It’s officially a three-way fight now, between Jung Hwan, Lee Tae Joon, Minister Yoon. Granted, the latter two are having some sort of alliance now, but it is a fragile one, with volatile dynamics and unaltruistic motives to boot. Jung Hwan is putting his all into making the world a less corrupt place after his death, and also possibly to atone for all the wrongs he had done. And so, we know that he DOES acknowledge that he’s not the most upright person, and that it was the circumstances that he was in that made him so.


Thus, it was especially heart-rending to see Jung Hwan’s interactions with his daughter, knowing that he does not have much time left to spend with his young daughter, and yet whatever time he has now, the majority of which is spent on battling the bad guys, as well as teaching his wife Ha Kyung and protege Yoon Jin a thing or two about surviving the cold, hard reality everyone’s in.

I’m glad the writer wastes no time in having Ha Kyung learning the not-so-desirable truth about her idol/mentor, Minister Yoon, and that Assistant Chief Prosecutor Jung Gook Hyun is righteous and stubborn enough like Ha Kyung, to pursue what is just and right, not giving in to the dark powers helmed by Minister Yoon and Lee Tae Joon.


Now, Minister Yoon and Lee Tae Joon are also flip sides of a coin, despite Minister Yoon brainwashing herself that she’s different, and her current alliance with Lee Tae Joon is merely a necessary step in eliminating him. The power of one’s mind is unfathomable – that once one puts his/her mind onto one single thought and that thought manisfest as the truth eventually. Minister Yoon is playing a very dangerous game here, and Jung Hwan is more than correct in telling her that essentially she’s not immune to the law which she seeks to hard to protect (and she’s actually protecting what she thinks is correct).

In order for Minister Yoon to enact her plans, poor Ho Sung ends up being her string puppet, given no choice and brainwashed into choosing the lesser of two evils. Does he really have no choice? I doubt so. I believe Ho Sung is written with alot more grey areas than what is shown to us now, and I believe his current struggle between helping Minister Yoon will clash with his friendship with Ha Kyung, and it’ll perhaps spur him to grow a backbone and stand up against Minister Yoon.


We also get to learn the history of Yoon Jin, that she’s an illegitimate daughter of a politician, and her ultimate goal is to defeat her father in the upcoming elections. While she has her own agenda to fulfill, I can’t help but ask: will she really turn to the dark side if Jung Hwan’s plan fail? It is an attractive offer that Jung Hwan had put forth to her – to be the prosecutor presenting the case of the corrupt bigshots within the Ministry of Law and the Prosecutor Office, to the public, boosting her image as the righteous prosecutor, and henceforth secure her the votes to defeat her father.

I feel that the two cases here – Ocean Capital misappropriation of funds etc, and the case of escaping army draft, are just plot mechanics for Jung Hwan’s crusade. It is not important to pay attention to both cases, but it is more important to see how Minister Yoon and Lee Tae Joon are using the cases to blackmail each other to their own bidding.