Right, so we have seen 3 (and a little of the 4th) personalities of Cha Do-hyun, with the latest (major) addition being Ferry Park, the free-wheeling fisherman-wannabe who builds bombs on the side. Ri-jin also correctly diagnoses Do-hyun as suffering from DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder, or more commonly termed as having “multiple personalities”) and that sets the stage for her to enter as his psychiatrist. Maybe more informally than formally, cos Ri-jin really wants to help him — and is already romantically interested in Do-hyun/ Se-gi.


Then again, Ri-jin’s interest in Do-hyun may run subconsciously deeper than curing him or having a romantic liking to him. Kill introduces a mysterious link between Ri-jin and Do-hyun/ Se-gi, and hints that Ri-jin may not be a biological sister to Ri-ohn. In ep3, during the factory incident, Ri-jin (in a semi-comatosed state) mumbles to someone to “help her” and in return, she will “play nice”. Se-gi also seems to recognise Ri-jin, and claims she has “called on” him a long while ago, and he had “responded” to her since then. The violent Se-gi is also tamed by Ri-jin. (a fact which Do-hyun is puzzling over, since his impression of Se-gi is he’s uncontrollable)


In ep4, Ri-jin’s mom get visibly upset when an ahjusshi makes a lame joke on how un-alike her twin children are, in terms of temperament and personalities. Ri-ohn even leaves a clue that he may be aware that Ri-jin isn’t his biological sister … and his care of her may go beyond that of a sibling relationship. Ri-jin starts to have recurring nightmares of playing with another boy and “something bad” happening (coincidentally both are at the age 8/9…exactly when Do-hyun had his “accident”). Like Heart, Kill implies that the OTP bond goes beyond a superficial attraction to each other.


Another interesting nugget thrown up in eps2-4 is Do-hyun’s struggle with his psychiatric problems, and how his very dysfunctional family worsens it. The annoying cousin Ki-joon aside (he represents juz one of the many candidates in the race for the throne), Do-hyun’s immediate family members are rather…weird.


The character which makes the strongest impression on me is Do-hyun’s grandma. She is also the chairperson of Seung-jin Corporation, and I understand that her official role may breed a certain steeliness in her. However, that doesn’t explain her irrational behaviours towards Do-hyun. In ep2, she rails at him for being late to the Board meeting, instead of checking on whether he is injured from the supposed car accident he had. (he’s actually bleeding, btw) And strangely, she blames him for turning his dad into “this way” (his dad is comatosed) and holds him responsible for securing the seat for his father until his “return”. (huh? i’d thought having the grandson on the throne is good enough?) Her odd behaviours extend to Do-hyun’s mum (Mdm Shin) as well. I am assuming Mdm Shin is the lawful (second) wife at the moment, and not a stay-in mistress. (think Heirs) Grandma hides Mdm Shin’s husband from her, and relocates him whenever Mdm Shin discovers his new hiding place. (what for????)


Mdm Shin too, isn’t exactly the role model for a mother either. She uses her son blatantly as a tool to increase her social standing in the Cha family and also in front of her rich friends. You feel she hardly cares about Do-hyun, and fusses over him merely because of his utilitarian value. Much like how you’d care for an expensive trinket in your display cabinet.


In contrast, Ri-jin/Ri-ohn’s wacky family with their childishly, pouty dad and a naggy, suffocating mum is very normal. They may over-engage in slapsticky displays of cuteness and bicker over the lamest thing imaginable, but their family dynamics is healthy and you sense that beneath that squabblings and naggings, there’s real love and concern for each other. It’s no wonder that Do-hyun can’t cure his DID, like Prof Suk Ho-pil explains, Do-hyun is one lonely guy fighting an endless war without support.