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Synopsis (ep7: Bruised Child)

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Lawyer Choi looks tearfully at the video chat with his son, who asks him why he is crying. When he looks up, he questions his visitor on whether it is “really necessary to do this”. There’s no answer. Lawyer Choi takes a sip of a yogurt drink and keels over, dead.

Detective Nam is called on to the crime scene, but the quack psychiatrist has reached before him and is expounding his theory (again) on why Lawyer Choi was murdered. Lawyer Choi was well known for taking on abuse cases of children and women, sometimes on a pro bono basis. Detective Nam hustles the quack psychiatrist out, and ponders on who visited Lawyer Choi before his death. (idk, but the quack psychiatrist is giving me weird vibes…)

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At the uni, Sung-ah paces around Frost’s office nervously (not lost on Frost, who hilariously is recording HIS own observations of Sung-ah). Sung-ah thinks back to the meeting with Kim-wook — who asked her if she knows her classmate, Da-rei, has a boyfriend. (aww, so Kim-wook isn’t a match for Sung-ah). Kim-wook messages Sung-ah to meet, and she agrees to see him outside. Apparently, Kim-wook is asking whether Frost can help counsel him in romantic relationships. (erm…from a emotionally retarded prof? seriously?) Frost spots Sung-ah with Kim-wook as he leaves his office to attend to Detective Nam’s call for assistance on the latest case. (and does he look a little miffed seeing Sung-ah with another guy?) When Sung-ah sees Frost though, she bounds over and asks where he is going, volunteering to tag along when Frost tells her it’s another of Detective Nam’s cases.

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Detective Nam interviews Lawyer Choi’s son, who claimed that on the day his dad died, he was out on an excursion to the aquarium. Along the way, a man wearing a hat and coat passes him a phone saying his dad wanna speak to him. The little boy also received a yogurt drink, but it’s not poisoned. Frost, Sung-ah and Detective Nam troop to the pathologist’s office to find out the cause of death. Lawyer Choi died by a botulinum toxin (or a more common name, Botox). Frost speculates that the murderer muz have threatened Lawyer Choi with his son’s life — if he doesn’t drink the poisoned yogurt, his son will die in his place. Of cos Lawyer Choi has no idea that the yogurt his son received is not poisoned. As Botox is a restricted drug, there are only 3 locations in Korea where the criminal can have access to it. However, Detective Nam and team find that no Botox has been reported missing in all 3 locations.

We jump scene to Prof Song, who greets a sunbae happily. (i bet this is Mr Nemesis) We don’t get the name of this sunbae, only that he has returned from overseas after a decade, and he later has dinner and drinks with Prof Song and Frost. [kooriyuki: It’s been a long while, Song Jong-ho oppa!]

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Scene cut again: police chase down a little boy, who has been vandalising the CCTVs by spray painting them black. When Detective Nam interviews the boy, he notices a number of cigarette burns on his arms. He confirms that the boy is an abuse case when the matron of a children’s temporary shelter (Mdm Choi Yoon-su) arrives at the police station to bail the boy out. The boy has an abusive father, who will beat up him and burn him with cigarettes, and the beatings get worse whenever the boy runs away and is re-captured. Even after the father is imprisoned for child abuse, he continues to fear that his dad will escape and catch him. Thus, he destroys all CCTVs around him to prevent capture.

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A second victim of the Botox poisoning is discovered. This time, it’s a pensioner, Chang Kwong-su, who also voluntarily drank the poisoned yogurt while looking at a video chat of his grand daughter. His grand daughter also received a yogurt, this time from a lady. Detective Nam later traces the link between to the 2 to a case 11 years ago. Chang has reported a case of child abuse (a young girl, Park Eun-young) by her father and step mother. Lawyer Choi was a prosecutor then, and handled the case. He sent Eun-young’s step-mom to jail for 5 years. Eun-young is then sent to stay in a temporary shelter operated by Mdm Choi. Suspicions first fall on Eun-young’s parents, but they had solid alibis on both days.

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The pathologist visits Detective Nam, and tells him that he has been searching the online black market Botox sellers. He finds one seller who is active recently, and Detective Nam manages to trace the IP address to an internet cafe. The seller is an employee of one of the 3 Botox manufacturers in Korea, and has been stealing the stuff to re-sell on the black market in order to pay off his credit card debts. However, he has no idea who are his 5 buyers. The police trace the source of the bank transfers, and one of the account belongs to Park Eun-young.

Frost and Sung-ah also go through the records from Mdm Choi’s temporary shelter. In the interviews with Eun-young, Mdm Choi noted that she initially state that she was abused by her step mom. However, Eun-young later changed her statements, and claimed her step-mom did all that cos “she loved her”. Eun-young also blamed Chang and Lawyer Choi for locking up her step mom. Frost and Sung-ah are alarmed, and warn Detective Nam that Eun-young is likely the murderer and the next victim could be Mdm Choi.

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And…they are right. Eun-young visits Mdm Choi, and threatens her with the life of one of her charges (the boy who vandalised CCTVs). Mdm Choi, however, refuses to drink the poisoned yogurt. Eun-young, in anger, picks up a trophy on the table to strike Mdm Choi, only to be stopped by Detective Nam. Turns out that Detective Nam, Frost and Sung-ah have arrived 3h beforehand, and set up a trap for Eun-young. In the interview with Eun-young, Frost notes that she suffers from a classic case of Stockholm Syndrome, choosing to identify with her aggressors as a mean of self-protection. Eun-young continues to blame Chang, Lawyer Choi and Mdm Choi for breaking apart her “happy family”, she recounts that her parents now have a son (which they ironically dote upon) and have forgotten her, thanks to “those interfering people”.

As the dust settles over Eun-young’s case, Detective Nam re-visits the children’s shelter. He brings a new camera as a gift for the little boy (who was caught earlier for vandalism…how ironic that he loves photography and yet fear cameras). Detective Nam recalls the daughter he had, who died in a hit and run and the perpetrator is still at large.

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At the uni, Frost, in his usual cool mode, decides to help Sung-ah “treat” Kim-wook. He leaves discreet post-it notes to her, hinting that Kim-wook may suffer from agoraphobia (hello, Hong-do!) and even praises Sung-ah for her observations. As a reward, he leaves her a bunch of files and case notes on previous similar cases. Sung-ah is overjoyed.

The mysterious sunbae meets with Frost again, and tells Frost he intends to take Prof Song away — he needs her in his “future activities”. (sounds seriously sinister) Prof Cheon spots the two, and looks rather disturbed.


Right, I confirm un-named sunbae as Frost’s Nemesis. Even though Frost calls him “hyung” and his sunbae appears friendly and warm towards Frost, there’s a strong sense of competition going on beneath the surface. I suspect his disappearance a decade ago may have to do with him “losing out” to Frost in some ways and running of to regroup.

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And since Mr Sunbae-Nemesis loves to select people who have lost a loved one as his victims, all of Frost‘s characters meet his requirements. Frost lost his parents, Detective Nam his daughter, Prof Song her sister, and even bubbly Sung-ah, her BFF. Mr Sunbae-Nemesis can have his pick of the cherries. (shudders)

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Somehow, I’ve got a bad feeling his choice may be Sung-ah, cos unlike the others, she is not mentally equipped to deal with people messing about with her mind. Prof Song has come to terms with the death of her sis and she has some form of closure in ep6, not to mention she is also a psychiatrist herself. Detective Nam is a police officer, who has practice disengaging himself from emotions and facts. And of course, Frost…he is a pretty hard nut to crack, since he can’t FEEL much. That leaves Sung-ah, who Frost constantly reminds us (and her) that she is overflowing with emotions and compassion — the perfect target for an evil mastermind to plant bad ideas in her head. In addition, we know Sung-ah is bottling up her guilt/ sadness at losing her best friend and is showing a happy face because she knows there are people who care about her.