Credits to kooriyuki for providing me with the title for this week’s post. But yes, I do agree with her. Girl‘s eps9/10 have made much progress in its 2-pronged storyline: the blossoming romance between Moo-gak + Cho-rim and the unravelling of the Barcode Murders case.


1. Amping up the Thrill factor

To whet our appetite for this week’s eps, ep10 ends off in a superb one-fingered cliff hanger, with Chef Kwon (aka psycho Barcode Murderer) overlooking Cho-rim’s shoulder as she reads that letter exposing her identity from Dr Chun. Wrong place, wrong time — for Cho-rim at least (methinks Chef Kwon will find this nugget of info extremely satisfying). Worse still, our heroine loves to freeze in the first few crucial seconds when faced with danger (re: her first encounter as a high schooler about to be strangled by Chef Kwon, her subsequent accident and that few percious seconds she spends gazing like a deer in headlights before getting rammed, and more recently, her deja vu experience in front of an oncoming truck). Likewise, Cho-rim senses Chef Kwon behind her, and probably also feels a wave of unexplained menace, but she doesn’t do anything other than standing there shocked still — to cry. (and yes, i am practically bursting out of my seat yelling at the screen to tell her to EAT THAT LETTER!!!!)


If eps9-10 are all about the cat and mouse game the police plays with Chef Kwon; at the moment, Chef Kwon emerges the winner. Like the detailed perfectionist he is, he has managed to be several steps ahead of the detectives. (so much for group-think being more efficient) Weirdly though, even after having several past learning experience, the detectives don’t seem to get any brighter. They already know Chef Kwon loves to send in a red herring, but they fall for it all the time anyway. And really, I think Detective Yeom’s bright idea to have a verbal sparring match with Chef Kwon to only attain the effect of beating the bush to warn the snake. Shouldn’t the police keep their sparse cards close to themselves instead of blabbing away their suspicions — in front of the suspect?


No wonder Chef Kwon is smirking, it really looks as though he is up against incompetent officers. But then again, over confidence will only bring about his eventual downfall.


I doubt he will kidnap Cho-rim immediately following the discovery that she is that Eun-seol. Afterall, they are filming a cooking show and there are heaps of people upstairs. Likely Cho-rim will confide in him (and also tell her boss about Moo-gak’s similarly named dongsaeng) and feed him more essential information. More points for the baddie, before the table flips on him…am waiting for that moment.

2. Heavy handed teenage romance


Juz as we are wont to bite off our nails worrying about Cho-rim’s safety, Girl balances off the tension with loads of soppy, teenagy, romantic gestures from our OTP. I juz love it when stony faced Moo-gak takes the initiative to coo and act cute in front of Cho-rim. There’s so many over-the-top funny bits in their budding romance that reminds you of two hormone-driven teenagers: the scene where both of them keep themselves awake the whole night to message each other (juz sleep on the same bed already!), Moo-gak cooing into his phone when Cho-rim calls during the stakeout (i lol-ed at his smirky yet deadpan look after he hangs up), our couple’s vivid skinship imaginations and their actual results (backhug to a banana split slip, bed snuggle to being called out on it).


While it is strange that Detective Oh leaves Cho-rim all alone in the house for weeks (witness protection (??) program), the deserted unit is screaming for Moo-gak to move in. And looking after your girlfriend is a rather valid reason to temporarily move in with her isn’t it, especially since said girlfriend has been experiencing some traumatic incidences regarding her long lost memory. Of course, hugs and kisses are peripheral (but not unwelcomed).


But while the two act like kids in love, there is a much deeper bonding between the two. Both have been scarred physically (and mentally) from the same incident years ago. Both complement each other in terms of personalities, and more importantly, they heal each other. Cho-rim finds a purpose for her weird ability through Moo-gak. And once Moo-gak finds out Cho-rim’s identity and assuming Chef Kwon chooses to kidnap her, she will represent a second chance for him to save “Eun-seol”. It probably isn’t a coincidence that both girls he love have the same names — Cho-rim/ Eun-seol does represent a kind of redemption for him, cos he still feels guilty for not being there in time to save his dongsaeng.