Kill Me, Heal Me: When 2 become 1

Hmm…we only have 8 more eps (or 4 more weeks, or 1 more month) to go before the grand finale of Kill — and Kill is still withholding on its Mystery. (juz kill me already…sorry for the bad pun) From birth secrets, the Mystery has evolve to a tale of an abusive Daddy and son(s) with Daddy Issues. (am glad that Kill asked Ahn Nae-sang, my fav ahjusshi actor, to reprise the role of Abusive Dad, Cha Joon-pyo…he IS good at looking silly or scary or both)


Juz as Kill is slowly but surely detangling its Mystery, Cha Do-hyun is finally making baby steps to consciously face up to the dark past that Se-gi has squirrelled away. The tipping point came about in ep10, when Do-hyun lapsed into a semi-comatosed nightmare and allowed Se-gi to take over for a full 2-3 days. With hilarious results, of course. But surprisingly, Se-gi doesn’t make such a bloody mess of Do-hyun’s life this time — thanks in large part to the noona minding him, Ri-jin. The way Ri-jin bargains, cajoles, blackmails Se-gi is reminiscient of a mother trying to keep her wayward adolescent boy in line. But well, those tricks work. Se-gi actually manages to survive through a day in the life of Cha Do-hyun at work, without screwing up everything. Surprisingly, he actually manages to help Do-hyun by scoring a contract and dissing Ki-joon enough to make Ki-joon act like a pubescent kid for once.


The taming and mellowing of Se-gi in ep11 is nicely counterbalanced with the emergence of a stronger and more domineering Do-hyun in ep12. Yes, as opposed to the wild and over-the-top Se-gi, Do-hyun still appears meek and proper. However, he is now willing to accept slight modifications — be it to his attire (more colours, younger looking and bolder), or in his attitude towards bullying.

Like Se-gi who accepts Ri-jin’s proposal to tone down his colour ensemble and allows himself to be restricted by a tie (!!), Do-hyun also allows himself to be dressed up, and ditches that boring tie for a camel jacket and turtle neck. Only thing that both boys refuse to budge is the way their fringes are maintained. Which is hilariously juxtapost against their new outlooks — Se-gi still prefers his fringe to be swept up while wearing a seriously toned down blue jacket, Do-hyun prefers his swept down old-fashionedly in contrast to his modernised outfit. Since the two guys will never get the chance to observe each other in real time, they will never realise how very similar they are despite insisting that they are polar opposites.


Amazingly, Se-gi also manages to keep his aggression in check when Ki-joon taunts him — cos like Do-hyun, he values a promise made. In contrast, the meek Do-hyun, when backed against the wall and held at his jacket lapels by Ki-joon, doesn’t crumble in fright. Although he doesn’t hit Ki-joon, his retort that Ki-joon has an “amazing lack of faith towards Chae-yon — and himself” serves as a tight slap. And of course, not forgetting Do-hyun’s changed gaze. In the past, he’d probably be looking towards the floor in order to stave off Ki-joon’s anger. Now, he borrows Se-gi’s fiery gaze and dares Ki-joon to take it a step further. (resulting in Ki-joon letting him off in surprise/ shock)

Of course, the bottomline is both Se-gi and Do-hyun are the SAME person. Thus, Do-hyun’s ability to restrain himself, his level-headedness, his sensitivity, and his gentleness — all of these qualities should also be in Se-gi. Likewise, Se-gi’s competitiveness, boldness and charms are also Do-hyun’s. As Ri-jin has wisely pointed out to both men.

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