(Since sab insists that I have clones, they’re fighting among themselves over the recent drama casting news)

Clone A: I just know Yoo Yeon Seok will be offered the lead role in Warm and Cozy. Yooffaa!!!

Clone B: Hur. He should just stay in movies. Dramas be irrelevant!


Clone C: But it’s Hong Sisters! You know, The Master’s Sun?

Clone A: Yooffaa!!!!

Clone B: Why are you excited about this? What if he has awesome chemistry with Kang Sora? Don’t you ship yourself with him?!

Clone C: But…but…I can finally see him in action weekly instead of staring at the calendar I *painstakingly* made on my desktop!

Clone B: Whatever. None of this casting news these days excite me, since I don’t watch any dramas just based on the cast alone.

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Clone C: So are you not going to watch Scholar Who Walks the Night?

Clone B: DAFUQ is Lee Joon Gi oppa thinking?! How can he say yes after being told a tree is gonna be his leading lady? Is April 1st not over yet?

Clone A: Luckily Yooffaa confirms his casting way before April’s Fool! Yooffaa!!!

Clone B: Scholar Who Walks the Night is so gonna be Night Watchman Ver 2. Oppa~~ T.T

Clone C: If you don’t watch dramas based on cast only, I choose my dramas depending on who’s writing it. Descendants of the Sun is definitely out of my list.


Clone A: Even if it’s Song Joong Ki?

Clone B: Medical dramas + human melo (whatever that means) ain’t my thing. I’m passing too.

Clone C: Ever since that heavy crown drama, I’ve sworn off all Kim Eun-Sook’s dramas. No matter who’s headlining them. Not even if it’s Yooffa.

Clone B: Maybe we should just watch something else till a really good drama comes along.

Clone A: I just want Yooffaa!!