Heart ep14 has the most beautiful breakup, ever, in kdramaland. Not only is the ending (or beginning) scene shot in a nice hazy filter, the muted colors, the quiet surroundings…it’s visually pretty. More importantly though, it’s a breakup that is brimming with love. There’s no rubbishy shouting matches (think Sly and Single Again), no cold war maneuvers and no pointy barbs flung at the other party. It’s all “please take care of yourself”, “remember to do this, or that while I’m not around”… (sniffles)


And the weird thing is, Yi-seok and Hong-do aren’t even breaking up cos they blame each other or feel guilty for being party to a freak accident. They recognise the death of Il-suk is an accident, and cos it’s an “accident” it isn’t anybody’s fault. Nobody wanted or planned for Il-suk to die that day. Not so for the Yi-seok’s family though, and Yi-seok calls them out for their unreasonable-ness — like his mum juz wants someone to be the scapegoat for her own guilt for losing a child.


Seriously, if anyone is to be blamed for an accident, then the list of guilty parties will be a mile long. Even if young Hong-do had indeed played with fire, or young Yi-seok unintentionally locked up Il-suk, then we can also argue that if Mdm Hwang and Papa Ko did not quarrel that morning, and send the kids out of the house, the incident wouldn’t have happened. Or if Il-suk hadn’t been such a irritating prick that his younger brother wanted to take petty revenge on him, he could have escape the warehouse. Or had the parents and grandparent not shown such favourtism causing Yi-seok to harbour a teenage grudge against Il-suk. Or the person who left the matchbox in the field to be picked up by Hong-do.


Bottomline — it is nonsensical to pin blame on anyone if the death is a result of an accident. There are juz too many “what-ifs”, it is impossible to cover all angles. I love it when our OTP recognise this, and choose to overcome their shared pain (and painful history). Unfortunately, Yi-seok is still a son and grandson of the Ko family, and he cannot abandon them. It is inadvertent that he caves in to their blatant emotional blackmail. Hong-do understands too, and doesn’t hate him for choosing his family over her. Similarly, she wishes him well, tells him to drink less and she loves him. (most matured kdrama OTP i’ve seen so far…after seeing bouts of noble idiocy, etc which are common fare in kdramaland)


Likely the revelation of Papa Ko being “the guilty party” to Il-suk’s death will be dealt with in this week’s final run. But I really hope that Yi-seok’s family can look past all that finger pointing exercises, and focus on healing themselves. Seriously, they have punished themselves and Hong-do for over 2 decades. It’s more than enough.


(sidenote: Se-ro and Doo-soo are such cuteness in eps13/14, they really brighten up the otherwise teeth-gritting misery happening to everyone else)