War has been declared.


Jae-wook openly admits that he murdered Ji-sang’s parents and Dr. Jung’s dad. His nasty little experiment is more or less out in the open, as Ji-sang and team confirm that he has been infecting humans with VTB-01. In return, Ji-sang + team threatens Jae-wook with the counter-virus, VTH-16, which will transform vamps back to humans — but dead humans (since the virus at the moment will wipe out every cell in the body). However, Jae-wook sees an opportunity in using VTH-16 to remove the vampiry side effects of VTB-01. His plan to take VTH-16 from Ji-sang by force is foiled, so Jae-wook threatens to let loose Ward 21A semi-vampires into world, unless Ji-sang + team comes up with as solution to “cure” the side effects. Since Ji-sang belongs to the humane group, he has no choice but to agree.


The other effect of drawing the clear line between the bad and good guys is we now see each character (whether human or monster) in a clearer light. In fact, there’s less of the greys, and more of the black (evil) and the white (good). There are some surprising characters who we thought belong to Jae-wook’s camp, but possess as much humanity as those in Ji-sang’s camp.

1) The human in the monster

Clearly Ji-sang, who has been sticking to his principle of remaining PURELY human, continues to exemplify the best qualities of a human being. The compassion, the presence of a conscience, the refusal to participate in the bloodbath (he even refuses to kill Jae-wook, prefering to destroy Jae-wook’s research as his form of “revenge”).

The next 2 vampire characters who display a strong sense of humanity are Dr Min Ga-yeon and Jae-wook’s lackey, Chul-hoon. I don’t find Ga-yeon’s switch into Ji-sang’s camp that strange, even though she has been the one sabotaging Ji-sang (she was the one who switched his Atisan depressant in ep2). Cos all along, she has been kind and compassionate to her patients and fellow colleagues.


The surprising vampire who shows a degree of conscience is Chul-hoon. He has always been the one carrying out Jae-wook’s dirty business, including killing Ji-sang’s parents. However in ep18, after the death of his partner, J, Chul-hoon starts to question why he is working for Jae-wook and more importantly, he displays regret and reluctance at having to kill innocent people.

2) The all-rounder monster

There’s this new character, Dr Joo, who replaces the murdered Researcher Seo in the Drug Development Team. He’s also a vampire. But before he was infected (with Jae-wook’s help), he is a psychopathic biochemist. He was tried in Denmark for injecting viruses into unsuspecting humans, for pure enjoyment at seeing them suffer. And omg, I don’t need to elaborate how scary it is for a psychopath to gain superpowers — including immortality, and super strength. And what’s more, Dr Joo decides that he prefers to go solo, so he has stolen all of Jae-wook’s research materials and made a run for it. (uh-oh)


Jae-wook has now fully descended into full fledge neurosis, which earns him the all-rounder monster title. His neurotic behaviour partly stems from his frustration at the consistent failures in his experiments and partly also due to his loyal underlings starting to question his decisions. As of ep14 onwards, his callousness becomes very obvious. He orders that all minions who even betray his trust a little will be killed with no mercy. And in ep18, he decides that he shouldn’t be concerned anymore about the human subjects in Ward 21A, after his experiment fails yet again.

3) The monster in the human

Chairman Yoo and Associate Director Choi share this dubious title. We have confirmation that Chairman Yoo and Associate Director Choi coolly planned the murder of Ri-ta’s parents years ago. Chairman Yoo later is blinded with pride and greed, and decides to take the VTB-01 vaccine after some slight persuasion by psycho-Dr Joo. When Jae-wook realises Chairman Yoo has disobeyed him, his solution is to kill Chairman Yoo. (see, neurotic)


In Chairman Yoo’s favour, his impending death brings about a clarified moment. He realises he has been a monster, and owns up to his crimes. He confesses to Ri-ta that he had ordered her parents to be assassinated…and after that, he commits suicide out of remorse.

Associate Director Choi though, has decided (rather unwisely) to pair up with Jae-wook, in order to gain total control over Taemin Hospital. And this is after she knows that Jae-wook murdered Researcher Seo, and is up to no good with the “drug” he has been researching. I’d run as far as I can if I were her…