And what comes to mind but…cherry blossoms! So pretty! I’ve always like my kdramas that air in spring, cos there are bound to be postcard perfect shots of our characters kissing, hugging, walking and now, cycling, down cherry blossoms lined streets. Though in Eat 2, the significance of airing in springtime has another meaning — it’s like the production team is subtly reminding us that Eat 2 is a new approach to a show that we are familiar with. While Dae-young — and food — remain the constants, there’s still new people to meet and new encounters to experience.

1. Dae-young + Sang-woo

I’ve said previously that we have bromance abrewing in Eat 2. And it further develops to the 2 guys cycling racing each other through a cherry blossoms park. How (b)romantic. In fact, Sang-woo’s colleague, In-a, snidely comments that Sang-woo has “changed” recently. He doesn’t pay attention at meetings and is continously texting on his phone — texting, AND smiling to himself. So it’s not surprising that In-a assumes that Sang-woo has a secret girlfriend in Sejong-shi. Well, she is half right — Sang-woo does appear very happy with his newfound relationship. And of cos, the touchy feely continues, with Sang-woo openly headlocking Dae-young and… I shall let you interpret the picture below:

…actually, Sang-woo is juz helping Dae-young adjust the bicycle seat’s height.

Like with every relationships though, there’s a little friction. Unlike the friends that Dae-young usually hangs out with, Sang-woo is born with a golden spoon in his mouth. There’s a very huge income gap between them, and Sang-woo completely doesn’t understand Dae-young’s need for thrift, and assumes everyone is as well-off as he is. In ep4, his offhand remark that Dae-young can juz “ask his dad for money” to upgrade to a lavish apartment is repeated again in ep5 — Sang-woo’s idea of “poverty” is moving into a big apartment without a jacuzzi bathtub. (duh) At the same time, Sang-woo is pretty excited about the “new” things he learns from Dae-young — like how to wash and dry his own clothes. Cos yunno, he has never, ever done any form of household chores before…


2. Sang-woo + Soo-ji

So Soo-ji gets her wishes. To have Sang-woo acknowledge her presence and hopefully, likes her. Although the means to achieving both are rather dubious, the end result is Sang-woo does indeed remembers that Soo-ji is “Writer Baek” and not “Writer Park”. Thanks (or no thanks) to Dae-young’s slip of tongue when he starts calling Soo-ji “Baek-Pig” in ep4. Sang-woo finds the name so funny that it sticks.

In ep5, Soo-ji also gets her wish for “skinship”, when Sang-woo helps to pick cherry blossoms’ petals stuck on her sticky, sweaty face after she finally manages to catch up with the guys on her bike. And maybe (juz maybe) Sang-woo finds her a little different from the usual coquettish, prettified Seoulite girls he knows — cos he actually says she is “interesting”, despite Soo-ji being drenched in smelly sweat and having sweat-stained armpits. (plus wet hair plastering her face…)


Either Sang-woo likes his girls “au naturale”, or he finds Soo-ji amusing to have around. Anyway, he does invite her for future bike trips…and innocuosly recommends an expensive bike for her. Unlike Dae-young, Soo-ji doesn’t know how to say “No”. Nor can she even point out the obvious to her crush — that his income level is waaayyyy above hers, and no way is she ever going to afford that bike. So what Soo-ji did was put the money meant for her rent to pay for the bike…only to regret it privately later (several times).

Dae-young secretly helps to sell the expensive bicycle to Taek-soo later…but by using free pass into his apartment as bait. (why does it feel like Dae-young has juz sold his soul?!)

3. Granny Lee and Joo-seung

In case you are wondering who is Joo-seung, he is the mysterious guy who has been spying on Soo-ji and Dae-young in eps1/2 (played by Lee Joo-seung, last seen in High School King of Savvy). Turns out he isn’t really a psycho (i hope). He’s juz being offered to squat there (“squat” as in “squatter”) for cheap rent, cos Landlady Kim wants more income. However, it is illegal in Sejong-shi to build extensions on rooftops (Joo-seung stays in a container), so Landlady Kim and Granny Lee have been keeping his existance a secret.


Now that it is an open secret, Joo-seung starts sharing the space openly with Dae-young and the rest. Although it isn’t his idea to share it in the first place — more like Dae-young et. al. invited themselves there. Joo-seung is a little shy, despite him claiming to be in his early 30s, and he only relaxes in front of Granny Lee. Granny Lee has taken a liking to him, and kinda treats him like a son/grandson. She takes it upon herself to feed him his 3 meals — though Joo-seung much prefers eating burgers.


Joo-seung may resent Granny Lee’s naggings and over-mothering (a little), but he continues to give in to her. (aww) He doesn’t mind Soo-ji that much too. (in fact, i think he may have a leetle bit of crush on her) The only thorn in his side is Dae-young — even though Dae-young hasn’t done anything to irritate him. (oh…maybe the arm lock below is the reason?) Joo-seung kinda resents Dae-young, and I believe he is a little jealous over Dae-young’s easy ability to make friends.


4. Soo-ji and Taek-soo

An unexpected pairing, but they have one thing in common — Dae-young.


While Taek-soo may be an annoying twit, we learn that his constant pestering of Dae-young is due to loneliness…and the need to justify his existance. He used to be a detective, and for some reasons (prob a higher income?), switches jobs to become an insurance investigator. However, he is not liking the loss of authority that comes with the downgrade (or upgrade?). As a police officer, he can boss potential criminals around…but as an investigator for an Insurance Co, he has to suck up the barbs and nasty comments thrown at him by beneficiaries who are suspected of murdering the insured. Add to that is his family is happily in the States, without him. His daughter (who is studying at his expense) can’t be bothered to talk with him for more than a minute, and his wife is having a high time of her life playing social butterfly. While he is stuck…in Sejong-shi. (i kinda think his position there may be a demotion)


Well, his constant ins and outs from Dae-young’s apartment gets Soo-ji really annoyed, and both end up arguing on who Dae-young finds more important, and whose concerns are more critical — while waiting for Dae-young to return home. Now that I realise how lonely Taek-soo is, I really wish that Dae-young + Soo-ji can include him in their little group. I think Granny Lee won’t mind, she has at one time volunteered to wash/dry Taek-soo’s clothes after she found him drunk on Dae-young’s doorsteps.


And…sparks finally ignite between our OTP, though it’s now one-sided at best. This time, it’s Dae-young who realises he may like Soo-ji a little too much. He gets visibly upset when Soo-ji goes on and on about how Sang-woo came across one of her old (and only) novel, and read it in one siting. So Dae-young troops down to the local secondhand bookstore and trawls through MOUNTAINS of old books to find that one novel. How dedicated.

One thing about Let’s Eat series…the more people around a dinner table, the more food we get to see, and the merrier the scenes. So more pairings (or triplings) pls! 🙂