The first two episodes are really solid. Within two hours, it left me clamoring for more, with many questions above my head. I saw some tweets saying it’s not as relatable as School 2013, but I think this instalment definitely has what it takes to be an enjoyable drama, dark issues be damned.

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Kim So-hyun has proven that she can act despite being a teenager, which probably puts a whole lot of older actresses to shame. Acting two totally different characters is not easy, and I find Show worth watching if it’s just for watching her act. She plays both twins, Eun-byul and Eun-bi, where the former is adopted by rich parents and was brought up in Seoul, and the latter apparently remained in the orphanage in Tongyeong. I wonder why only Eun-byul knows the existence of her twin sister, because Eun-bi has so far not shown any knowledge of having a twin. I also wonder why the adoptive parents only adopt one girl but not both, when they seem to be pretty well off.

Eun-byul appears to have more dark secrets than her Mom and friends know, and how ironic it is that she herself bullies her classmate(s)? Eun-bi on the other hand, gets bullied endlessly by a trio of three girls; bully seems too light, mentally and physically abused seems more suitable in this context. Eun-bi is mentally strong, and cheerful, but even so it is not enough to withstand the cruel treatment dished to her daily by the nasty classmates. I hope this is an exaggerated portrayal of school life in South Korea, because if not I find it rather disturbing these are the future generation of Koreans.

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Anyway, Eun-byul seems to be keeping track of Eun-bi, and also sending gifts to her rather regularly. By a stroke of luck coincidence, Eun-byul’s high school organized a trip to Tongyeong, and Eun-byul intended to meet Eun-bi, but fate dictates it’s not the time yet. There’s quite abit of suspension of belief (aka coincidental happenings, and also, Eun-byul has permed hair while Eun-bi’s straight, how can Mom not realise it?!) in an otherwise realistic story, but those are still pretty acceptable as it propels the story forward.

We’re also introduced to the other leads in Show, such as the two guys who’ll most likely form the love triangle with Eun-bi, as she takes the place of Eun-byul, and also Eun-byul’s BFF(s). Nam Joo Hyuk plays the role of star swimmer Han Yi-an, who knows Eun-byul since childhood, and there’s mutual attraction between the two of them. Yook Sung Jae completes the triangle as Gong Tae-kwang, a seemingly trouble-making boy, but I believe there’s much more to him. And oh, he’s the school director’s son as well, and he appears to have a bad relationship with his father. Lee Pil-mo takes on the role of Teacher Kim, and I’m glad to know that he’s not bumbly and overly earnest like No-ah (Ji Hyun Woo) in Angry Mom. Show has also set up the stage for competitive parents (all mothers, should I add), which I believe is going to be a source of hostility between the students.

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I hope to learn more about Eun-byul as Eun-bi continues to take her place, but please don’t leave Eun-byul to appear only in the final episode. It’ll be too sad that the sisters cannot re-unite. I’d also like to know why Eun-bi doesn’t seem to know she has a sister, as the only possible reason I can think of is that they were separated since birth, although Eun-byul supposedly knows she’s adopted at 5. If so, how did Eun-byul learn about her twin sister? I also hope that there’ll be plenty of cute among unraveling the secrets of Eun-byul, because what’s a high school drama without the fluffy cute?