Since Angry is set in a high school most times, there’s plenty of teachers. But then again, how effective are they really? In fact, I think Angry is strongly hinting that our educators are not doing their jobs. The proper educators are more concerned about benefiting themselves and lining their own pockets, than doing actual educating. Well, there’s one ideal teacher-type, but he’s only that (at the moment): an IDEA, nothing more.


1. The teachers who aren’t teaching

Namely, all of them. Except No-ah. Teacher Do is more interested in using his teaching position (read: civil service post) to climb up the social ladder, so that he can snub his dad’s (the Education Minister, played by Park Geun-hyun halbae) nose. I think he’s the illegitimate son of Education Minister Kang, thus the inbred urgent need to show he is good enough, if not better.


Along the way, Teacher Do isn’t above abusing his power and authority over his charges. No matter who is the one who suggested the liaison first, but having a sexual relationship with your (underaged) female student is a criminal act. What’s more, he doesn’t love her. Imo, he’s probably addicted to power, due to his being denied having power by Minister Kang (his dad) and Myeong-seong’s Chairman, Mr Hong. Thus, when Yi-kyung turns rogue on him, he gets really annoyed that his little, obedient plaything has teeth. And his solution: kill her.


Not that Teacher Do is the only corruptible educator around. His (recently) ex-boss Vice-Principal Oh, is not immune to bribery as well. Although he’s instrumental in helping Kang-ja enter Myeong-seong High as a transfer student, lining his pocket with 20 mil won is juz disgusting.

2. The teacher who teaches, but no one listens

Teacher No-ah is as effective as the breeze that blows by your ears. He’s there, but nobody heeds him. Juz as well make him invisible then. Although he is all zeal and positive energy, he is very misdirected. Yes, being a teacher is imparting wisdom, being a listening ear to your students and becoming the moral standard your students should emulate…but first, you need to connect with your audience, no?


And Teacher No-ah obviously doesn’t know how to connect. His words (poetry, mostly) in class can almost be seen flying past the students’ heads, as the whole classroom of them are unified against him by dozing off in his face. He even flunks the one-to-one counselling sessions, by asking the most inappropriate questions — and expecting answers from them. Like asking Yi-kyung, “I know there’s been rumours of you and Ah-ran being lesbians…but yunno, it’s really common, and you can tell me about it…” (omg) or to Bok-dong, “I know your hyung is imprisoned now, maybe you’d like to tell me more about why…and how you feel about it?” (zzz)


I dunno if he’s totally clueless, or juz lacks EQ. Or both. These are teenagers, and if an adult can find the direct questionings awkward, what about a young adult who is doubly (or triply) sensitive?!

And Teacher No-ah’s really ironic commentaries about Yi-kyung — she is quiet, she needs help to make more friends, and even more hilarious, on Bok-dong — he has a nice personality, and needs help in communicating. (kekeke)

3. Imo, the real Teacher is…

Kang-ja. It’s no wonder Angry dumps her (an overaged student, surely) in Myeong-seong High. If the educators are so inefficient and daft, then we need help. Someone who is able to see through the students’ bluffs, to their innermost insecurities. And being a mother of a teenage girl, she has plenty of experiences.


I particularly like the scene which Kang-ja invites lures Bok-dong to dinner at her restaurant. And how Bok-dong immediately goes into frightened boy mode when Kang-ja pops out with a knife after hearing a commotion he made outside. Although Bok-dong puts up that bravado front telling Kang-ja to “back off, or else” when Kang-ja asks him why he bullied Ah-ran, Kang-ja sees through him. She knows he’s an ok boy (maybe Teacher No-ah’s assessment isn’t that far off from mark afterall), but is acting under orders from the creep, Dong-chil. So Kang-ja juz lays off the questioning, and tells him to eat.


And seeing Bok-dong stuff his face with rice, it’s like he recognises kindness, but is unable to reciprocate it.


I won’t be surprised if Kang-ja easily wins over the student body’s trust with her short stint in school. She already has Jung-hee, Bok-dong and Yi-kyung on her side…and possibly Sang-tae too, who is kinda impressed with her candour and her heck-care attitude towards fitting in to high school’s culture.