Because it’s the year end, there’s only one episode this week, for the Tuesday’s episode was preempted for the SBS Entertainment Awards.


So the alliance between Jung Hwan and Lee Tae Joon is officially over, now that Jung Hwan is over with Minister Yoon. However, together with some flashbacks to 7 years ago, we get to see why Jung Hwan switched side to Lee Tae Joon’s team, and Ha Kyung is steadfastly in Minister Yoon’s camp. Minister Yoon is as upright as she can be, as Lee Tae Joon is crafty and unscrupulous, and looking at Jung Hwan and Ha Kyung, they’re just like the younger version of their respective mentors.


But we get some surprise here, as Minister Yoon permits Jung Hwan to continue in his unscrupulous methods, in his quest to get Ha Kyung released from jail, which is rather unusual of her. Perhaps she felt that her unbending ways 7 years ago was what led Jung Hwan “astray”, and much as she disagrees with it, what is of the utmost concern is to rid the corruptness from the entire Prosecutor Office. Like what she said to her right-hand man, Jeong Gook Hyun, what she wants most if not applause for herself, but a chance for the junior prosecutors and lawmakers to strive harder in the applause from the citizens, in a less corrupt environment.


And so Jung Hwan do things his way, using force and coercing suspects when needed, and gets the testimony he needed, which will incriminate Lee Tae Joon and his brother, in exchange for Ha Kyung to be released. But Jung Hwan, like all other KDrama male leads, likes to act differently from what he says. While he lets Ha Kyung assume he’ll trade the testimony with Lee Tae Joon in exchange for her release (which Ha Kyung thinks Jung Hwan will let the corrupt guys off the hook), Jung Hwan has other ideas which are unknown as of yet.


I do think however, judging from how he actually photocopied the testimony, and then folding the original copy into paper planes with his daughter, and then throwing the paper planes down from the rooftop, Jung Hwan is perhaps letting the public be the judge? I do wonder how the story will unfold for the next 14 episodes, because surely the baddies wouldn’t be all caught by the next episode. Are there more corruptness around? Will more alliances be broken and shifted? How will Jung Hwan stay one step ahead of Lee Tae Joon and his cronies? Stay tuned to find out.