Before I go onto the recaps, very sorry for the severe delay. December was a mad scramble at work, and I hardly even have time to watch dramas *gasp*. Hopefully the new year will be slightly better, and I’ll have more time to blog. On a regretful note, because I see Aigooyobo is recapping What Happens to My Family (albeit she’s stuck at Episode 20 as well), and too much has transpired from where I stopped, I’ve decided to drop the recapping for that, and concentrate on Rosy Lovers instead. Let’s hope I can catch up quickly to where Rosy Lovers is currently aired till!

Episode 7

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Cha Dol goes back to a room that’s full of fumes, and by the time he rushes in to pull Jang Mi out to safety, she begins bleeding between her legs. They rush to the gynecologist, who tells them everything’s all right.

Cha Dol begins his day by delivering milk to many different places, also dropping some packets of milk at Mama Park’s place. Jang Mi is still sleeping by the time he returns, and he wakes her up only after making breakfast.

Over at the Baeks, Mama Baek deliberately mentions Jang Mi, to which Cray Daddy Baek immediately stops eating and leaves the dining table. Daddy Baek asks to see Soo Ryeon, and gives her Jae Dong’s photo. He orders her to meet Jae Dong, despite her being unwilling.

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Grandma Baek brings Soo Ryeon to meet Jae Dong and his Mom, where both the mother and son are extremely pleased at Soo Ryeon. At the same restaurant, Kang Tae is begging his friend for a waiter position. As he leaves the manager’s office, he sees Soo Ryeon and she sees him as well. In her haste, she drops her glass of water and Kang Tae realizes she’s at a blind date. Sigh.

Yeon Hwa is about to leave for the orphanage, when her Mom returns. Her Mom is against her visiting the abandoned infants, saying that as long as Jae Dong has a child, she can adopt the child. This old lady is a parasite who only wants to claim her son-in-law’s fortune as her own.

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Yeon Hwa asks to meet Chairman Lee after her visit to the orphanage, confessing that although she really wants to give him a child, even if she has to adopt. (Mind you, they should be at least in their late 40s to early 50s already). Chairman Lee has a totally different mindset, not minding if he has no successor to take over his company. Ah, the voice of reason among the crazed.

Poor Kang Tae totally knocks himself out by drinking at a pojangmacha, and the ahjumma gives a call to Soo Ryeon because she can’t take Kang Tae up at all. Soo Ryeon rushes over to where Kang Tae is, but this two are both noble idiots and Soo Ryeon leaves crying after Kang Tae’s cold words. At the Baek’s, Grandma and Daddy Baek are overjoyed that Jae Dong and his Mom are happy with her.

I think some time has passed, and Jang Mi is getting increasingly tired (and unsatisfied) at the poor life. She grumbles that all Cha Dol makes for breakfast is sunny side-ups. She also asks Cha Dol for more allowance, having spent all that he gave her, which was meant to last a week. Ahha, crack are showing in these two’s relationship.

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Cha Dol is falling asleep at class due to his many part-time jobs, and ends up getting fired from one of them because he’s always late for work. Meanwhile, Jang Mi goes shopping with her friend, but she can’t buy anything, which her friend finds it weird that a shopaholic like Jang Mi is refraining from making any purchases. Jang Mi leaves her friend angrily, sighing as she realizes she only has $3 left. She then suddenly has a lightbulb going off in her head, and makes a trip back home sneakily.

Jang Mi goes to her room and swipes all her branded bags and jewelry, not realizing that Soo Ryeon and Mama Baek are home. Grandma makes a surprise return as well, and while Soo Ryeon tries to engage Grandma while Jang Mi makes an escape, Daddy Baek returns home as well, catching Jang Mi in the act. Mama Baek and Soo Ryeon holds back Daddy Baek, while Jang Mi runs away without taking anything. Daddy Baek blows his top off and chases Mama Baek away from home. A shouting match ensues, and Mama Baek screams that she can’t claim that Jang Mi is not her child, like Daddy Baek does, and screams for a divorce. Daddy Baek then shouts back that he can’t stay married to “woman who defies me”, and Grandma ends up pushing Mama Baek and Soo Ryeon out of the master bedroom, while Daddy Baek continues stewing in anger. Whatever.

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Mama Park drops by where Cha Dol is working, to take a peep at how he’s doing, heartbroken that her youngest son has to work so hard. Cha Dol goes to buy pizza (sweet potato pizza?) for Jang Mi, and sees Soo Ryeon standing outside where they’re living. She hands him a packet of money, which he refuses, and is shocked to hear that Jang Mi returned home earlier in the day, attempting to take the stuff she owns to sell.

Cha Dol confronts Jang Mi about what Soo Ryeon said, and Jang Mi breaks down, saying she has never had to restrain herself from spending how much money each day, and she’s unable to survive on only $20 per day which Cha Dol gave her. She goes on further that he doesn’t know how terrible she feels, not being able to go shopping with her friends without feeling terrible, and she returns home alone everyday while Cha Dol works until very late every day. Despite her tearful confessions, obstinate Cha Dol makes her promise that she’ll not accept any money from her families, and that’s the only way that they can justify themselves. Whatever, boy who cannot bend the moral rules.

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More time has passed, and Jang Mi’s tummy is very big now. She stands by the kitchen sink, eating ramyeon, but running out of the room in fear when she sees a cockroach scuttling over. She then seeks refuge at a nearby convenience store. While eating, she sees two girls her age walking past, and thinks of her past self, carefree unlike now. Mama Park comes over shortly after Jang Mi returns home. Mama Park hands her a thick envelope of money, which is meant for preparing for childbirth. However, Jang Mi splurges on shopping and pampering herself to a good meal.

Cha Dol returns home, shocked to see several new electrical appliances and shopping bags, while Jang Mi goes on and on happily that she bought what she thinks are necessities (smart TV is a necessity?). Cha Dol asks her how much did his Mom give, and was angry that she spent two-thirds of the money (Mama Park gave 3 grand) in two hours. He demands to have the receipts in order to return all her buys, and Jang Mi bites his arm while he rummage through her wallet.

Episode 8

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Cha Dol forcefully grabs all the shopping bags and heads back to the various stores where Jang Mi got her buys, and returns everything. Jang Mi sobs uncontrollably at home, and decides to leave for good. Meanwhile, Cha Dol goes to Mama Park’s salon, but finds that the owner is no longer his Mom. He then goes home to return the money, telling Mama Park that if she keeps helping them, he feels he owes Mama Park even more, since he’s not her biological son. Mama Park is outraged at his words, exclaiming how can a son feels that it’s a debt when a parent helps their own children.

장미빛 연인들.E08.141109.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[(013467)00-49-27]

Jang Mi drags her luggage and stops short in front of her own house, and hides behind a car when she sees Daddy Baek’s car pulling up the street. She has no choice but to return to the dingy rooftop apartment again, just when Cha Dol returns from searching for her around their neighborhood. He apologizes to her and draws her in a hug, but Jang Mi is already soulless and unresponsive to him. Cha Dol goes to school the next day and withdraws from school despite the term ending soon, and beings to work full-time.

장미빛 연인들.E08.141109.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[(027675)00-50-11]

Soo Ryeon is getting questioned by Grandma and Daddy Baek, when Jae Dong calls her to meet. His call made Grandma and Daddy Baek very happy. He brings Soo Ryeon to the same restaurant where they first met, and coincidentally, it’s also the first day of work there for Kang Tae. Soo Ryeon is uncomfortable being seen by Kang Tae for seeing Jae Dong, and when Jae Dong is about to wear a bracelet for her, some random ex-girlfriend of his comes over angrily, rattling away that he’s using the same tactic to woo girls.

Jae Dong’s Mom ends up “explaining” on his behalf  to Grandma Baek, and the latter happily laps up every excuses given. Grandma Baek and Daddy Baek chastise Soo Ryeon for declaring that she doesn’t want to meet Jae Dong again, and Grandma Baek said, “You as the firstborn should consider for your father! When you marry Jae Dong, your father’s life will be much more comfortable!” Wut. Are we still in the Joseon era?

Yeon Hwa dreams of a toddler calling her Mom, and she wakes up with a fright. She runs into her Mom’s room, asking if her child really died. The crazy mom shushes her, for fear of waking up Chairman Lee. Chairman Lee really enters her room not long after Yeon Hwa does, and crazy mom lies that it’s because of her leg, that’s why there were some noise from her room. Yeon Hwa collapses in fear after Chairman Lee leaves, as crazy mom goes on and on insisting that the child has died, and Yeon Hwa better not let her marriage with Chairman Lee fails because of she had a child before.

장미빛 연인들.E08.141109.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[(048594)00-50-31]

Cha Dol goes on his daily milk delivery route, but almost had an accident with Yeon Hwa’s car. She insists on paying for her mistake, but Cha Dol is an obstinate bull who refuses all free money. She follows him to the milk distribution office, where he was being scolded by the supervisor. Yeon Hwa proposes that she’ll place an order milk delivery to a nearby childcare/kindergarten for a year, in exchange for Cha Dol not being punished. Win-win.

We then get a sequence of Cha Dol going many different part-time menial work the whole day, and Jang Mi only sleeps and complain that Cha Dol smells funny.

장미빛 연인들.E08.141109.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[(064606)00-51-55]

Kang Tae’s restaurant manager friend gives him his first and last pay as a waiter, and Kang Tae is out of job again. Just then, some dubious movie producer gives Kang Tae a call, and it turns out that he’s trying to court Kang Tae to film an erotic film. Keke. Kang Tae is unable to turn down the high offer, and that night when the team goes for a celebratory meal, the actress tries to seduce Kang Tae, which oh-so-conveniently gets seen by Soo Ryeon.

장미빛 연인들.E08.141109.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[(078767)00-52-18]

Cha Dol finishes another hard day of work, and buys some oranges to cheer Jang Mi up. However, Jang Mi is emotionless to his goodwill, and Cha Dol can’t help but nags at her for not cleaning up after she has eaten, and also watching TV all day long (hey they have a TV now!) Jang Mi flares up at his nagging, and says that she regrets very much that she has fallen in love with him. This sparks a full-fledged quarrel, and Jang Mi leaves in a fit, after Cha Dol said that he wouldn’t hold on to her if she’s really keen on leaving. He regrets his words immediately, and tries to stop her at the stair landing. She struggles from his hold and tumbles down the stairs. Omo.

장미빛 연인들.E08.141109.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[(086932)00-52-29]

Jang Mi goes into induced labor as the amniotic bag as broken, and screams for her Mom in the labor room. Cha Dol has no choice but to call Mama Baek, but her phone is answered by Daddy Baek. Despite his anger for the young couple, Daddy Baek goes to the hospital secretly and cries to himself as he hears Jang Mi screaming from the labor room.

Even after birth, Jang Mi shows no affection to her baby, leaving Cha Dol to name and look after their daughter. All she continues to do is to sleep. Rolls eyes. Cha Dol has no choice but to leave Jang Mi and the baby alone while he goes to work, and decides to give Mama Baek a call again. She’s furious that her husband did not tell her at all that Jang Mi has given birth, and rushes out of the house angrily to go to Jang Mi’s. Daddy Baek still loves his daughter after all, and offers to go with Mama Baek. His love however, is limited to Jang Mi only, because not only did he not look at the baby once, he even scolds Mama Baek for wondering what to do about the newborn. I don’t know if I should say he’s cold-blooded or not.

장미빛 연인들.E08.141109.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[(113704)00-53-43]

And poor Cha Dol comes home to a crying baby with no Jang Mi in sight. He begs the landlady to help look after the baby, and rushes over to the Baeks, begging to see Jang Mi. He pleads with Jang Mi to go home with him…


Ah, the best example of gaping gaps between reality and ideal, mismatches between two people in love. I was wrong for thinking that the writer will have Jang Mi sticking with Cha Dol till the end, but here we are, Jang Mi remains a sheltered princess throughout, unable to adjust to a more financially restricted lifestyle. Granted, Cha Dol is in the wrong too, for how can he think they’ll be able to survive on just the meagre amount that he makes?

장미빛 연인들.E07.141108.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[(095375)00-48-02]

I think it’s pretty obvious by now that Cha Dol is the assumed dead son of Yeon Hwa’s, though only crazy mom knows he’s pretty much alive. I just can’t guess how and when she’s going to know Cha Dol is her son, and what direction it is going to head into when the birth secret is out in the open. For sure Daddy Baek will kick his own arse for treating Cha Dol like dirt in the past, and that’s one scene I can’t wait to see.

I still think Jae Dong’s end game is Se Ra, so I’m just waiting to see how they get to know each other, and how Soo Ryeon wriggle her way out of this arranged to-be marriage. Seriously, I don’t believe people like Soo Ryeon exists, and how can anyone let elders like Grandma Baek and Daddy Baek get their ways? They’re one of the most vile mother and son pair I’ve seen so far in KDramaland, argh.