Amazing Dr Yoon is finally arrested last week, as he remembers his unwitting involvement in Seo-jin’s kidnapping many years back. Hyde shifts gears and focuses on the what I’d consider the main conflict in the plot — the Robin-Seo-jin tension.


While Se-gi in Kill Me, Heal Me is also in love with Ri-jin, somehow we never find their romance compelling enough to threaten the real OTP — Do-hyun/Ri-jin. Unlike Robin-Ha-na pairing. Robin isn’t a Se-gi, he has more presence and at times, outshines the dominant personality (Seo-jin). 

a) Time share

Robin/Seo-jin splits the 24h day into a night and day shift respectively. Which means they are both regularly present in a single day. Unlike Se-gi, who forces himself out of Do-hyun in times of crisis or when Do-hyun wanna hide; Seo-jin actually agrees to give up half of his day (and his life) to Robin. That really doesn’t bode well for his treatment. It is harder for Seo-jin to retract the agreement since he made it himself. No wonder Robin is pissed when Ha-na prevents him from appearing during the dinner confrontation with Tae-joo. And for that whole night, Robin is entirely absent — and it WAS his agreed allotted time.


b) Love interest

Ri-jin falls in love with Do-hyun, but Ha-na chooses the second personality instead. In other words, she has less of a motivation to encourage Seo-jin to absorb Robin and thus eliminate his existance. Even if she kinda likes Seo-jin now, she loved and accepted Robin first. Thus, helping Seo-jin heal = betraying Robin. That may explain her reluctance to face up to her growing attraction for Seo-jin. Thus, she chooses to run away and move out from Seo-jin’s posh abode — if it can help stave off her decision making for as long as possible.


c) Mr Nice Guy?

The highest hurdle is Seo-jin himself. He knows Robin is a person who is generally better, nicer, more well-liked, and more “human” than him. In Hyde, Seo-jin is painted to be kinda emotionally stunted, robotic, cowardly and used to be jerked around on the chains by his horrible daddy. It is telling that Seo-jin refers to Robin as his hyung. Someone more superior to him; and during the agreement to share time with Robin, Seo-jin is the dongsaeng who listens to Robin’s suggestion to “live freely”.


It is only more recently that Seo-jin breaks out of his shell and tries to connect with people. But because he has been so well-armoured in the past, it is hard for others to reach out to him (as seen in his awkward attempt to inject himself into the circus troupe’s conversation). Seo-jin probaby feels that he still needs Robin as a mediator and also it’s comforting to know that your alter ego is so well-liked by everyone.


** as an afternote: i think making Ha-na as an ex-Cirque du Soleil performer is a big mistake by the writer. though i understand it is to match the theme park settings, but seriously, an ex-pro circus performer would be more kick-ass, and mentally stoic than Ha-na…who has so far, appeared more like a limp hothouse flower than anything else…