Super Daddy Yul: Moving in together

We are past the preamble for Super — the reason for our OTP’s previous breakups, their current situations, Mi-rae’s impending death sentence, etc. Yul finally agrees to cohabit with Mi-rae for the 3 months she is attached to the baseball team as consulting doctor.


While some may dislike the reason for Yul’s change of mind — an old voice message from Mi-rae before she left for the States, pleading for Yul to ask her (again) to stay — I find it kinda necessary for Super. From the online comments I’ve read, the Yul in the show is less of a hobo type than the Yul in the webtoon/manhwa. In that case, for him (a fairly economically comfortable swinging bachelor) to have a sudden change of heart and allow his bachelorhood to be invaded, you need a rather believe-able catalyst.


Although it is quite clear Yul hasn’t forgotten the happy times he spent with Mi-rae, he also remembers the hurt she has inflicted on him. And so, that voice message from Mi-rae is a strong push factor for Yul to choose to believe that he can regain the past happiness he shared with Mi-rae. Thus, Super can move ahead with its plot and throw our OTP — and a kiddo, and a corgi — together under one roof.

While Yul agrees to cohabit, I think he has forgotten that his ex-girlfriend can be quite the control freak. And he obviously has overlooked the “necessary” changes to his lifestyle and habits. Living alone, he can stroll around half (or near) naked, clad only in a super tight fitting boxer briefs, slurping coke straight from the bottle.


The freedom to choose his level of nudity is curtailed when Sa-rang happens to be at his crotch’s height. Her scream of horror at being visually assaulted first thing in the morning with (ahem) Yul’s below the belt bulge is super hilarious. What is funnier is the adults (who are taller) never notice the inappropriate dress code until Sa-rang blares her siren like warning.

Besides having to layer on more fabric on himself in future, Yul also has to make do with healthy living — no more coke from the bottle, no more living on a staple of beers and snacks. Plus, his porn films, his violent uncensored games all have to go. Although he finds a backup USB for his porn and games hidden in a carved out niche in a dictionary…(of all places??)..this secret soon blasts up in his face, as Sa-rang mistakenly takes that USB to school, thinking it’s the one where her homework is stored in.


While the changes in Yul’s lifestyle are most apparent, there are also other subtle (and positive) developments. Saddled with a kiddo, a dog and a woman he loved…Yul now has something called “responsibility”. Where in the past, he can lie to himself that he is totally okay with being free and easy, we know he pines for something as simple (but grounding) as a family unit.

And Yul’s inner desire shows up clearly in ep4. Despite all his grumblings (and flare-ups) about Sa-rang, when Papa (that’s the corgi’s name…kinda reflect Sa-rang’s wish to have a father?) goes missing, Yul steps in (instead of Mi-rae) to reassure Sa-rang that he will find the dog for her. He prints out leaflets overnight and hands them out personally at the local park early the next morning.


Sa-rang’s acceptance and slight change of heart towards Yul is juz as present. Even though she claims to dislike Yul (cos he is nothing close to her model image of a father), she is secretly impressed with Yul’s dedication. And notice that Sa-rang is always at her worst and most vulnerable around Yul. Like when she is bullied by the high school girls, when she falls while running bare feet, when her “ex” and his new “girlfriend” (daughter of Ki-tae) snub her. Bad experiences which Sa-rang never reveals to Mi-rae, since she is not there when they happen.


So while I am excited to see how Yul and Mi-rae’s love will rekindle with their forced cohabitation, I am also watching for the more subtle, but fulfilling changes that Sa-rang and Yul will make on each other.

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