Heard it Through the Grapevine – Week 5

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In Sang and Bommie have gradually found their footings in the Han household, and are generally mixing well with all the employees. I particularly like the scene where everyone except Daddy and Mama Han, are happily stuffing themselves with the red bean cakes from Bommie’s mother, which are meant for Jin Young’s 100th day. It feels like this scene seals Daddy and Mama Han as the strange ones in this dramaverse, for their being uppity, and their “friends” are as equal hypocrites as they are.

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We also learn more about the offsprings of the elites: Hyun Soo, the only girl among the trio of friends which includes In Sang, actually has a crush on him. But Hyun Soo’s Mom, So Jung, is loggerheads with Mama Han, and So Jung’s husband (who is not Hyun Soo’s father), is currently being investigated for some white-collar crimes, and Daddy Han is hell-bent on suing him (or something like that). Also, apparently Daddy Han used to woo So Jung, but ended up marrying Mama Han instead, which was the cause of the previous week’s tension between Daddy and Mama Han.

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Anyway, returning to Jin Young’s 100th day celebration, Bommie was made to go through the ardous task of dress fitting, having to change dresses endlessly as Mama Han finds one that is “suitable for the affair and our family’s reputation”. Mama Han also says the baby’s 100th day is a lowkey affair in their household, ie no parties or what, but boy, is it far from being lowkey. Besides everyone dresses in their best, Daddy Han donates a huge sum of money in Jin Young’s name, and then a professional photographer is being called to take photographs of the entire family.

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As mentioned earlier, In Sang and Bommie have found their footings at home, and their first lesson of each day begins with Daddy Han. In Sang then goes to school, while Bommie is being home-schooled by Tutor Park. Daddy and Mama Han schemes (or at least hoping that things go as they have planned) to have In Sang passing the civil exam as the highest scorer, while Bommie will be the youngest candidate. For In Sang and Bommie’s sake, I do hope that Daddy and Mama Han’s dream come true.

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As compensation to Bommie’s parents, In Sang and Bommie got permission from Daddy Han to spend a night at the Parks’, as Daddy and Mama Han also decide to have a short getaway to their mansion outside of Seoul. However, they apparently quarreled (lack of…passion, is the current problem between Daddy and Mama Han), and Daddy Han shouts into the phone to Bommie’s Dad to send the two back (and it’s already late night by then). In Sang is making himself at home at the Parks’, and Bommie’s Dad shoutes back that he’s not letting the children return. Bommie then comes up with the plan of her bringing Jin Young back, while In Sang stays overnight (he’s dead drunk btw), prompting Mama Park to comment that In Sang becomes kind of like a hostage at their place, heh.

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It turns out that Daddy and Mama Han miss Jin Young terribly, thus making the call to the Parks. It’s utterly amusing to see how Daddy Han plays with Jin Young. And it’s late at night. He’s disturbing Jin Young’s sleeping time!

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“The mice come out to play while the cat’s away” totally sums up the employees of the Hans, as the two secretaries from Han Song Law Firm joins the employees at the Han household to party, when Daddy and Mama Han left for their getaway. What’s hilarious is the older female law firm secretary says this happens about once or twice a year, and apparently Daddy and Mama Han know about it. Anyway, apparently Tutor Park and Mama Han’s secretary have hots for each other, and I’m totally curious to see if their loveline gets developed. While Daddy Han’s personal secretary has a crush on the younger female secretary (Joo Young) at the law firm, and she’s being totally sneaky in this week’s episodes.

풍문으로 들었소.E10.150324.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[(060046)21-36-30]

We saw previously Joo Young handed a sum of money to Bommie’s uncle, and it appears that they’re acquaintances from a case some years ago, which involved him and her brother. Now, it seems that Joo Young is secretly teaming up with the other lawyer at Han Song, the one who gave birth slightly later than Bommie, and the animosity is pretty obvious between her and Daddy Han. I think someone’s plotting to bring down Daddy Han, and I hope this will remain a plot in the background, because the development of In Sang and Bommie is way more interesting!

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