We continue to peek into the lives of the Hans as Daddy Han’s “affair” goes on, which he thought no one knows, but everyone, from Mama Han to the employees, know all about it. Mama Han may seem a little dense sometimes, but she is rather quick at picking up Daddy Han’s changes (which, frankly speaking, are so obvious that he’s guilty about cheating, even if it’s mentally). Mama Han keeps quiet about it and kinda gave Daddy Han chances to come clean (he’s either dense, or too full of himself to realise that his wife already knows), but since he continues to behave like a king, Mama Han pulls the ultimatum, and the whole event is hilarious.

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Mama Han orders EVERYONE away from the house one night, and Bommie is totally adorable for telling her mother-in-law that she supports Mama Han. Of course Bommie has vested interest in behaving as such, but even so she is sincere. Anyway, it’s kinda a World War III in the Han household when Daddy Han arrives home to no one but his wife, and she taunts him that this will be how it’d be in his twilight years if he continues to have an affair. He refuses to bend to her threats, and verbal fight escalates to throwing items, which is immediately stopped by Mama Han when Daddy Han lifts a table lamp ready to throw over at her. Even during fights, both of them are still very much conscious of their faces, as Mama Han reminds him that they should leave no traces of a fight, and Daddy Han puts down the lamp immediately.

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Just as we thought Daddy Han will really be violent, when both of them starts raising golf clubs over their heads, Daddy Han accidentally slips and falls and Mama Han wastes no time in climbing over him and grabbing him by his hair. Daddy Han is apparently still plagued by his hair loss, and immediately begs for his wife to release him. Just then, the employees who are gathering at Secretary Lee’s house, rushes back immediately, having received an emergency call from the security guards who are viewing the survielliance cameras, worried that a case of domestic violence will occur. Mama Han is exceptionally upset that the employees witnessed their quarrel, and gives them a good scolding. The entire scene of Mama Han grabbing Daddy Han by his hair was captured by Tutor Park, and sent to Bommie and In Sang, who chuckles as they watch their immature parents fight.

I really love how the writer continues to throw in twists, which makes it difficult to guess how the characters will react to events, and ultimately makes Show enjoyable. Show doesn’t take itself seriously at all, yet it doesn’t feel as if Show is deliberately being comedic. Kudos here to Yoo Joon Sang and Yoo Ho Jung for their spectacular performances as Daddy and Mama Han respectively, with their characters appearing first stoic and cold-hearted, to revealing the childish and immature side of them.

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In contrast, the children of Show are incredibly mature, and Hyun Soo is exceptionally upset about her Mom messing around with Daddy Han. She tells In Sang everything angrily, which is the straw that broke the camel’s back, as In Sang is still trying to come to terms of his father being involved heavily in the illegal dismissal of a huge number of employees (the case which involved Joo Young’s brother and Bommie’s uncle). In Sang ends up confronting Daddy Han about the case, packaging it as a case study from Tutor Park. Bommie is too late in stopping In Sang, and she is worried that they’ll fail to get Mama Han’s support to fully confront Daddy Han when they’ve gathered more evidence. Tutor Park tells Daddy Han frankly that the children should be educated in a different manner from how Daddy Han was being brought up, as the world now is very different from then. He even tells Daddy Han that he is mentally prepared to be fired for not following Daddy Han’s orders, and we did not get to hear whether he is being fired or not (I hope not!).

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I realise Show is not just about the growing up of In Sang and Bommie, and the changes a household (or two) has to undergo with teenage pregnancy, but it is also the learning process of the uber rich and elites, to this changing world that we live in now, and that money is not everything. It also shows how myopic and narrow-minded they are, enclosed in their little glasshouses. With 7 more weeks to go, I hope Show continues to surprise us with how the rich learns to accept and come to terms with reality.