I think the highlight of Week 7’s episodes is the fighting back of Team Bigshots, choosing to get back at Jung Hwan by using his daughter. It’s a new low from Lee Tae Joon (with the help from Ho Sung, who’s actually still in cahoots with Minister Yoon). It all began from Jung Hwan trying to find a way to defeat Lee Tae Joon, and he found that Lee Tae Joon’s good friend, a Prof Noh, has been harrassing his female students. And Lee Tae Joon in a bid to retain his Chief Prosecutor title, decides to work together once again with Minister Yoon.

Jung Hwan’s unrelentless pursue of pulling Minister Yoon and Lee Tae Joon off their high horses pushed the two of them to the edge, and thus Lee Tae Joon released the news of Jung Hwan going by the backdoor to get his daughter Ye-rin into the International School. This move clearly riled Ha Kyung, and she not only decided to team up with Jung Hwan, but also abandons her mantra of playing by the rules, to get back at Team Bigshots.


Even so, I felt that in Week 8 Ha Kyung is still being sidelined, and Yoon Jin seems to have more involvement in aiding Jung Hwan. Ho Sung has a hand in this, as he deliberately transferred Ha Kyung to work directly under him, and keeps throwing old cases to her to do classification. It is undoubtedly a move discussed and approved by Minister Yoon, to isolate Jung Hwan as much as possible. The good thing is no one seems to have realised that Yoon Jin is still Team Jung Hwan, and it is because of her that an endless stream of news articles about Lee Tae Joon and the money he pocketed appeared.


The battlefield is now changed to Jung Hwan and the money he “pocketed”, but as expected, he only helped Lee Tae Joon to “clean” the money, not pocket them. Thus, it is of utmost importance for Team Jung Hwan to get concrete evidence of the tracks of Lee Tae Joon’s money. Remember the kindergarten bus accident in Episode 1? The wife of the bus driver makes an appearance again in Week 8’s episodes, and with her help, Team Jung Hwan lays a trap for Jo Kang Jae (more on him later) to fall into, hoping to thus secure the evidence of the whereabouts of Lee Tae Joon’s pocketed money AND committing bribery.

The surprise of this two weeks’ episodes would be the release of Jo Kang Jae, with the help of Lee Tae Joon, and he has since became a lawyer. I think it is rather scary that these people wriggle their way out of these white-collar crimes so easily by fabricating documents, and having no remorse. Indeed, if they can recognise their errors, they wouldn’t have thought of getting back at Jung Hwan by releasing articles along with photos of Jung Hwan and Ye-rin (even though Ye-rin’s face is mosiaced). Poor Ye-rin was so traumatised when learnt of everything about Jung Hwan from newspapers and the internet.


Admist all the darkness, the only warmth comes from the interaction between Jung Hwan and Ye-rin, as he confesses his mistakes to her, and explains in the simplest terms why he made his mistakes. It is a scene more powerful than the rest of Show combined, because what’s more heart-renching having a Dad mentally preparing his daughter for after his death?

What’s crucial now is Jung Hwan’s condition – apparently he has one month or so left, because it seems he has deteriorated faster than expected. How is Team Jung Hwan going to win the battle? Will Jung Hwan get to see the fruit of his efforts before dying?