I believe I’m not the only one who finds Girl rather fast paced. It’s only 6 eps in, and secrets have tumbled out left, right and centre. That means Girl is going to focus on Cho-rim’s identity/ regaining of lost memories (plus the repurcussions on Moo-gak and their relationship), and also on the cat and mouse game between the Barcode murderer/ Cho-rim/ Moo-gak. (they can take turns playing cat and mouse)


Though Girl‘s development in the near future holds lotsa promises in terms of gripping suspense, blossoming romance and possible angst, I am also liking what I see now. Cho-rim’s frankness is refreshing — she doesn’t take very long to admit to herself that she likes Moo-gak romantically, even though she is all denial when her bff teases her about it. I suppose his honesty with her and his acceptance of her strangeness help. Being different, both of them understand how difficult it is to adjust to “normal” life. Cho-rim with her blue left eye, and unexplained ability to “see” scents, and Moo-gak, with his inability to feel pain and an insatiable hunger. They probably have received various weird side-eyes or nasty comments from others who noticed their abnormalities in the past.


Since Moo-gak is supposedly emotion-less, I don’t mind cutting him some slack in terms of his romantic (non)development. However, I believe he probably subconsciously analysed that Cho-rim is important to him — first as an important help in his police work, and lately as someone whom he wants to protect. Not sure whether he links the latter to himself actually liking Cho-rim as a girl. However, Moo-gak’s instinctual need for Cho-rim does speak volumes. He seeks her out when he has a rough night, after finding out that his dongsaeng was murdered for nothing, other than having the supreme bad luck as bearing a same name as the sole witness to the Barcode murders. And despite him being all gruff and poker faced around Cho-rim, he does notice the small things around her. Like her small scratch on the knee after escaping Chef Hong’s murderer in ep5, which Cho-rim doesn’t even register.


Besides a fast paced romantic (or at the moment, one-sided crush) development, the mystery/ thriller angle also gets vamped up in ep6. We get confirmation on the identity of Barcode Murderer — none other than Chef Kwon. Before this, I was speculating whether there are 2 Barcode murderers — where Jae-hee is the “main” guy, with Dr Chun somehow being threatened/blackmailed to do “clean ups”. Cos that may explain why the wrong Eun-seol was murdered. But then again, when Cho-rim stepped into her house in Jeju 3 years ago, it was pitch black. So it might be that the Barcode Murderer didn’t get a good look at the girl he was throttling.


Which turns out to be the case. At the moment, Jae-hee is (still) unaware of Cho-rim’s real identity. However, Dr Chun unwittingly left a letter (a confession to Cho-rim and a big big clue for Jae-hee) in a box of books couriered to Jae-hee’s house. (eeps) Won’t be long before Jae-hee digs around, and presto! finds the link to his unfinished business 3 years ago. Now it’s a race between who will get to know Cho-rim’s real identity first — Jae-hee, or Moo-gak (remember that Detective Yeom has seen an uncanny resemblance between Choi Eun-seol and Oh Cho-rim).


And how cool is it that our psycho murderer is also a bibliophile — besides using his basement for holding his next vic, Jae-hee also has a vast underground library. We finally crack the “barcodes” in the series of murders. Turns out that they are “usable”, only if they are rotated horizontally — and if the police can find out the so-called “publisher” (the barcode is an ISBN call number, used traditionally for books/publications). I wonder why Jae-hee has a fixation on books — so much that he concludes his victims’ “autobiographies” with a personal ISBN barcode.