Hyde, Jekyll and Me: Mr Spock in the house!

Excuse me if you think this post is rather frivolous. But when I saw Han Sang-jin‘s (as Seo-jin’s cousin, Ryoo Seung-yeon) new haircut, the mental picture that flashed into my mind was this:


Apologies to all Star Trek’s fans out there. But don’t you think that blunt bang is kinda ridiculous looking on a grown man? Unless you happen to be (fully/partially) Vulcan, I primly suggest NOT to adopt this hairstyle.

However, I kinda think it is intentional on the wardrobe crew’s part to make Seung-yeon look ridiculous. And juz in case we miss the silliness, we have Detective Na rubbing in Seung-yeon’s new haircut, and Seo-jin making a joke at his cousin’s “failed mohawk”.


It could be part of Hyde‘s move to undercut Seung-yeon’s effectiveness as a competitive heir-to-the-throne. Compare him to Kill‘s Ki-joon. Both Seung-yeon and Ki-joon are cousins to the existing (or bereaved) Chairperson. However, Seung-yeon’s lineage stems from the maternal side — which means he has less of a claim to the seat. (in Asia, maternal lineages are unimportant — sons from daughters are outsiders cos they don’t share the family name) Since Seung-yeon’s right to Wonder Group is tenuous at best, it makes all his efforts to oust the seat from Seo-jin rather pathetic.

And Hyde also shows that Seung-yeon is more of a clown than a competitor. Notice that everytime he arranges for so-called “clandestine” meetings with Seo-jin’s people (for example, Ha-na), he is either playing games on his mobile, or reading a fashion magazine. Erm, not exactly CEO-material, isn’t it.


We are introduced to him in ep1 leading a group of kids in Wonderland, and having a ball of a time doing so. In fact, my impression of him then was he looks more human and friendly than our emotionally stunted CEO Gu. His association with kids (i.e. immaturity, childishness) is repeated throughout Hyde, as nobody takes him seriously. Juz look at how Detective Na and Psychiatrist Yoon Tae-joo regard him. The former swats him off like a fly, the latter, though polite to him, is probably trying not to eye roll at Seung-yeon’s obvious bluff to access Seo-jin’s case files.


And to nail in the final insult, Seung-yeon’s dalliance with Seo-jin’s secretary comes across as said secretary being the one pulling the chains. She appears on be on par with Seung-yeon in the relationship, even though she is only a secretary. She gets huffy when she perceives Seung-yeon being overly friendly with Ha-na, leading Seung-yeon to immediately shrug an embarrassed apology. She makes the first moves to “help” Seung-yeon — like trying to honey trap Detective Na by showing off her legs…which failed, miserably. She doesn’t even play the “Yes man” to Seung-yeon, daring to bet against him that Ha-na, and not Woo-jung, is Seo-jin’s girl. Seo-jin’s secretary is either not your typical meek gold-digger or Seung-yeon is rather weak-minded. Likely, it’s a combination of both.


Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise when Hyde actually makes Seung-yeon useful. He is the one who identified that “Lee Soo-hyun” is an imposter. (and did Hyde take a leaf out from Frost? both Sung-hyun/ Soo-hyun are masters at memories manipulation thru hypnosis…)

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