Awww, for all the Ho-gu-ness one can have, I do like Show, despite feeling a tad irritated by Ho-gu’s fixation with Do-hee’s baby, AND his stubborn belief that Kang-chul is the Dad.

Show weaves flashbacks into the current timeline pretty seamlessly, making it feel like two timelines are progressing simultaneously. I pretty much like the background stories of all our main characters, especially that of Byun Kang-chul (Im Seulong) and Ho Kyung (Lee Soo Kyung).


Kang-chul appeared to be an ass (he is pretty much an ass during that one court scene which pretty much angered most, if not all female viewers), but I thought he grew up in a pretty unforgiving and strict environment, which made him rather insensitive to everyone around him. I wouldn’t say I agreed with his speech in that scene, but it was not all wrong, especially in the eyes of the conservatives. I agree that that speech wasn’t politically correct, nor was it ethically acceptable. Kang-chul is the voice of cold logic and rationale, which most likely will not sit well with the more emotional and sentimental people.


Hence, it is doubly fun to see Kang-chul now squirming in the presence of Ho-gu (Choi Woo Shik), especially when Kang-chul thought it was Ho-gu who kissed him back in high school (no thanks to Ho Kyung). I’m still a little perplexed at why Ho Kyung said she took up the challenge from Kang-chul’s mother to “date” him, as a revenge, when it is pretty obvious that she has a crush on him. Perhaps it is because Kang-chul dated Do Hee (UEE)? However, given what we’ve seen about Kang-chul’s character so far, I find it quite unbelievable that they dated in high school.

I find it kind of difficult to relate to Do Hee, although I fully empathize with her choice of giving up her baby. I’m not sure if it’s a writing problem (of her character), or UEE’s portrayal, though I feel it’s lesser of UEE’s way of playing the character. Do Hee is not an easy to understand character because she keeps others at an arm’s length, although I feel she does trust Ho-gu from the beginning.


We’re also shown the families of Ho-gu and Kang-chul, which get as diametrically opposite as possible. Ho-gu’s family is tight-knit, while Kang-chul’s parents are calculative and cold. It is thus interesting how Ho-kyung turns out to be way more street-smart than Ho-gu is, perhaps Ho-gu takes after their father while Ho-kyung takes after their mother? Kang-chul’s father on the hand, is a chauvinist and conservative. His parents are those typical chaebol parents in every other drama that we saw, concerned more about their face and social status, than their children’s welfare.

Anyway, I’m quite surprised that Ho-gu’s love is turning out to be totally different from the initial teasers. Is his love not Do Hee but her baby instead? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at how Shows these days are pretty different from what they claimed to be, and it’s not exactly a bad thing either; though should we complain that we’re being cheated? T.T