Kill Me, Heal Me: Killing me in confusion

After completing ep6 of Kill, I am kinda overwhelmed by having so much stuff on my plate, of which at least 3 categories are indentified as the source of my minor headache:

A) The delivery

The delivery of Kill is rather bipolar — sometimes, we have to deal with dark and serious matters, other times, we roll our eyes at the over-the-top slapstick comedic moments. Do-hyun’s multiple personalities may be engaging and fun to watch, but it doesn’t detract from the gravity of the situation. Having warring “me-s” inside yourself is not a joking matter. In addition, one of the stronger personalities desires complete control, sadly forcing Do-hyun to impose self-containment and imprisonment.


And of course, when it comes to matters of Do-hyun’s Forgetten Dark Secret, we have multiple scenes of darkness — young Do-hyun being held captive (?) in a underground celler with an ominous adult shadow looming over him whilst toys with broken limbs and heads lay scattered about.


In contrast, there are ridiculously funny scenes in Kill, which tip the scales towards the spectrum of frivolity, instead of balancing out the darker themes. For example, Se-gi’s courtship with toys in ep5, and Ri-jin’s even more hilarious reactions toward them — she goes slackjawed, and then tries to act cute in order not to set Se-gi off. Ri-ohn is also constantly acting funny — though we know he has a darker side. But while around his dongsaeng, he is a giant goof ball with a mental age of a teenager. The starting scene in ep6 nearly had me spew breakfast on my screen, when Ri-ohn “catches” his twin sister in some “hanky panky” moves — and immediately hollars for Mom. 0_o

B) Characters

In terms of characterisations, the personalities changes are in full swing for Kill by now, with the introduction of suicidal (but artistically gifted) teenage Yo-sub in ep6. We haven’t seen the new personality, Nana, yet… but Mdm Shin seems to know who Nana is (and s/he appears to be the Mysterious Other Child). Interestingly, her reaction after she learns that Do-hyun has been hiding in the celler is telling. She seems to know that Do-hyun has DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), even though Do-hyun assumes his family members are none the wiser. (on a sidenote, kudos to Ji-sung for pulling a 7-characters stunt in one show)


Well, knowing that Do-hyun has DID isn’t making things less confusing. Ri-jin knows for sure that Do-hyun has DID, and has met with all current 4 personalities — but she is having trouble differentiating who she is interested in and who she wants to kiss. “Poor” her?

C) Mystery

And to add more confusion to Kill, we also have THE mystery. Or maybe it’s mysterIES, although they are clearly linked. Do-hyun lost memories which Se-gi keeps hinting at are also associated with Ri-jin’s memory lapse in her childhood. A memory lapse which Ri-ohn doesn’t appear to share, maybe cos he isn’t her biological twin brother after all.


There are strong hints in eps5/6 that Ri-ohn may be illegitimate (?) son of the Cha family — such as parallel scene cuts between Ki-joon’s parents and Ri-ohn when we hear of the fire that resulted in Do-hyun’s loss of memories and the speculation that the purpose of the fire is to hide the Mystery Other Child borne by Mdm Min (the first wife of Do-hyun’s dad). And of course, Ri-ohn’s obsession with the Cha family, in particularly, Do-hyun.

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  1. First off, thanks for writing these, I always enjoy reading your thoughts!

    Second, I agree that Se Gi trying to woo her with toys came off a bit weird. But I sort of had a thought about that: though maybe not age-wise, maturity wise Se Gi is still a kid. He’s the one with the memories of the trauma, after all. He says something interesting one time he threatens Do Hyun, about how he (Se Gi) was the one who found “the boy” first and protected him. I assume the boy is probably Do Hyun, and that Se Gi is that part of Do Hyun that’s angry, angry at being helpless to deal with whatever trauma he suffered and determined not to let it happen again.

    Furthermore, Se Gi is always asking Ri Jin to “play.” While that *could* be a euphemism for sex, he hasn’t made any moves on her besides a very chaste kiss, and the fact that he had *toys* of all things in the room, and that he appeared in Ri Jin’s dream saying, “Play with me” suggests to me that Se Gi’s maturity and mindset is stuck in boyhood. (A young boy might try to impress a girl or make her happy with toys.) So that scene, while coming off awkward and surprising me, made sense to me after a minute.

    Though I could be absolutely dead wrong. ^_^

    1. Nope, I think you are right. Cos se gi after all is a manifestation of do hyun inability to deal with his childhood trauma. In other words, he isn’t a “real” person. So even though he looks like an adult cos do hyun is one, he is actually still that kid who took over and bore do hyun’s pain for him.

  2. I get what you mean by stating that it’s ‘bipolar’. On the contrary, I loved the fact that the show is able to balance out both serious and playful matters. It is supposed to be a rom-com after all. On the other hand, Ji Sun’s potrayal of Shin Segi and Cha Do Hyun is giving me a whiplash of affections~ >.<

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