It’s already ep14, so it’s high time alliances are formed and camp lines drawn. Ji-sang finally decides that he can’t beat Jae-wook alone, and opens up to Dr Jung, revealing his identity as an “infected”.


Ji-sang’s big reveal comes as a result of attacks on Ri-ta and Dr Jung. Although both are fine — other than given a stern warning not to delve any further into Ward 21A’s business — they are shaken by their aggressors, whom they guess are not totally human. (cos not many humans can be so strong and that fast, surely?)

Well, the upside of being attacked by the vampires is Ri-ta gets to move in with Ji-sang and his buddy Hyun-woo. And we learn earlier that Hyun-woo befriended Ji-sang precisely cos of Ji-sang’s infection. Hyun-woo is a nomadic, underground brilliant virologist, and he happens to stumble on the mythical VTB-01 virus – and probably Ji-sang – along the way.


Having to cohabit with Ri-ta means Ji-sang has to reveal more of his secrets to her, and not juz superficial (but interesting) ones like living habits. Ri-ta gets to see firsthand how Ji-sang sleeps (on that icy cold bed), eats (practically nothing, other than simple carbs), and all other miscellaenous day-to-day stuff. Ji-sang also lets Ri-ta watch the last video his mum has recorded for him, letting Ri-ta understand his origin and also allowing her to share in his pain.

The strange thing is…while you can say they have grown (physically) closer (there’s alot of mock pushing/pulling each other around), they still do not come across (to me) as a couple in love. Maybe as very good friends? And this is despite Ji-sang acting out of character when Ri-ta whines that the new Drug Researcher (another vamp) has been bullying her. (Ji-sang nearly punched his face out for insulting his “girlfriend”)


And of course, Ji-sang sets up the Good Guys Camp. He decides that Dr Jung needs to know that he is an “infected”, cos there are other infecteds out there, and he needs to be warned in case of another attack. Although Dr Jung receives this news with a more or less straight face, the first thing he remembers is promising his research student (Soo-eun) that he will run around the wards in his underpants if Ji-sang is a vampire.

The advantage of Ji-sang revealing his secrets is having more people on his side against the war(?) with Jae-wook. (and the possibility of curing infected from VTB-01 and returning them to (boring) human forms)

I do have a little bone to gnaw about the Ji-sang/Jae-wook “showdown”….cos the narrative of Blood thus far hasn’t formally pit Ji-sang against Jae-wook. Mainly cos Jae-wook is such a bloody good liar. He has claimed he doesn’t drink blood obtained from illegal sources, only to have Hyun-woo discover that the blood he has been drinking comes from children under 7. (taking blood from young kids is illegal in all countries)


Then Jae-wook claims that the serum he uses that semi-transforms him into a human is his unique research (aka no other infected beings have it)…only to  have Ji-sang rip that lie apart when Jae-wook’s minions also exhibit “human” temperature. Jae-wook’s explanation is they probably robbed his earlier research. Simply put, every “fact” Jae-wook tells Ji-sang is a lie, but everytime his lies are exposed, he manages to cover them with other convincing lies. Ji-sang has no choice but to accept the explanations — cos they really do make some sense.

Imo, the only truth that Jae-wook holds is probably his desire to cultivate the VTB-01 into a superhuman vaccine. And Blood spends a lot of time convincing us of the moral dilemma for Jae-wook playing God. So much so that Ji-sang hasn’t been able to fully confront Jae-wook as his parents’ murderer or as a mad scientist.