Heard it through the Grapevine – Week 3

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Show is getting increasingly hilarious as we get more insights to Daddy and Mama Han’s fixation on education and…civilised behaviors? They keep referring to Bommie and her family as “them”, and the “cultural differences” from Bommie the Hans have to bear with. Indeed, comparing Bommie’s family with the Hans, the former loves Bommie’s baby way more than Daddy and Mama Han do, despite not having met baby before; showering the photos of baby, In Sang and Bommie, which are everywhere in the house, with kisses.

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Despite Daddy and Mama Han’s reluctance to accept In Sang and Bommie’s marriage, they cannot resist visiting the baby (yes, the baby is still kept away from Bommie and everyone else in a nursery room with a nanny) and are hilariously unfamiliar with handling a baby. I had a giggling fit when Daddy Han carries baby and says, “I’m your grand…pa…” and baby pooped right after that. Both Daddy and Mama Han seem to have no idea how to take care of an infant, or even that babies poop (they’re worse than Ho-gu!).

Since In Sang and Bommie’s marriage is legalised, Daddy and Mama Han had no choice but to release the news to all their friends and acquaintances, making it sound like they totally accepted the change in their family life and are happy about it. It’s so obvious that they are being hypocrites about it, and their elite circle friends and acquaintances are being equal hypocrites.

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Daddy and Mama Han pushed the boundaries by offering Bommie’s parents an orchard far away from Seoul, which is equivalent of banishing them away. In Sang even pleaded with Daddy Han to be friendly, and to apologize to Bommie’s parents (for threatening them with bankruptcy if they refuse to accept the terms for separating Bommie from In Sang), when he got wind of Bommie’s parents being invited over for breakfast. In Sang could not hide his disappointment and anger at his parents, and he did the very teenager thing after blowing up at Daddy Han – run away.

While Show spends a good deal of time on the rich and elite adults, we are also shown how In Sang and Bommie are dealing with it all. They revisited the dorm room where their lives changed forever, and it’s really sweet to see how In Sang always cheers Bommie up, and gives her endless support to deal with his parents, especially Mama Han.

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Rather than Daddy and Mama Han, Bommie is the one who has to endure the “cultural shock” in the Han household (which teenager, married or not, would be comfortable to be addressed as “Young Mistress”?). Not only Bommie has to adhere to the strict “banmal to the servants” rules, and be talked to with jondaemal by the servants, Bommie also has to dress according to the situation, to which she tells In Sang, “It’s like cosplaying.” Indeed.

We also get to see how the servants discuss among themselves the affairs at the Hans, and how they actually pity the young lovers and help them secretly. Tutor may be strict with discipline, but he turns out to be the person who suggested In Sang to register his marriage, and it is cute to see how In Sang utterly reveres Tutor.

[TSKS][Heard It Through the Grapevine][005][KO_CN][(103786)00-42-42]

I hope we get to see more of how In Sang and/or the servants/employees one-up Daddy and Mama Han, and would it be too much to ask for the Hans to have more respect for the normal not-rich people?

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