Ok, I’ll do an objective, and then a totally fangirl first impression, so if you’re not a YYS fan, feel free to skip the fangirl part.

Totally unbiased First Impression

I have to say, Warm and Cozy is more like Best Love, or even Big, tonally, based on the first episode. There’s not much that happened, which is why some people think it’s boring. Right from the beginning, we already have the fauxcest cliche thrown in, and though the misunderstanding appears to be wrapped up rather quickly, whatever Baek Geun Woo’s (Yoo Yeon Seok) mother told him after Lee Jung Joo (Kang Sora) has left, is another wrench thrown in to keep the fauxcest plot running (at the expense of the viewers).


I do feel that there’s a Chilbong shadow around Geun Woo, especially during the scene of Geun Woo interacting with Mok Ji Won (Seo Yi An). It’s practically Chilbong being rejected by Na Jung ver.2. But other than that, I find Geun Woo a character who’s just fleeting around in life, with no obvious goals and just living day by day because he’s just that rich (by association).


Jung Joo is different, having to work hard to earn a living (I love how she also knows Russian, like Young Yi does in Misaeng). The latter half of episode 1 is literally the worst day of Jung Joo’s life, as she finds out that her cousin Jung Min (cameo by Go Kyung Pyo) has cheated all her money with the dream of opening a cafe at Jeju, which is why Jung Joo is headed for Jeju as well. She then finds out that Geun Woo nice to her partly because he’s hoping to sell his restaurant to Jung Min, and then the last bombshell came in the form of her boyfriend is already married to someone else recently.

I do like the idea of exploring one’s inner fantasies, as we see how Jung Joo actually sees Geun Woo as a Prince Charming (literally), and fantasies are separated from the reality. Who hasn’t had fantasies, or hasn’t played out in your mind the revenge you want on someone who’d made you really upset? I think it’s these little scenes here in Show that makes up for the lack of happenings in Episode 1.


The Hong sisters are probably more comfortable with penning details and the various puns and wordplays, as they have the tendency to neglect the overall consistency of the story, which I thought it worked well with The Master’s Sun, when we have the episodic story to keep the story going. Their style is an obvious problem in Big, where the story was going nowhere, and they could not resolve the supernatural aspect. I’m crossing my fingers for this, because like Big, there’s no obvious central problem which our main characters face (there’s Miho’s quest to become human in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, or Mi Nam’s attempt to stand in for her brother as he recovers in You’re Beautiful), so I hope the Hong sisters can keep the story here interesting, as we see how Geun Woo and Jung Joo fall in love, among other plotpoints (there’d better be!). I’m totally open to them being real twins afterall!

The Fangirl’s First Impression


ZOMGWTFBBQ IT’S YOO YEON SEOK! COOKING! MEN WHO COOKS (but are not serial murderers or any psychopaths) ARE TOO HOT!!


His eyes! His voice! He is the entire reason why I’m watching this (ok I kid, it’s also because it’s Hong sisters)!


And he’s gonna teach us how to cook! What sorcery is this! I don’t care if the story is going nowhere, it’s 8 weeks worth of Yoo Yeon Seok and I’ll be damned if I don’t watch this!

PS: Feel free to leave a comment as long as it’s with regards to the objective review of Episode 1, OR, you’re also a Yoo Yeon Seok fan. Any flamebait comments will not be entertained.