It’s official: Princess Jungmyeong has now taken the center stage, and Gwanghae is relegated to the side. I guess this is inevitable, especially since Show was originally named Princess Jungmyeong. I don’t really care about the parts of Show that takes place in Japan, although I believe some of the Japanese characters, as well as what had happened will make a recurring appearance later on in Show.

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Hwa-yi (I’ll use this name until she reverts back to her Princess status) has shown her wits, as she tells Joo Won how to wriggle their way out of the situation when caught red-handed by the Japanese authorities while smuggling sulfur (no prize for guessing who tipped the officials off, though I may be wrong). Not only that, we see her bravery and courage to fight in live and death situation, which basically is cementing to viewers that Princess Jungmyeong is extraordinary (again cliche, I know). It makes good drama though, which is probably why this is a tried and tested formula for saguek heroines.

Joo Won realises that the whole “secret mission” of securing sulfur from Japan, which Gwanghae assigned him to, is only a bait for the mastermind behind cutting off supplies, and it added on to his anger towards Gwanghae. Nevertheless, he is truly dedicated in his job as the in-charge of the Artillery Department, and insisted in retrieving the confiscated sulfur. Little did he know that it is a race against time because our villain Minister Kang ordered for the ship that came from Joseon to receive the Korean envoys, to leave earlier than departed. Alas, Minister Kang’s plan is foiled, as Joo Won gave up rescuing Hwa-yi and Ja Kyung, and instead grabbed the sulfur and makes a dash for the harbor.

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In doing so, Hwa-yi was disappointed at Joo Won, and Ja Kyung made her abandon him as they run away from the Japanese troops into the forest. He leaves behind to fight the soldiers, while she makes a dash for the harbor, only to see the Korean ship sailing away. It was kind of a heartbreaking scene, as Hwa-yi just collapsed onto the ground, wailing at all her efforts of returning to her homeland come to nought. However, Joo Won makes his grand entrance right then, standing on a small boat, as he comes to fulfill his promise of bringing Hwa-yi back to Joseon. (Let’s just ignore the fact that how would he possibly know that she’s at that the foot of the hill overlooking the harbor)

Back at Joseon, Gwanghae heads for a tour at the border of Joseon and China, and goes all rogue secretly, to meet his small team of supporters, whom he saved back then during the Imjin War. They are ready to fight to death for Gwanghae, and together, they sneak attacked some Chinese troops at the border, for reasons I have no idea of (please enlighten me in the comments). It earned the wrath of Ming China, as a general comes barging into the Joseon camp the next day, and Gwanghae feigns ignorance.

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We also get the introduction of new characters, the creator of Hong Gil-dong, Heo Gyun (Ahn Nae Sang), and the grown up In Woo (Han Joo Wan). Heo Gyun appears to be a supporter of Gwanghae as well, though the Great Northerners faction seems to dislike the unpredictable Heo Gyun. Apparently Heo Gyun was on some mission from Gwanghae, to look for some documents dated 300 years ago, so I’ll just wait and see what is it and why Gwanghae wants to get his hand on it.

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And OMG I totally forgot about In Woo, but hey, Han Joo Wan, welcome back to my small screen! In Woo finds out that Hwa-yi is a girl, and totally ousts her identity as a girl to Joo Won, who is totally shocked. This is going to be fun next week.