OMG. I love Ho Gu (Choi Woo Shik), so much so that UEE‘s Do Do-hee doesn’t bother me much with her lack of facial expressions and how she feels towards Ho Gu. Anyway, I think we have to make it clear that Ho Go is not hapless or clueless (okay, maybe a lil’ clueless), and he is definitely earnest and positive, which is what makes him endearing.

[TSKS][Hogu's Love][E002(720P)][KO_CN][(011908)00-51-24]

Ho Gu also has a really cute pair of friends and adorable family, and while they may seem to be belittling him or making fun of him, they do mean well. It’s hilarious to see how overjoyed his family is when Ho Gu called home to say that he’s spending the night out (and without him telling them, they rightly assumed it’s with a girl), and Ho Gu returns home to a huge banner which says: “Congratulations to Ho Gu for spending the night out!” Or his friends pretends to ignore him when he returns to work (the three of them run a small manga studio), but delightfully whisk him off to lunch when he tells them that he spent the night out with a girl.

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Now to the apple of Ho Gu’s eyes – Do Do Hee. I’m not sure if it’s entirely because of UEE, or the character, as I’ve seen comments of how boring Do Hee is, or emotionless, but I’m guessing it’s because she has no idea how to deal with her pregnancy (which is revealed by the end of Ep1). One moment she hopes to have a miscarriage, yet the next moment she scolds Ho Gu for intending to smoke (even though she’s the one asking him to smoke a stick for her sake). She even goes to a clinic intending to get an abortion, but as we know at the end of Ep2, she’s heavily pregnant, which explains why she ignored Ho Gu’s messages all these while.

What I like about Do Hee is she’s actually pretty quirky and can’t bear to lose, which explains her outburst in the beginning of Ep1, where she got yet another silver medal at a swimming competition. We see a little more of who Do Do Hee really is, during the flashbacks to high school, and while she’s the goddess of all male students, they’re all probably a little afraid of her extremely strong desire of winning. The other thing is Do Hee’s foul mouth, which leaves all guys slackjawed (and me LOL-ing at all the beeps).

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Why I say the guys from high school are probably afraid of her, is because her ex-boyfriend Byun Kang-cheol (Im Seulong) said so. I have no idea if he’s the father of her baby, or she went to him because she needs legal help from him (he’s a lawyer), but whatever it is, he is the enigmatic character of now because all we know of him is he’s extremely serious, he’s apparently a very popular lawyer, and he used to date Do Hee.

The first two episodes are full of surprises not only because of the quirky yet earnest characters, but also the guest appearances and the meta involved. We had Lee Sung Min reprising his role as everyone’s favourite Manager Oh from Misaeng, and then Do Hee cameoing as an equally foul mouth high school student (a throwback to her quiet but vulgar Yoon-jin in Reply Me 1994), and then a mention of Seo Taiji (yet another throwback to Yoon-jin) though Do Hee’s high school girl has no idea who Seo Taiji is.

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Truth be told, I’ve been waiting for the premiere of Ho Gu’s Love since knowing Choi Woo Shik will be playing the titular character, and I’m happy to report that not only does he not disappoint, the overall presentation of Show is a pleasure to the eyes, and full of contemplative moments. A quick check tells me it is PD Pyo Min Soo at the helm, and I immediately recall a drama of yesteryears – Worlds Within, which was also directed by PD Pyo. The meticulously edited scenes and creating the subtle flow of the plot is a trademark of PD Pyo, and can be seen here in Show as well. I’ll definitely be continuing with this, to see how Ho Gu becomes a winner, not a fool, in love.