If Daddy Baek is still not turning you off, I believe this week’s episodes are the nail on the coffin. It’s essentially 2 episodes about two fathers fighting against each other in the name of their love for the daughter, but if in any case Jang Mi knows what her Dad did, I’m not so sure she’ll buy the explanation.

Also, I’ve decided to post one, instead of two recaps in a post, because I usually take too long to publish >.< Sorry about that!

Episode 9

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Cha Dol takes Jang Mi’s hand, and pleads with her that he and their baby (ok she’s called Cho-rong) can’t do without her, but Jang Mi shakes away his hand and insists that she will never return to their place ever again. Daddy Baek throws (almost literally) Cha Dol out of of the house, and warns him never to come to their place again.

I’m not sure how much time passed, because I thought it’s the same day as Cha Dol failed to plead with Jang Mi to return to him, but anyway, Jang Mi is leaving for the States with Daddy Baek, while Cha Dol decides to bring Cho-rong to the Baeks to plead with Jang Mi again. He reaches just after Daddy Baek drove off, and Grandma tells Cha Dol that Jang Mi has already left for the States. She takes a look at Cho-rong, and mumbles regretfully that Jang Mi should touch her baby once before leaving.

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Cha Dol misses Jang Mi at the airport, and upon returning to his rooftop room, the landlady orders him to move out immediately because he keeps delaying the payment for his room. With no choice, Cha Dol brings his only luggage and Cho-rong, and ends up staying at some motel. Meanwhile, Daddy Baek returns from the States after helping Jang Mi to settle down, and apparently he has ordered some people to keep tabs on Cha Dol.

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Mama Park brings food to the rooftop room, and is shocked to learn that Cha Dol no longer stays there. The landlady tells her that Jang Mi has given birth already, but has since abandoned her baby and Cha Dol. Mama Park tries calling Cha Dol, but the number is no longer in use. She then calls Mama Baek, and learns that Jang Mi has already moved to the States. Mama Park is furious that Jang Mi abandoned Cha Dol and their child to live a better life, and lashes out at Mama Baek.

Cha Dol brings Cho-rong to work at the BBQ restaurant, but because Cho-rong keeps crying, the owner has no choice but to tell Cha Dol to stop working, despite Cha Dol’s pleas. Mama Park comes by just after Cha Dol has left the restaurant. Mama Park races out of the restaurant to look for Cha Dol, but misses him yet again as the bus he boarded speeds past her.

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Cha Dol tries to find jobs, but gets rejected simply because he wants to bring Cho-rong to work. When he returns to the motel, he finds his luggage outside the room, and is chased away yet again. At his wit’s end and being short of money, he resorted to stealing a can of formula milk. Luckily the shop owner took pity on him and let him off the hook. With no place to go, Cha Dol decides to spend a night at a park, but is approached by some men in black (no, not Will Smith). As expected, these men were ordered by Daddy Baek, and they forcefully took Cho-rong away from Cha Dol. Grr.

Daddy Baek orders one of the men to deposit Cho-rong at an orphange, while Cha Dol tries to report the kidnapping. Because he has yet to fill in the legal documents of Cho-rong’s birth, his case couldn’t be reported. The policeman asks if he has any enemies, and Cha Dol thought of Daddy Baek. He tries to confront Daddy Baek, but Daddy Baek flatly denies everything and insist that Cho-rong is a child who has nothing to do with the Baeks. OMG he’s a cold-blooded monster.

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Yeon Hwa comes by the orphange, and takes a liking to Cho-rong. She decides to bring her home to take care for a few days, and coincidentally, Grandma Baek is also at her house as a guest of her Mom’s. The two annoying old ladies are discussing about Jae Dong’s and Soo-ryeon’s wedding, agreeing to have it being held as quickly as possible. Grandma Baek freaks out at seeing Yeon Hwa carrying Cho-rong, and pretends to feel unwell in order to go home quickly.

Grandma Baek rushes home and relates what she saw, and explains that she’d seen Cho-rong once and she’s sure the baby Yeon Hwa brought home is Cho-rong. Mama Baek suggests calling Cha Dol to ask if he has abandoned the baby, but Daddy Baek stops her immediately, saying that Cho-rong has nothing to do with them and there’s no need to find out anything about her.

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Cha Dol somehow manages to print many pieces of flyers to give out in a bid to look for Cho-rong, and faints from exhaustion on the street.

Chairman Lee returns home and takes a liking to Cho-rong too, and he and Yeon Hwa decided to adopt her. Crazy Mama Go is against the idea of Yeon Hwa adopting, because she wishes for Chairman Lee to pass on his company to her son Jae Dong. This Mama Go has greed that knows no boundaries.

Daddy Baek confirms that Cho-rong has been brought away by Yeon Hwa from the orphange, and he gets Grandma Baek to call up Mama Go to find out whether Cho-rong will be returned to the orphange. Both mother and son are alarmed to hear that Yeon Hwa has decided to adopt Cho-rong, and cooks up a plan to foil the adoption.

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Daddy Baek, with his widespread intel, finds Cha Dol at the hospital that he was being brought to, and tells Cha Dol where to find Cho-rong. Prior to that however, he gives Cha Dol a document to sign, which is to never reveal that Cho-rong’s biological mother is Jang Mi, as well as never meeting Jang Mi again, if not he’ll have to revoke his parental rights of Cho-rong. Cha Dol already hates Jang Mi for abandoning him and Cho-rong, and agrees readily to signing. Daddy Baek then brings Cha Dol to the orphange, and Cha Dol learns that Cho-rong is about to be adopted.

Daddy Baek goes home happily to tell Grandma Baek that all issues have been settled, but Mama Baek feels that they’ll be punished. Daddy Baek lashes at her and insists that Cho-rong has absolutely no relations with them.

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Time for some Jae Dong and Soo-ryeon, and he brought her to some villa outside Seoul. He tries to kiss her, but instead gets slapped by her. Jae Dong apparently immediately complains to Mama Go, who calls Grandma Baek. Soo-ryeon returns home and tells the elders that she really cannot continue seeing Jae Dong (because he gives her creeps, but of course she didn’t say that). Daddy Baek gets really furious and orders her to marry Jae Dong, and that he has “done everything” in order to get Soo-ryeon to marry Jae Dong.

Chairman Lee returns home earlier than usual just to play with Cho-rong, and Mama Go is rather unamused at the amount of attention Chairman Lee and Yeon Hwa are giving to Cho-rong. Just then, Cha Dol runs over to the Lees’ mansion, and forces his way in, screaming for Cho-rong.


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I can’t believe Daddy Baek actually ordered people to kidnap a newborn baby and dump her at an orphange. I understand that he only wants the best for his daughters, but resorting to criminal actions is really a new low. I can’t wait for the day when Jang Mi finds out what Daddy Baek has done.

Cha Dol is, making me pull my hair because he is so darn obstinate and it’s ridiculous that he thinks he can find a workplace that allows him to bring Cho-rong to.

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I don’t quite understand Yeon Hwa, and I think she has some mental issues. Her crazy greedy Mom isn’t helping either. I’m pretty certain Cha Dol is her biological son, which will explain the pull she has towards Cho-rong. Show is definitely those typical weekend family dramas which viewers watch on to see the final revelation of secrets.