged mastermind behind Kang-soo/Han-byul kidnapping + murderer of Han-byul, include: a picture someone snapped and dated Dec 21, 1999, showing Moon with Baek Sang-gi, the kidnapper. The transfer of funds from Hwa Young Fdn (which is financially supporting the anti-graft case in 1999) initiated by Treasurer Moon to Baek Sang-gi. The car which Moon supposedly loaned to the kidnapper had a license plate that ended similarly to his own car. And lastly, Baek Sang-gi’s confession that nails Moon as the culprit.

The evidence that run counter

Because the team starts to question the avalanche of evidence against Moon, they set out to procure counter-evidence on their own. And succeeds in doing so:


Prosecutor Lee Jang-won and his girlfriend Investigator Yoo manage to retrieve information about the tie-clip which was found at the factory site in 1999. The tie clip was picked up and retained by the retired prosecutor who took Han-byul’s case in 1999. The clip turned out to be a limited edition design, only given to prosecutors on the Special Prosecution Team which was indicting the corrupted chaebols and officials then. Director Lee Jong-koon was the one who ordered and picked up the tie pin…and his tie pin was conspiciously missing in a group pic taken post-Dec 21 (after Han-byul’s murder).

The so-called clandestine meeting between Moon and kidnapper in the picture turns out to be a faked evidence. Prosecutor Choi Kwang-koo — Dong-chi’s friend and the Seoul prosecutor sent in to investigate Han-byul + Moon’s case — verifies that on 21 Dec 1999 (when the photo was apparently taken), he was with Moon. Cos both of them were on the Special Prosecution Team then and had worked throughout the night to write up the case notes. He even brings along the meeting minutes counter-signed by all present (including Moon) as proof.


However, all these evidence are circumstantial — there is no direct piece of proof that can link Director Lee to the kidnapping/murder of Han-byul. And Chief Moon analyses that it is unlikely that they can win the case…at most, they can end on a tie. To do that, the team will have to drop all charges, and close the case as is. Director Lee in return, will not pursue the disbanding of the prosecution team.

Desperate, Yeol-moo decides to confront Director Lee face-to-face. During the confrontation, Director Lee confirms rather smugly, that yes, he is the mastermind behind the kidnapping and eventual murder of Han-byul, but he brushes it off as a small matter as opposed to indicting those corrupted chaebols and officials in 1999. Yeol-moo records the whole conversation down as Dong-chi and Prosecutor Choi enter to arrest Director Lee. (to be honest, i am quite shocked and thought Yeol-moo is pretty dumb to stand up against Director Lee… until i see that she has recorded the whole conversation)


The twist…

You’d thought the case with Han-byul is finally closed…but no. Turns out Baek Sang-gi is NOT the kidnapper. The kidnapper was his twin brother, Baek Sang-dae, who had gone missing after 21 Dec 1999. Sang-gi had been in contact with Moon all the while to locate his brother, the most recent meeting being a few nights ago — when someone sent by Director Lee snapped that “incriminating” picture. I believe Sang-gi is later co-erced by Director Lee to smear Moon as the mastermind — or he may be really pi*sed that Moon hasn’t come up with any leads on his brother’s location all these years.


And meanwhile, at the demolition of the factory where Kang-soo was kidnapped, skeletal remains are found. Based on forensics findings, the person died due to a blunt force trauma on the head…which leaves Dong-chi stone cold. Cos he remembered he had whacked Sang-gi on the head with a metal pipe while rescuing Kang-soo…

The other vice ring case

Temporarily on hold — Yeol-moo has given the USB drive containing the raw (but damaged) video file which Panda had secretly filmed to Chang-gi (who now works for one of the baddies, Park Man-geum, Head of Hwa Young Fdn). She did that with the silly idea that by giving up what Park wants, he will halt the disbanding of the prosecution team. Unfortunately, it didn’t come to pass, since Park and Director Lee do not want the team to exist anyway. Luckily, the team managed to save themselves by arresting Director Lee first.


 …phew…my post on Pride has really turn into mini-weecaps. But unless you watch Pride, it is bloo*y hard to follow all the plot twists and turns (plus all the characters!!!). To be honest, Pride can be quite tiring to watch. I won’t go as far to say boring (although some bits are), but it’s a show where you need to pay attention to characters, and dialogues (including what is NOT said) in order not to be lost. This is not your conventional police procedurals. (i think i have said that a gazillion times)


Which is ok, since the prosecutors are technically lawyers. So the case solvings are done with brains (and arguments) but not brawn. There’s no Detective Nam (Frost) here, that does the legworks and goes around interviewing suspects and doing the Sherlockian thingy like examining stuff with a magnifying glass. Instead, we see Dong-chi and team doing paperwork most of the time (i.e. reading casefiles). Yes, there are some action (fistfights) involved, but the cases are usually solved within the 4 walls of the Prosecution Office.

And I like that Chief Moon personifies the duality of a prosecutor. Like Snr Investigator Yoo puts it, he is not incorruptable, but he isn’t a bad guy either. I second that. I don’t believe Moon is as clean as Dong-chi (who will now unfortunately face the moral dilemma of owning up to killing(?) Sang-gi, or keeping mum), but he isn’t as greedy as Director Lee as well. But, his complexity makes it difficult to read him. If Yoo or Dong-chi are not around to help verbalise those stuff he left unsaid, I bet I won’t understand what he is doing.