This week’s episodes finally cast the spotlight on the adults of Show, specifically the rich elites. Somehow the young ‘uns are more mature than their parents, as we see how the adults get back at each other, in a totally immature and spiteful manner.

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To wrap up (kind of) the scandal Bommie’s sister Noo-ri was in previously, she is introduced the new lawyer, Yoon Jae Hoon, at Han Song law firm, and they appear to hit off quite well. I thought Jae Hoon is dating Hyun Soo (who has a crush on In Sang), but apparently not? Anyway, when Hyun Soo’s mother (so her name’s Young Na) got wind of it, she was so upset that she decided to seduce Daddy Han (?!) It’s exactly the thing kids do – steal something of yours because you stole mine.

Of course it’s not a true seduction, but just being ever so slightly suggestive makes Daddy Han thinks that he’s still charming afterall (it seems that it’s a pretty much one-sided love even when Daddy Han and Young Na were both still young and unmarried). He becomes rather sneaky, taking extreme measures to shake off his personal secretary and driver, just to meet Young Na.

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One secret meeting leads to another, taking the form of a walk at some nature reserve/park. Daddy Han even goes shopping for more youthful looking clothes, going the extra mile to earn himself some cookie points (or so he hopes). He even piggybacks Young Na, perhaps in a bid to relive the times which he wooed her. It was so hilarious.

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Mama Han’s secretary (I’m bad with remembering names these days, and I’ll just call her Secretary Lee) is still having a tiff with Tutor Park, despite the latter’s effort to patch up with her. Secretary Lee is totally miffed about her wedding proposal to him (through a handphone message!), and then he hid from her in the previous week’s episodes, but now he has come to realise that he does like her, and it’s too late; Secretary Lee tells him: “My principle is, refuse to talk to those who can’t love, be them male or female.” LOL

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In the midst of displaying the immature behaviour of the adults, In Sang and Bommie are let into the truth about Daddy Han, by Joo Young. So it turns out that Joo Young knows both In Sang and his sister Yi Ji from some overseas summer camp, and got along pretty well since then. In Sang was contemplating whether and/or how to tell Bommie about the truth, and Lee Joon totally nails the uneasiness of keeping such a huge secret, and finally being relieved of telling Bommie about it. I thought it was really a great decision by the casting director to cast Lee Joon in the role of In Sang, as I just can’t think of other actors of the same age group to act as In Sang. In Sang is earnest and sheltered, yet is also bright (perhaps not equally as smart as Bommie is, but still intelligent nonetheless) and learns quickly.

I think Joo Young is going to exact her plan through In Sang and Bommie, and it’d be really interesting to see how the youngsters take on crafty Daddy Han.