Either it’s Heaven working with Na PD or he really is a weather expert –poor Ho-joon is stuck at Manjae-do cos of strong winds and waves. Much to Chajumma and Papa Yoo’s delight (and OURS). Oh, and of course San-je’s. That little fella is totally head over heels in love with his Ho-joon hyung. (bromance!)

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1. Parade of food

It has become run of the mill for Chajumma to whip up his fantastically delicious dishes, even in poor weather conditions. (i think by now the production crew’s drool pool would have reached knee-height) Following Chajumma’s earlier successes in eps1/2, we have really complicated dishes in ep3 like egg rolls (perfect, unbroken, totally delish ones) for breakfast, mussels rice for dinner, spicy seafood japchae, dried vege daejeong soup, fried crispy buns, and so on.

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I’d hereby issue a health warning: be prepared with snacks on hand while watching Three (Fishing). It is starting to look a lot like Let’s Eat. And if you are on a diet, don’t watch.

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2. Three Meals A Day and…Supper?!

Amazingly, the guys actually manage to eat meals at PROPER meal times!! Remember how Seo-jinnie and Taec would be having breakfast at 12pm, and dinners at 12am? Well, such timings are not for Chajumma. Breakfast IS at breakfast timings, Dinner starts promptly at 6.30pm.

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And cos dinner end at around 7-ish (the guys literally swallowed Chajumma’s cookings), Chajumma has so much free time on his hand, he decides that suppers are in order. The production crew is shocked speechless with Chajumma’s ruthless efficiency at dishing out extravagent meals without much fanfare, even going to the extent of volunteering an extra meal of the day without prompting.

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Thus, to make for better variety, they decided to hold an emergency meeting to brainstorm for the most difficult dish for our ep4 — it will be homemade fish cake soup. Which (according to Chajumma) will require Hubby Yoo to fish for at least 10 fish, which will then need to be carefully deboned, filleted, minced and rolled into fish cakes. Na PD requests for star shaped fish cakes…which nearly lands him a walloping from Chajumma.

In the end, they settled with fish cake shaped fish cakes. (lol)

3. Papa, Mama…and Slave Son

Ho-joon has a promotion! Instead of assistant slave (read: Taec’s replacement), he is regarded as the helpful son of the Yoo-Cha family. His sunbaes both speak very highly of him, and basically plead, threaten, cajol Na PD to juz “let Ho-joon stay on permanently” or at least, “invite him as guest — for every ep”. (awww)

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However, being the precious son in the family doesn’t absolve him from household chores. Son Ho-joon (sorry for the pun on his surname!) has to help Chajumma with his washing, and midway through that, is dragged out by Papa Yoo to retrieve the fishing nets. Much to Chajumma’s annoyance, since Ho-joon has left the pots and pans all over the floor, in half-dried/half-wet conditions.

Despite being a little pissed with Ho-joon’s incomplete duty, Chajumma still dotes on his new son. He promises to whip up many, many tasty dishes for him — as long as he agrees to stay. And we are in for an eye-feast on the upcoming food porn.

And Ho-joon continues with his “I dunno what is happening” look throughout this ep. I think he is really shell shocked at not being able to return home.

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4. The other side of Yoo Hae-jin

Like us, Ho-joon’s impression of Papa Yoo is one of a boorish, but comedic, ahjusshi. It is quite a surprise to find out from Ho-joon that Yoo Hae-jin is very much the learned gentleman. He is proficient in the art of wine tasting (Chajumma’s complaint that his hubby is a picky eater is very true), is well-travelled (he regaled our country bumpkin, Ho-joon, to his tales in Monaco), and in his spare time (when he isn’t being filmed tending to the fire), he actually is quite a bookworm.

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Which is such a very different image from the Yoo Hae-jin (above) extracting mussels from shells. But then again, that Socrates-Pig joke came from him. And not many people will use Socrates in their jokes. (in fact, i bet some dun even know who Socrates is)

5. San-je….*melts*

Sqeee…he is so cute! When Ho-joon arrives with his suitcases, the first thing San-je did was to try (successfully) to burrow in through a tiny gap in the case. (see below) After which, he proceeds to make himself very comfortable in his new den.

[tvN] 삼시세끼 어촌편.E03.150206.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[(002937)00-43-20]

Unlike Three (Farm), everyone here LOVES San-je. He is like the baby in the family whom everyone dotes on. Min-ki has everyone’s love, except Seo-jinnie’s (ok, he does find her cute eventually). But San-je revels in Chajumma, Papa Yoo and (especially) Ho-joon’s wet kisses. Ho-joon loves to pick San-je up and kiss him on his mouth, non-stop. (which i think is kinda unhygienic)

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6. Papa Yoo’s secret

Secret as in secret stash. Like a wife who will save some of the household income (from her hubby) into her own savings account, Papa Yoo has opened an account too. On Manjae-do. A Fish Bank, or FB in short. Actually, his catches have been improving this week. He has several large crabs, a few fish, some eels. But he prefers to bring home only 1-2 fish, keeping the rest in a separate net. For rainy seasons. And to avoid being nagged at by Chajumma if he returns home empty handed.

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Wise move indeed, from our incognito Manjae-do literati.

And guess who’s coming in the next few ep(s)?! Jung-woo oppa!!! Together with Ho-joon, they will form the Dorks of Manjae-do. (lol)

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