Hyde, Jekyll and Me: Final Review

Yay? Finally Hyde has ended? I dunno…I kinda have mixed feelings about this show. It isn’t a total flop, but then there are bits that could have been made better. Less dithering, perhaps?


What it could have been…

Firstly, Hyde‘s antagonists are weak. And laughable. The Amazing Dr Yoon? Spock Seung-yeon? Puhleeeaazzeee…the first is too efficient to be believe-able — renting auditoriums and decorating them up with poisonous gas pipes are not as hilarious as being able to evade the police at the snap of a finger start of a oldies tune. The second…should be crowned the Clown Antagonist of the Year. Everything he does, flops on its head, big time. Ends up eating his words too, literally.


With such weak antagonists, Hyde should have introduced someone more sinister. Who can cause much damage. And I’m referring to none other than Robin and his no. 3, Terry. It’s such a pity that we only see Terry for like half an ep, then he disappears for good. So has Seo-jin REALLY recovered? I thought there’s a no.3 lurking somewhere? No?


Imagine what serious damage Robin-Terry can cause though, since Robin (till the end of Hyde) is rather insistent on separating his identity and retaining his own memories apart from Seo-jin. He should have been given a chance to “turn bad”…he has the potential, after all. I doubt it was Seo-jin who called upon Terry to do away with Dr Kang 5 years ago (or more recently, in the auditorium). There are many opportunities where Robin can be re-written to become the not-so-sugary-nice-guy, and a wolf under a sheepskin. For example, the period where Robin is desperate to assert his identity — going so far as to rent a separate work space and wanting to appear in a press con — but is pissed when Ha-na puts a stop to his “coming out”. That’d be a good moment for a “bad” Robin to emerge, cos he is feeling a sharp pang of jealousy towards Seo-jin, and uncertainty towards Ha-na’s love.

Unfortunately, Robin remains…sugary Robin. (haiz) And Terry remains an unanswered question — where is he anyway? Has he merged with Robin/ Seo-jin eventually?


The annoying loose ends are not only confined to Terry. Tae-joo also kinda disappears. The last we see of him is Seo-jin’s visit in jail. Then there’s that poor Ahn guy, who is hypnotised and led to believe that he is Tae-joo/ Soo-hyun…did he get release from prison? And did Dr Kang or Tae-joo cure him?? And Seo-jin’s mum…we only saw her in 1ep??! I don’t mind some loose ends and some characters getting a brush over now and then. But can we not introduce characters whom we are never going to see again or have unexplained endings on those characters we had spent time on?


What went well…

I’ve been reading some psychology blogs on patients who suffered from DID, and their merging experiences. Instead of a face-to-face farewell like Do-hyun has with Se-gi in Kill Me, Heal Me, the majority went through a melding very much like Robin/Seo-jin. Bit by bit, parts of the memories and hence, identity, of the second personality melt away or are over taken by the core. Until one day, the gradual combination happens. So rather than a formal bye-bye, the second personality juz gradually suffers from amnesia and finally loses its sense of self.


Which makes Ha-na’s insistence on loving Robin kinda poignant. Since we don’t get the evil Robin-Terry as an antagonist, Ha-na’s decision to see Robin as separate from Seo-jin makes sense. There’s no “push” factor to make her fall in love with Seo-jin or hate Robin. To her, Robin is the person she loves…not Seo-jin. Thus, until Seo-jin displays some Robin-ness, Ha-na is unwavering in her preference.


That’s why I find the pseudo marriage very representative. It’s Ha-na’s form of staking a claim, and also her last reassurance to Robin that to her, at least, he is a living, breathing entity. And not a figment of a tormented mind. I take my words back earlier when I criticise Ha-na as being a little slow at recognising Seo-jin = Robin = Seo-jin, and refusing to budge to consider loving Seo-jin…cos in Ha-na’s mind, she really does NOT love Seo-jin. Although that doesn’t stop her from recognising those little moments when Robin is apparent in Seo-jin. In ep18, the brief moment when Seo-jin leans in close, smilingly showing her the texts from his ex-classmates…Ha-na may have felt a kind of similarity between her boyfriend and Seo-jin. Thus the bewildered puzzlement on her face.


Well…end of the day, if you have given up watching Hyde, you probably won’t miss much. However, if you have stuck on like me, I can say that it isn’t a bad show. And compared to the recent offerings (like Angry Mum or Super Daddy Yul), it is lighter and easier to digest fluff. Good for depressive days.

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